Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When I was a little girl...

..I didn't play much with Crayola Crayons. Not much. Maybe in school. But I remember how a new box smelled.

And when you opened the box, how they were all so pointy and perfect.

Then they came out with the double-decker box that seemed {to me anyway} to hold a gazillion colors.

But somehow, I don't remember actually using them that much.

{The PMS fairy}

Kinda the same way now with a lot of my craft supplies. I buy them. I love them. I smell them. {I know, I know, weird, huh?}

But I don't actually use them much.

I've tried to figure out why. Maybe it's the fear of scarcity. That if I use it, I won't have it anymore.

{Cher? Is that you??}

And what if I mess it up? Then I've wasted it. And it's...gone.

{Pfft...all gone..}

So a lot of "stuff" goes unused, but not un-loved.

And, seems I may be going into my second childhood, which is actually my first because I got married so young and had children that by the time they were kids, I wasn't anymore.

I missed it. I was too late for the party.

But not now. No, un-uh. Give me a pencil with a good eraser, a sketch pad, a few colored pencils and some down-time and I can go to town.

And am I enjoying it. Can't wait to cut up some of that pretty paper I've had all these years and USE it for dresses..and get out those hoarded ribbons and put them in their hair..

Maybe this too shall pass...but for now, I'm going to play with my colors, smell my eraser and feel the paper...and be a kid again..

nanaer, nanaer, na-naer {yes, my inner-child is a brat..}

What did you miss out on when you were a kid? Can you do it now?? So, what's keeping ya??

Go out there and play...I'll be waiting :-)

(no, I did not get a perm...yet..)
{just messin' with ya Mr. B.}
No, I'm not really getting a perm - I was teasing Mr. B (and Mr. B 2.0) - neither one of them like perms ..heehee)



Anonymous said...

Hi Colleen....
Just found your blog....Hi from Victoria.

Janie Bruch

Gaston Studio said...

I think it's wonderful that you've finally found out you can have fun with your crayolas/pencils and not feel you have to keep them for posterity!

diane said...

Well you are making good use of them now. When you get older some of the kid comes back inside you and you can enjoy yourself being silly. Love your pictures.

Lucy said...

You're right about the smell. And wasn't the double decker box wonderful? What a treat getting a new box was. And remembe when you could buy a color book and crayons for some kids birthday party and it was sooooooooo appreciated? Well...not anymore. Now anything under a hundred dollars is considered cheapskate. Can we go back in time?

Vee said...

This post makes me grin. I love thinking that you are doing what you always wanted to do. There are so many women (probably men, too) who save things not because they plan to use it, just so they can say that they have it.

It used to drive me wild to visit a grandmother who used rags for towels yet had drawers full of brand new towels. When we finally did use many of the "new" ones. They disintegrated in our hands. There's a huge lesson here somewhere.

Are you really planning a perm? How exciting!

Heather said...

ahh yes the smells! i think you have a wonderful plan laid out in front of you. i'm excited to watch!

Charmingdesigns said...

Your drawings look great with a bit of color!!Love the last one!!lol. I love new sharp pencils. I save paper...I need to start using them.lol. Laurie

Pen Pen said...

You are quite the artist! Love your drawings. Have fun and smell those crayons if you want to... I know exactly the smell you are referring to!

Shari said...

Your drawings are wonderful! I wish I could do that!!

Oh, I loved my double decker box of crayons - remember it had the crayon sharpener in the back. How cool was that?

You know, I have the same problem. I have supplies for all kinds of wonderful projects, but I somehow don't get around to finishing (or even starting!) many of them. What am I waiting for?! Am I saving all these goodies for husband's second wife? (just a little joke . . . I hope!)

Got to get organized and get busy! The good news: even though times are tough and we've no extra money to spend . . . I do have a fabric/craftin' stash and now's the time to put it to work and craft some sanity. I need some . . . NOW!

Donna said...

I just found you while I was making my way around blog land. Your sketches are wonderful!

I've been enjoying your other posts too. What a great blog you have!


Pearl said...

I'm so happy that you are still going on your drawings. I love them again

Dawn said...

I love new crayons....
Love the eyes in your drawings!

Thanks for stopping in to my place.
Appreciate it!

Julie said...

You go girl, your ladies are lovely.

My arts and crafts are unused too - that's why I had my giveaway.

I missed out on Piano Lessons and Girl Scouts - there were not such thing in my little town. Missed out on 4-H too, cause I was not a country kid. I was an inbetweener.

white o'morn cottage said...

Wow. yOu have something there. I am going to have a go. They are gorgeous!

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