Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sometimes I totally amaze me...

After almost 59 years here and who knows how many years elsewhere, I can still surprise me.

I've never been known for my coordination. In high school I tried out for cheerleader. Everyone thought I'd be a shoe-in because of my excitement, energy level, school spirit and enthusiasm.

However, one really reeeeally important trait or talent to have for cheerleading is ....coordination.
Both of my sisters can dance. Kathy even taught line-dancing and performed as a Hawaiian dancer. (a kind of an Irish-Hawaiian-dancer..)

Gerri can dance. Also rides a horse reeeelly fast while going around an obstacle course AND shooting real guns with real bullets at real balloons! (it's some kind of cowgirl-thang...I donno...)

I am the one who "cheers them on". And not very well. But I do try....

So, I realized that, because I have been using the computer so much with this blog, I can simultaneously type with both hands!!!!!!!! AT. THE. SAME.TIME!

I am ambi-dexterous on the keyboard! That takes a certain amount of coordination, doesn't it?

I mean, I still sort of "hunt & peck" my way through life, but I can do it with two hands now. Getting to be a pretty fast "hunter and pecker"..ah..hunt & pecker....?

So that amazes me. As a kid I could never get that whole thing about patting your head while rubbing your tummy.

Walking & talking has proven not to be safe - I get lost in one or the other.

But, I can better use a 10- key that's on the left side, and I am mastering the "two-handed typing" thing.

Huh....I am just...... amazing...

Saw this comic in the Sunday funnies and wanted to share it with you ...you probably have the same funny papers in your Sunday paper, but I liked the artwork as well as the verbiage.

Hope you like it too. The comic strip is Buckles...by David Gilbert

It says:
Sprinkled dew upon the lawn,
a chilly morn but not for long
the rising sun warms the air
spring to life the days affairs.
Slowly moving across the sky
to summits point and seasons high
shining bright to all behold
shower down a rain of gold.
Too hot to staying full-day sun
the heat so bad it stops the fun
a resting break under tree shade
with ice-filled glass of lemonade.
Cooling time late afternoon
the smell of grills ready soon
restless times when sun to rest
fireflies glow for us to catch.
These longer days go by too fast
as though they weren't meant to last
so every day I'll make some time
to hold a moment....and keep it mine.
g'night, sweet dreams and God bless us eveyone...



The Feathered Nest said...

I love it Colleen! It reminds me of the days when I was a young girl, getting up in the summer and not coming in until after dark ~ stopping by for a quick meal here and there but having the most fun outside playing with my neighborhoodfriends!! (ps. one of them ended up being my husband!) Thanks for the memory Colleen ~ xxoo, Dawn

Betty said...

Love the last picture as well as the cartoon...you always have the perfect pictures for your blog...can't imagine how you do it. I don't read many magazines (Dog Fancy and BARk are my favorites, of course); so, I don't see all the wonderful pictures you do...glad you put them on your blog for all of us. Love ya.

Jan said...

I just don't read the funnies anymore...wonder why? I'm gonna have to start again! : ) That one is a thought provoker, isn't it!
Have a great, great day!


Sweet Repose said...

That's what so great about the golden years...they don't expect us to be perfect...but I do get a little tired of the raised eyebrows...but that's what makes us US...right and they wouldn't have us any other way...by the way, I love a man in a cowboy hat, what a hottie...


Pen Pen said...

Nice comic... thanks for sharing. I'll bet you CAN dance... you just don't want to admit it.