Thursday, April 23, 2009

Seriously YUM-OOOO Low-Point DIP!! ( from Sister Kathy...)

**Important note! SisterKathy called and said I had made a mistake in the recipe..and I actually made another mistake when I made mine - so, truth in advertising and all that...


SisterKathy said it should have been 1/2 C . of Spenda..I used one cup {truth be told - I lke sweet things}

and B - actually, I used a full block {8 oz. } of the fat-free cream cheese..and I love it..

So, it's still sugar and fat-free..and although I don't know how her's tasted...I LOVED MY VERSION ;-)
I know, I know. You've heard this one before - then you buy all the stuff, make it, wait, anticipate wonderfulness, and it's...uh...well...not so much yumm-ooo as YUCK-OOOO.

But this is different...this is really good...totally awesome...and extremely Weight Watcher's point friendly.

Oh yeah?

Yeah. Like 1 point for 2 tABleSpoOns !


Seriously. Seriously...

1 8oz. tub of whipped low-fat cream cheese ( I actually used fat free and it was wonderful!)
4 oz. fat free cream cheese (the cube kind)
1 C. Splenda
1 8oz fat free Cool Whip

Cream the cheeses together. Add the Splenda - then fold in the Cool Whip. (I'm thinking you can also add some spices like: cinnamon, ginger, cardamon ??)


Then put the dip in the fridge..hahahhaha.. ahhh..I crack me up!


Here's some ideas:

Strawberry dip

Spread between low-fat graham crackers

Layered in a parfait glass with fruit, graham cracker crumbs

Spread on: toast, hi-fiber English Muffin, waffle, your tongue, frosting on those good Krusteze Low Fat Muffins (especially the orange-cranberry!)

Of course, there's is pink. Mine is not. Mine is white. Maybe they cut up some strawberries and added for a.... strawberry cream cheese dip..hey..another idea!!

Have so much fun with this...even if you don't need to loose weight.. if you're one of the 3 women in the universe that is happy with her weight..

..or Heaven forbid, need to GAIN weight..

OK... you..the one who needs to gain weight...yeah you Miss Skinny-pants-and 6-pack abs-and-probably-perky-girls...stop reading my blog..

Go away. And wipe your have a little bit of smug in the corners...

ps - she's not a Nun - we 3 sisters are just 3 sisters: Sister KathleenMary, Sister GeraldineMargaret and Sister ColleenMarie...oh and don't forget BrotherLawrence..


Lucy said...

I'm getting up out of this bed I'm sitting in and going to the store for ingredients right now. Ummm-mmmm. Sounds yummy.

Laurie said...

Oh this is on the list!! I love cream cheese, and with strawberries I'm in Heaven! Thanks and Amen to Skinny!

diane said...

In between giggling at your post I see an interesting recipe. Unfortunately us Aussis down under must speak a different recipe language as I need parts of it translated.
Splenda??? no idea
Cool Whip? Is that whipped cream in a spray can??

Vee said...

I wonder what the calorie difference is between using regular ingredients and the low-fat ones...

It does sound delicious, but then when you're starving, anything is delicious.

There's a Weight Watcher's recipe that I still make after all these years. My mother went on WW when my Sister Kay and I were teens. Let's see...peel and core one apple and cut it into small pieces, toss in a small skillet with sweetener and cinnamon and a small amout of water. Stew it down until the apples are soft, but not mush. Place a piece of sliced cheese (this was in the days before lowfat stuff so we used a regular piece of real American cheese not cheese food) on toast and top with the soft apples. Broil until cheese melts. It's an Apple Cheese Danish and it's great!

Gaston Studio said...

Not into weight watcher's anything but that photo of the strawberries had me drooling.

Heather said...

Happy Friday to you!

wendy said...

I think I'll try it for the mothers day tea I'm planning for my mom! Looks easy enough and sounds sooooo good!

Betty said...

Sounds as though you've found yourself another good you can enjoy guilt-free. Good for you and good for Kathy for sharing.