Sunday, June 15, 2008

It' s rainin' men...Halleluiah , it's rainin' men..

Grandson Brian, Mr. B. , son-in-law Chris and our Spanish Exchange-grandson, Albert

Yeppers, it's a good day to be a man...
Happy Father's Day !

..especially the "Dads" who don't "haveta be"....
you know.. the one's who take in stray 4 of them..thank you Mr. B..

..and Dads who take in cats & adopt dogs...thank you Jack , Mr. B, Robert & Bruce

...and stray horses....thank you Larry..

I am so lucky to have such great men in my life. 2 great sons, 2 great sons- in-law, 1 great brother, 2 great brother's-in-law, 2 really good grandsons (didn't want to say 'great' lest you think I'm any older than I am!!) 2 great next door neighbors and a whole lot of great nephews (not great-nephews - although I do have a few of them too!) and good male influences and mentors in my life.

Son #2 Jeff

Son #1 Andy (dammitAndy)

Grandson Connor

Son-in-Law Johnny (Ella's daddy)

Mr. B & Braxton at bath-time

My brother Larry - the Kindergarten Cowboy

Especially my Daddy, who on this day, I miss most of all.

Happy Father's Day Daddy - we all love & miss you-

PS- my friend Betty's husband, Jack, has joined us in this blogging world! I see so few men (maybe 'cause the type of blogs we have) that I wanted to give him a great big "girly blogger welcome" - so if you have a chance, drop by and say "hello" to yet another good man...

Now, remember, his blog is Manly-man - talk of radio controlled airplanes, and, uh, manly stuff...

Have a good Monday & lets remember to be grateful for the great men in our lives...
(Oh, I almost forgot....and thanks to the jerks in my life- you idiots have taught me what REAL men are all about...but you don't get a big font..perfect for you little-pea-brain-pond-sucking-red-necked- ignorant-chauvinist-racist-creepy-men-wanna-Be's)


Charmingdesigns said...

LOL...I don't get it?!? lol.laurie

Utah Grammie said...

Silly Laurie! I wasn't done yet - but silly me - I hit "enter" LOLOLOLOL

Jan said...

I truly envy you all your great men. The truly great ones are few and far between and it looks like you hit the jackpot. Glad you had such a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the "plug" for Jack's blog; however, Jack says blogging is for girls, and he's no girly-man; so, he pulled the "plug". That was quick, eh? I don't think he figured the guys from the club would really follow it and he said it was a lot of work for just him to enjoy! Your blog, on the other hand, is such a hoot! Thanks again. Betty

white o'morn cottage said...

What a bunch of handsome he men you have around you. They sure make them good lookin' in Utah!

aloso I love the small font for small men! Well done girl! Pam.
Angie's nephew arrived home today on air ambulance and is in the spinal unit of city hospital. thanks for your good wishes etc. cheers...Pam

Mary said...

Good looking men you have there Colleen. I still have my dad (my mom passed away 8 years ago) but I treasure every minute of my time with him. You're right, some men just don't deserve big font!

~d said...

:) You are so funny.

Q-t's in your DNA. :)