Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, you can't be...35!!??!?!

Our youngest son, Jeff is turning 35 on Monday. But with Monday being a "back to work day" we thought we'd celebrate it tonight.

Did you ever do that when your kids were little? Have their birthday party on the closest Saturday to the actual date?

We did.

They were always wondering how their birthday always fell on the lucky was that??

This year, I thought I put out some fun older photos of the neighbors could see what he was like when he was little.

We had my fun dip with fresh strawberries, Brats (bratwurst) and Beans..chips, dips, salad and of course ..the "Jeff's Favorite" birthday cake..

This is Oliver - the chicken-charmer..

Me & Mr. B..

Brooks & Jenny (our darling next door neighbors and Mom and Dad to Braham and Oliver)

This is what happens when you give a little boy a digital camera and say.."You can take a few photos." "Oliver..Self-Portrait"

We didn't get candles, but Jenny remembered she has one each from the boys' past birthdays..when Braham was 5 and Oliver was 3 - Perfect!

Kinda goes along with the card Braxton & Lulu got Jeff..

This is Braham..the one who specializes in the "Chicken Dance"..

Smile for the camera! And to think, all they had was root beer..

Yes, his party theme was Elmo and the Sesame characters...hay, it's about all the Dollar Store had besides Strawberry Cupcake..

The "boys" go the special fun-foam hats...

Happy Birthday banner..oh and some great old plates and dish drainer I got thrifting today..

The happy couple - married 2 years this coming September..

I love leaving Scrabble messages..

..and of course my platter messages..

More "Early Jeff" on the fridge..

Braxton waited oh-so patiently for someone, anyone to drop a brat, or a hot dog or just about anything else..

Didn't happen.

Poor Pooch..

Well, that was our fun, rainy, exciting Saturday on Main Street, USA..

Happy Birthday Jeff, we Love you tonzzzz!

Dad & yo Mamma


diane said...

What a happy day everyone had. Happy Birthday to Jeff. He is the same age as my youngest daughter.

Pearl said...

Happy Birthday Jeff! Wish I had a Mom like yours, fun, silly, and full of wit. Colleen you give Birthdays like I do. I love to embarass my grown sons too.

Lucy said...

You take the cutest picture of yourself. I do not photograph well which is why you see a kitten in my profile. I could be jealous but I'll try not to be. All my kids have now gone beyond the 35 year old mark. I'M NOT THAT OLD!!!! :)

Gaston Studio said...

Good looking couple! My youngest is also a son and will be 38 in June. He would have loved the Sesame Street theme!

Happy birthday Jeff!

Vee said...

This son of yours must be pretty used to birthday parties featuring whatever the dollar store has available and all with humor. What fun! It was fun to see the younger Jeff (not that 35 is, no, no, it is NOT old). A happy birthday to him.

(You're getting so skinny!)

Heather said...

what a fun birthday party! love the theme and the candles :)

Betty said...

What fun pictures. Jeff looks so very happy, even if he IS getting older...older? Did I (the ancient one) say older? Yeah, but, I didn't say old!

You and Mr. B look so great in your picture...if your neck gets any thinner, you'll look like your neighbors' chickens!

Love, love, love the picture of Braxton!

Happy birthday, Jeff!

Pen Pen said...

Happy Birthday Jeff! Looks like a great time was had by all! Sweet little Braxton.... tell him to come to my house... I feed my babies WHILE I am eating. Drives my husband crazy!

Laurie and Chris said...

Happy Birthday Jeff! It looks like you had a great time.