Friday, April 24, 2009

So, I guess when God asked me if I wanted to be a smart decission maker...

..I must have said "Nah..... I'd rather be quick. Spontaneous. You know..a short-term kinda gal"

..and He must have said.."well, I guess I could make that happen..but you'll need to learn to live with the consequences..or at least read all the return policies before you go and change your mind..again..or that "buyer's remorse" kicks in..."

That's my conundrum.

I have put myself on a financial diet AFTER losing (losing, in my case, = spending ) I guess I wanted to GAIN money instead of loosing.......ya think??

So, for the very first time, I find myself weighing my options (isn't it funny when you're speaking about diets of any kind- words like weighing and loosing and gaining come into play??)

I find myself putting things in my basket, only to walk around the store and have second (and sometimes third) thoughts about spending what monies I have on that..

"Do I really need this? Would it still be here if I do need it?"

and the biggie..."Will I have to dust it? Feed it? Drive it somewhere?"

Then, more than likely, putting it back on the shelves.


So I find myself in that position today. First, I saw an ad for a darling old-fashioned-looking jar that has a handle and "fireflies" (!) inside- battery operated fireflies..and one on the lid! It's really really cute..and within my "discretionary" spending budget..
Then, I saw, of all things, an infomercial about a "body shaper" ....they didn't take thin models and make them look even thinner. Noooo.

They took overweight regular-looking people and had them try it on {with the same clothes} and it really looked..what's the word?? Amazing!
Now mind you, I really don't put much stock in infomercials...

I mean, you really can't cook a roast, make jelly and dry your undies in a the 15 minutes or less...right?

So, what to do? I mean, I have a body that needs shaping..and, most of the body shapers assume you have "the girls" so they build in a bra..and this one doesn't..Hmm..

Fireflies? Body shaper? Fireflies..body shaper...

The fireflies are really was the big ol Orangutan I got a while it's just sitting there..mocking me...

Body shaper would be nice...but it's kind of like buying need'll feel better about yourself for having one sees it. You can't really call it an outfit..unless you're Madonna or Brittany.

Wish I didn't believe the infomercial I must have seen before I was born..

"Instant gratification - Get It NOW! Have it ALL! No waiting....."

You know what they say about a fool and HER money...

Ah well, there's always NEXT WEEK's allowance!!!

Are you re-thinking your spending budgets too? Howya doin'??

Have a fun, less-spendy week-end and don't watch those silly infomercials :-)


Oh, and they really can't cook, make or dry in 15 minutes...right? But, it's only $19.95 plus S&H..


Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

That is so funny...I saw that firefly jar once too....and actually considered buying it...Gooseberry Patch...right? I am on a non-spending budget of my own...kinda forced...oh well...don't need the ped-egg anyway!

Stay Thrifty & Cozy, Carrie

diane said...

What on earth do you want a jar with fireflies in it for?
Since we've retired we are always looking for ways to save money so that we can travel more.
I won't watch commercials or infomercials so that I won't be tempted. But don't show me a holiday brochure or I'll be sucked in.

madrekarin said...

Wow. Battery operated fireflies? Colleen- You can come here and get your own natural powered version for free!
I'm with you on the spending diet. I try to buy things and I just can't do it! :( I am no help to our economy, I guess. Things have to have a purpose before I will buy them now.
Oh, can I just say that body shaper looks like a spandex version of a Renaissance costume? hee hee

Gaston Studio said...

We Americans just have way too much crap to choose from when shopping!

Vee said...

I think I need one, too. Thanks a lot! Hope that it really does work and, if it does, do let us know.

Betty said...

I've been doing some spring cleaning and getting rid of items I never use. So, now, I'm really conscious of buying more things I'll never use. Just looking at some of the items I'm tossing or giving to 'good will' type stores makes me wonder what I was thinking when I bought them in the first place. Well, actually, I guess I WASN'T thinking; so, now I am..teehee! (Unless, of course, it's something for our furkids...then, all thoughts go right out the it, buy it, buy it!)

Heather said...

oh my goodness, fireflies or a body shaper? lol. tough choices, lol.

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