Sunday, April 12, 2009

"Wee" ! ..uh, I mean "Wii ! "

So, I'm trying to teach myself Chinese brush painting..and found some great brushes..gotta start somewhere, right??

Birds are what I'm interested in, but the books say you should start with bamboo..

I never really follow directions..or do what I'm told to do..

While my mind was on all things Chinese {and I can't have Chinese food tonight..) I got to thinking...

OK, now I know everyone on the planet had heard of the Wii - that video game thingy that lets you pretend to do a lot of stuff - while not actually doing any of it? Ya with me here??

Hmmm...I have some new ones for them...

Wii -read - that game you can load your old books into and it will re-read them to you..

Wii-use, Wii-duce and Wii-cycle - a game where you can learn to be "green"..

Wii -upholstery - vision all your furniture re-upholstered and beautiful..

Wii-gifting - a game that lets you learn the fine art of re-gifiting those lovely plastic flowers you weceived last year..

Wii-organize - get you whole house weady for spwing..I mean, ready for spring..

Wii-think..the game where you can re-evaluate your life decissions..

Wii-visit..a fun way to look at old those old vacations slides form the 70's..

Wii-tire..spend your golden years with a drive across America is a 50 ft. motor home in plaid shorts, black socks, white shoes and a white belt..and a little doggie in the back window..

Too much thinking tonight, huh?

Pam( mentioned that I mentioned my paint brushes ..yes, I used to paint..oils..when I didn't have the time, or money, or supplies..
but I wanted to paint. So I managed...It was cheaper than therapy..

I sold almost everything I did..or at least were any good..but here are a few I managed to save..

This one was given to my Mother and I got it back after she passed...

I realized much of the cost {to sell} was the, Mr. B (who I was dating at the time) suggested I paint on boards..I tried it and they sold better..{name on the painting is my maiden name}

I don;t remember why I have this one - maybe it didn't sell ( I sold them in Mr. B's father's restaurant where I was a waitress..)

This was one of my firsts - thought I'd keep it ..

I started doing smaller ones on stretched fabric..just to play with..

Kinda fun..Hey, I also painted those fabulous walls! They're in my art room..

OK, so I think I'll play Wii Gotobed..



diane said...

You are Wiily funny and Wiily clever.

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Your paintings are gorgeous!! I love how you painted on wood and other objects :) The last one is really sweet.


madrekarin said...

I love your thoughts on Wiil life! Your paintings are beautiful! You Wiily are a woman of many talents. :)

Heather said...

Wii think had me cracking up! wow you are a lovely painter. i love your paintings!

Charmingdesigns said...

Oh I remember doing oils like those. You did a lovely job!! Have never done the chinese painting...I have the I have fashioned some of my watercolor roses in that style. Thanks for sharing all your paintings!!! Laurie

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

I love to read your little stories, they are always so cute. I also love your paintings, your good girl. Loved your brushes!

Betty said...

Your oils are really well done! I love your new Chinese feathery...really pretty. Keep those pictures them!

Pearl said...

Like I said before, you need to continue to paint. You are wonderful at it. If I had half the talent you do I would be painting birds up a storm. But I know how you get tired of a thing. The chinese birds and bamboo are cool.

Pearl said...

Oh I forgot to tell you "Wii are so proud of you's"

Shari said...

Your paintings are wonderful! I was hoping you'd show them sometime. Wow, you are so talented! I can't imagine how incredible it would be to be able to create such beautiful art. I especially like the one of the old windmill.

Julie said...

Hey, you're a good painter! I think what you did was by painting on boards was to wii-invent, wii-use and wii-store.

Now do you wii-gret writing this post?

Julie said...

Hey, you're a good painter! I think what you did was by painting on boards was to wii-invent, wii-use and wii-store.

Now do you wii-gret writing this post?