Thursday, April 16, 2009

My life…

While reading some email messages this morning, I got to thinking…

Hmm…my life is like a….cell phone plan.

Yes. it. is.

You know, the “business hours” are the most costly. 8 to 5...

Free minutes start at 9pm and oh, don’t forget... free weekends!

Yeah – like Friday at 9 to Sunday at 5..

And, like most cell plans, I can’t take advantage un-used minutes.. can’t roll them over into next month’s plan…they’re gone..pffftt.

I want my life’s un-used minutes back... I could use them now for sure..and probably better..

And I'd like to use them before my contact expires…

Sometimes I can’t be heard..bad connection? Maybe. Or maybe I’m speaking in a dead-zone (like when he’s watching the TV??)

"Can you hear me NOW??"

I sure would like to have all those network-guys around when I’m scared, or need technical assistance..or if the Boogie-man is after me..or I need my tires rotated…or someone to step on a spider..

Yeah, uh-huh Boogie-man – I got Peeps..

If my contract is renewed every 2 years {Thank you Lord}, I wouldn’t mind a sleek, new look- maybe a sparkly new cover - but not a flip-top..

...and some new apps: (Short for ‘application program’, as opposed to a systems program - I just looked that one up :-0)

Want to know where to go and how to get there? I have an app for that..

Need a recommendation for a good restaurant? Got an app for that too.

Photo and/or video capabilities? Yeppers. Got an app for that as well.

Word processor? -Oh yeah, got a pencil with an added on delete tool at the top..and tablet..

Alarm system? Come'mere Lulu...

Calculator? Nope, still don’t do math.

Welcome to my life – and to my version of the BlakeBerry…now, what ring-tone do I want???



Laurie said...

You just crack me up! I can pop over to your blog at any time and get so many laughs it just makes my day! Keep 'em comin!

Vee said...

Well now you are just so tech savvy that I may be missing the unique humor. Nope, no, I am not...very funny again. Again, why aren't you writing a humor column? (I don't own a cell phone; I have no cell phone plan; no minutes to roll; but I would like peeps to step on spiders and keep the monsters at bay.)

Charmingdesigns said...

LOVE little ella singing!!! S000 cute! The giggling made my day.
The phone plan, love it! I agree, you should be writing a column. Have a wonderful App free day! Laurie

Coleen said...

I have a cell phone that has some features on it that I have no idea what they are for...I have to have my 18 yr old son program it for me..

This is such a great post...I need to be in a column somewhere...this world can use some light-heartness....and you have an "app" for that!!!

Heart Hugs,

Pearl said...

I just fell in love with your Grandaughter! What a great vidieo, I love the laughter in between. Just adorable!

KarenB said...

That is just hysterical! Definitely a different look on things! I think Ella is going to be quite a singer some day. She was on tune perfectly! American Idol, watch out! Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Have a great weekend.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Ooh so funny ;)
Just when I figure out my new phone,it becomes obsolete, and can't get replacement batteries..
Thank you for visiting my blog, your kind words, lifted my spirit..
i hope to visit with you often !

diane said...

Is your ring tone nag,nag,nag? Thats what BB would say about me as a cell phone, Hey you are getting me talking American, we call them Mobile Phones. We just got new ones it is taking me ages to learn it. I also have lots of dead patches around the home when trying to make contact with BB.