Sunday, April 26, 2009

Are you an image junkie??

BowHowdey, I am.

I have so many "things" saved to my computer I don't even know where to look for them..

I know I should be organized and I should save them to disc..but I am such a visual person (that's my unorganized excuse for.... "I will forget anything and everything unless it's in my sight constantly..")
So, I keep them in Picasa..and in Picasa albums..and on Flikr...and in Snapfish..Shutterfly..and anywhere I think I can set up free storage.

Oh, these are not just adorable photos of my grands..oh noooo..

These are images of fabrics, old tools, flowers, magazine houses, food, birds, crafting name it. If it looks pretty, I'll save it.

Disclaimer: I won't , do not, and will never save any photos of "real" people. I mean, I have saved vintage images..but not "real-current-people"..

..except like when I'm referencing movies stars...or a Muppet, dogs, cats or TV characters.

OK, OK almost any animal.. at all ..even some cute bugs..yes there are cute Lady Bugs.. and Rolly-Pollys..

Images of books, and pans, and drapes and bedspreads...

Containers, and letters, and Letters..

But show me a pretty picture of a garden, or a dream room, idea, or an art studio and it's in my "saved" file(s)

One would think my brain is too over-loaded..we'll, not the ones that know me so well..but you know what I mean.. much to see.. to remember.. image-overload..full to capacity..over-the-limit..

"Danger Will Robinson!"

Truth be told, I just want to see everything, to remember every moment, to smile and be visually pleased..

To "travel" by way of photo, to create by way of appreciation, to be where I have not been..I love it all.

So, yes, my computer may be bogged down, it may be slow, and I may have to put some on the CD's...but I want to surround my eyes with all the wonders of the world..

Ah yes, I am an image about you??
No wonder my eyes have to close the curtains and never know where they'll travel to, what they'll see, and who they'll visit with, huh?

Goodnight eye-balls. I love you.



madrekarin said...

You nailed me right on the head!! I am such an image junkie. In fact, I had to go through and selectively delete a bunch of them the oether day. Things that I had saved and then, when looking back, wondered why I had. lol
Loved looking at yours and I know that stamp stands for "What the fetch?" Right? ;)

Vee said...

Hello. My name is Vee and I, too, am an image junkie.

It's sad...very. I have files upon files and they are growing larger every day. I say that I must organize them, but they're so overwhelming. Then I buy disks to save them to and the tower starts grinding and it seems to start smoking and I get scared. Hello, my name is Vee and I'm a little woosie, too.

So, yes, I feel your pain and I want to thank you for showing us all these lovelies, too. It helped immensely.

Lucy said...

I love images. I go through Google images just for the heck of it when I should be cleaning my house. I don't save things though. It's my downfall. Because I usually always want something that I haven't saved. I'm a work in progress.

Laurie said...

I have files like that too, and love every one of them. And more than likely, you'll find them posted from time to time on my blog. Such fun!!
Thanks for the laugh, you take my mood everyday and uplift it from tired, puzzled, angry, frustrated, etc. to laughter and joy! Love you!!

Shari said...

Add me to the list - I'm also hooked on images and save them everywhere. I have files on the computer, files of pictures torn from magazines, and on and on.

I think it's just because we love life and are interested in and appreciate so many things! It's a good thing, don't you think?

And I loved that silly robot from Lost in Space!!

Julie said...

I have so many images saved in my pictures that it takes me forever to find the one I want. But I save it when I see it or I won't find it again.

I also have a bulging file of clips from magazines.