Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yes, indeedie-do..

I am getting older.

How do I know? You mean other than the obvious: Metamucil in my Mt. Dew.... Di-Gel in my Diet Coke....Maalox in my Majitos... Gaviscon in my gin... and Mylanta in my Margaritas??

My sisters.

Yep. Both are older than me..but they always have been..older. So why now is that the true measure of my fleeting youth? (fleeting, yeeah, more like running at warp speed..)

Because one older sister moved to Arivaca (near our brother, the Kindergarten Cowboy) and the other {older} sister is down from Lake Havasu for the week to help out..

( "this is my brother Daryl and my other brother Daryl"..this is my older sister and my other older sister..and my brother Larry..)

Hmmm..sort of like the blind-leading-the-blind or on this case, the blond-leading-the-redhead.

One can't hear. The other can't see.

...hearing aid? "Oh nooooo. Not with these cute earrings!"

Glasses?? "Not on your life...beside, I only need them when I want to see.."

And, while neither one is completely technologically-challenged,

("Will my garage door remote turn on the TV too?" " You mean I can walk around the house and still talk on the portable phone? Really?")

..the two of them together is, well.... frightening.

And, one's a snappy dresser..

..while the other is a true cowgirl..

But they do have one thing in

Take today. Seems they found a thrift store in the next town over (they're 50 miles from any decent shopping and they find..."shopping" less than 5 miles...go figure)

Gerri, the sister that moved, didn't have an answering machine and her cell's reception is fuzzy at best (yes, she does have a cell phone..I think it's her 3rd or 4th - they keep getting.... lost)

The visiting sister, Kathy, actually said " CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW??" several times in our brief conversation on Gerri's cell.....

Until today. They found an old ATT phone, with SPEAKER and an answering machine built right in for $3.00. At the thrift store.

The only store. For miles.

And miles.

No instruction book, no tech-savvy kids around. They managed to get it hooked up and working!

Then they decided to "try it out" by calling me! (at work! ) and, with both of them on speaker-phone, talked to me..... simultaneously.

When Kathy couldn't think of a word or remember a name to tell me, I'd hear Gerri in the background telling her..then Kathy saying "HUH?? WHA--"

Then Gerri trying to read something to Kathy...Kathy's not hearing hearing all of it..then Kathy starts laughing and yells to Gerri (who, I assume is close in proximity to her, being the whole speaker-phone and all..)

"You have your shirt on...... INSIDE OUT! HAHAHAHAHAA!"

Then Gerri mumbling..."well, you have dirt on your face..I may be blush.."

"WHAT?? WHA?? Oh, Gerri's saying something...I'd better go."

God bless 'em..

Kathy said if I visited, she'd come down from Lake Havasu and pick me up at the Tucson airport and we could drive down to Gerri's - stay in the "bunk house"...

Scenes of The Golden Girls flashed before my eyes...

Just shoot me now.


PS - these are my "real" 2 sisters, the loves of my life:

Gerri & Molly (above) and Kathy & Owen

Hey, you know you're loved when you' :-)


Anonymous said...
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diane said...

Ha ha ha ha You got to love 'em.
Another hilaious post. Thanks.

Vee said...

Sounds so much like my own sister and me. We can't remember anyone's name evah and so we carry on by describing said person or who said person is married to. Really we hardly skip a beat. Thanks for the grins this morning and I can tell that you love them dearly!

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

I'm back!!! I missed ya!

Your sisters sound so neat!
I am off to catch up on you blog... missed a ton!


Gaston Studio said...

Aarg! That stupid ED is back!

Loved your post and the old photos you found, just fabulous. It appears that you and your sisters are close; how wonderful for all of you!

Lucy said...

I translated 'ed's' message online. It's not terribly nice.

I am so envious of your and your siblings ... how neat that you all get along and have a good time. Or that's what it looks like from my point. My siblings all hate each other and none of us speak. So I go with the old adage that you can pick your friends but you can't pick your relatives. Thank heavens for friends. Loved your pictures.

Pen Pen said...

I sure wish I could read that "deleted" post above. LOL What a funny story! I can just imagine you sitting in your office, listening to those two, trying out the new speaker phone. What fun!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

What a fun and hilarious post! Loved it! Makes me wish I had sisters!!

Julie said...

Funny post and pictures! Dan can't hear and I can't see - that's the way it has always been with us. We thought it would get us through our old age - but now he can't see either (at least not the phone book).

Janie said...

Great pictures Colleen...I will have to try and copy them from the blog. Great to have family!!!


Sherry said...

Love It usual.

Pearl said...

How funny! It's so great to see sisters and a brother so close. Hope you have fun!