Friday, June 13, 2008

Don't no Friday the 13th scare me...Bring. It. On.

Well, I can say that now because it's 10:39pm and it's almost over.

But it was a good day. Weather was perfect (my heart goes out to those in Iowa and California - and prayers go up...)

One can roller-skate in shorts and sleeveless shirts then go up the mountain in about 30 minutes and ski! Can you imagine??

The 'post person' ...don't know if it's a he or a she......I mean, I never actually see them deliver ...I'm at work......not like I couldn't tell if I saw them..if it was a he or a she...well, sometimes you can't tell.

But I like to think I could...but I wouldn't swear to it...

....OK - "whomever" brought me 2 packages in 2 days - one from my sweet-sailor-talking-adopted-niece (she wasn't really adopted - I just like to think of her like my niece - actually I think it was she that said she wished she had a Grandma like me and I said "Ohhhhh no - maybe your Aunt" - then we decided I was Auntie Utah - except that sound like I'm totally against Utah -which I am totally not...)

Sooo, one from Debby in PA (can't spell Pennsylvania..) Oh wait! I just did!

Just look what goodies she sent me:

Books and postcards for Ella and a monkey bookmark and 2 horseshoes for Mr. B's western back-yard make-over - a sweet card and magnet of that state she's from that I can't spell but I did...Thank you Sweetie - I know I'll love the books and I already love all the other things!

Earlier, my new boss- a sweet young girl who happens to like a LOT of the same stuff I like - brought in these roses from her neighborhood for me and a lovely arrangement for the 2 other girls in the office - mine, of course, was the biggest and the prettiest. Age does have it's privledges...

Oh wait...I'm not done yet...I get home today with my roses form work, and start to read my books from Debby when I see another package - this one form my sister Kathy - and it contains something that is precious to a creme brulee all to myself..bettter!

She sent me my Daddy's collection of Norman Rockwell teensy plates that he collected (thus the term...collection...helllloooo) over several years from one of those "Franklin Mint" thingys. They even have their own display racks, but they were too big to send - she'll just have to hand deliver them to me I guess....then we'll just have to have a nice visit I guess....

Each stack is ten plates - all different - and with the paperwork to "prove authenticity"

... I stacked them by counting the first ten - then making the other stacks match up - just like they do in Las Vegas with the poker chips!!

Not that I would know this first hand of course - but I watch a lot of TV - yeah, especially the "Learning Channel"...yeah that's it...

And at about 4:30 the BIG boss walks out..(I guess that makes my boss the "boss-ette") and says, "It's Friday...and anyone who is a Dad, or who has a Dad, or KNOWS a Dad...go home!" So, we got to leave early - on a Friday - to beat the traffic -how great is that??

Took the pups in for their rabies shots, Doc said their heartbeats are perfect (!) and then we went to dinner at Iggy's - had a GREAT Asian Pork BBQ Salad - they come in 2 sizes - so you can totally be good -get a half-salad and look like a dainty-little-watching calories-girl... then still have room for cheesecake!!

Actually, I didn't have room for the cheesecake, so we stopped at DQ and I got a Butterscotch-dipped Dilly bar - Mmmm..summer memories from when I was a kid in Arizona and we'd walk to the DQ...'course, we'd have to eat really really fast or it would melt - got a whole new perspective on brain freeze!!

OK, so I'd better go to bed if I have to be Miss Smarty-Pants tomorrow at the museum...

Tally ho!



Kentucky Bound said...

I finally had a few stolen minutes to catch up on your week's worth of posts. You've given me the fuel I need to attack my day!I'm so happy that you love your new job so much. It gives me hope for what lies ahead for me in the next couple of months. A great day for mail with lots of goodies for you! I hope your sister gets to visit soon so we can see the plates all displayed in their racks in a special corner of their new home.

Off to tackle what's left of my office. Found out yesterday that the boxes they send your computer in evidently shrink when they're stored up in the attic - NOTHING fit right! Oh well, I just hope nothing expands during transit or there will be computer pieces all over that moving truck! To work with me! The shredder and the trash can are my best friends! I will take no prisoners!


Laurie & Chris said...

my goodness you had some nice surprizes this week. The roses are so pretty!

Charmingdesigns said...

Oh yes...the Dilly granny use to count out the pennies so I could go down the street and get myself a dilly bar...chocolate covered. It's nice that some things haven't changed.Laurie

Jack and Betty said...

So glad the plates got there okay. Since I live near your sister, Kathy, I got to see the plates first-hand...the detail is amazing and I just love them. Happy you will give them a "forever home"...some things are best kept in the family. Hope everything goes well today at the museum! Love ya.

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Hello :)
Thank you for visiting my blog.
Rashers are a fantastic bacon that
is cured but like a ham like bacon?
Pam could probably explain it better:)
So yummy!! A bit salty but surely tasty.

I posted today a few pics of Strokestown
park. Pam had said you had an interest in
it. I also took inside photos that I will
add to my private photo gallery. I can
send you a link to view them if you like.

Pam's cottage was fantastic and even more
wonderful than I had imagined!

Hugs to you, Kimme

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

You are now one of my top fav blogs :)
I have added you to my sidebar.
You are in good company with White O'Morn
cottage and The Old if
I could only figure out how to put my fav blog
in order at the top of the list. Hmmm. another day!

The Feathered Nest said...

What a wonderful Friday the 13th, Colleen!!! The roses are so beautiful and what a sweetie your boss was to let you all go home early ~ you gotta love that! I hope you're doing great at your smarty-pants museum thing!! xxoo, Dawn


your job sounds great! I am happy for you...thanks for covering my back on my blog are such a nice friend!

sacha said...

Nope, You got the bigger rose bouquet because I like you BEST!!!!! Shhhh, don't let on to the other girls! I am thankful EVERYDAY that you chose to become a member of the GeneTree team!!!!! (Note the happiness expressed in the exclamation points!)

Thank you for working on Saturday, the few precious free hours from work, at the museum....INSIDE. That really does stink being inside on a beautiful day. I was able to install the cork board flooring in my kitchen and I am paying for it today. It took 10 long hours with lots of bending, measuring, cutting, pounding repeated a gazillion times. BUT the floor looks beautiful! Thanks to you Colleen!!! s