Monday, April 27, 2009

When I become an Angel..

... and am in Angel Training 101, I am going to take notes.

Lots of notes..

My instructors, whom I'm betting will turn out to be my Angels, unless of course they are quickly re-assigned, which I'd be really disappointed if they were ...just saying, O Heavenly Hosts.....

..because my Angels are brat-ish.

And I like that about them..

Take today for instance. While walking the pups past the park, a pine cone came crashing near only 2 feet away ! And, it must have weighed, oh, like 2 ounces...well,with enough force, could have seriously..messed up my hair, you know??

Needless to say we were all 3 taken aback..

( I've always wanted to say "aback" - and now that I have, I think the only time you can use it is when your taken..aback. You don't say "I don't like this purse, I'm going to take it.. aback!" Or if you are returned from being taken aback are you just..back? Hmmm...)

So, when I looked up to see what errant squirrel had pitched {hurled is more like it} the pine cone, there was no one. No squirrel. No cat. No wind.

But what I did see was the beautiful mottled-colors of the tree trunk and how it's various layers of bark, part of what was off the tree, made it look like it was wearing a camouflage ..

..well, I guess they are "camo" in real life, you know, with the different shade and hues of green and all..

So, I'm thinking one of my Angels threw that pine cone at me so I wouldn't miss out.. on the walk..the experience of seeing the new day.. of being "in the moment"..

So I started looking for great little things. And I found them...a big bird (not Big Bird as in yellow and vertically advantaged..) but with really pretty rust colored feathers high up in the trees, maybe scoping out a place for a nest??

Yep, I wanna be one of those Angels.. like the "crazy Auntie" one.. the one who sometimes gets in bit of trouble.. the odd-ball.. the fun one, not sooo serious.

So, in my down times today I sketched a few Angels...sort of in the style of Kelly Rae, DJ Petit and Milande..

Whadda ya think? I need to get them on canvas, or fabric, or something. I want to learn the layering and collage thingies they do with them..

Thank your Angels, pay attention (there may be a test one day) and decide now what kind of Angel you'll be..



Charmingdesigns said...

Oh my goodness gracious girl!!Those angels are fabulous!!..ummm, I've sketched out a few too...(great minds think alike???)Anyway, I am really impressed! and the the hair!! Great job! Laurie

Vee said...

Now those sketches are so cute and I love the angles on the angels' heads. I enjoyed your story about the pinecone dropping (being tossed at you by your angel). ;>

diane said...

You could write a book. "My Angels" and use your sketches. Give them names and characteristics. Maybe you could have a different one for each day/ week.Or you could call it "Choose Your Angel," and we could pick one to suit us. Great sketches I like the one with the long slender neck.
I'm chuffed that you are enjoying my mother's story.

madrekarin said...

Colleen- Yet one more reason why I love your blog!! The story is perfection and your angels are just beautiful. I do love the third one down. She rather has that cheeky "See, I told you!" kind of look about her. ;)

Gaston Studio said...

Totally agree your angel was drawing your attention to the beauty in and of the tree! Aren't you glad you were able to share it with the pups?

Sweet Repose said...

I can see these wonderful...slightly naughty angels on mugs, with cute lil', feisty sayings from the mouth of who else...and maybe with a line of pictures of the pups, with cute lil' sayings they would say about you(that could be bad)!!!

I'd like to see renditions of the dogs in angel form too...we could have something here...I'll sell them in my new shop!

Always thinking(scary)

Heather said...

cute post. your angel drawings are precious.

Coleen said...

I think you have another career going on her girlfriend!!! Your drawings are amazing!~~~~~

Heart Hugs,

Betty said...

I didn't even know you had it in you...another talent you've been keeping a secret...really love the drawings.

I'm off tomorrow, home Sunday. Sorry I missed your call...did I say that already? Well, you know where my head is these days.

Love ya.

Pearl said...

Yes women put them on canvas!! I love your style of drawing. These angels are beautiful. You have mucho talent. (is your head getting bigger yet?)bahwaaa just kidding. You truly are fabulous

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Wonderful sketches! My angels would be stick figures!

Stay Cozy, Carrie

Jan said...

You've already heard this several times....and I'm going to add my 2 cents....LOVE your cute little angel sketches! They are just adorable! Take care!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Beautiful angel sketches Colleen! So pretty!

Julie said...

I know for sure that Kristen has a guardian angel - and maybe more. She has really needed them, too.