Saturday, June 14, 2008

Does this job make my brain look big??

Hmmmm...mabybe not.

OK - so today I was at the the University of Utah..(where I can now say, "Oh yes, I went to the U of U..did you go there or somewhere else??" )

The day was brilliant. Perfect weather to spend the day outside with the family! Sunny, warm, no wind..activities outside for the kiddos...making slime - extracting the DNA from peas (!) and putting the extracted DNA in a vile then making a necklace..(OK - maybe I did want to make one too, but nooooo...I was supposed to be all, like grown up and all...bummer..)

They had activities for the kids where they make a family tree out of several outlines of their hands making the branches and putting family names on them. Oh, and they had where you could actually make a DNA strand out of red vines and mini marshmellows.........OUTSIDE.

Do you see where I'm going with all of this?? Yep - all of the excitement was....outside...while I was....well....not.

The few folks who actually came indoors where our beautiful exhibit was were mostly asking about where the bathrooms & drinking fountains were -

....but I took no prisoners - they ALL heard about DNA and genealogy - and "how between DNA analysis and traditional genealogy, they could go so much deeper into their ancestry search and yes, the Ladies is that way..and, oh, you do know about Mitochondrial DNA, right?? and no, I don't know how to get to the third floor exhibits...."

( note to self: the "continuous feed" on the computer only works when you push the button - like every 108 seconds..kinda like in Lost..push the button every 108 seconds or the whole thing will self-destruct...)

One guy said DNA stand for Dinosaur Nesting Area....this little kid got all excited and wanted to know where the dinosaur exhibit was...screamed somethingg awful when he realized I was the only dinosaur around....

But the few that stopped and talked to me...well, that was fun..and they were interested. And they were engaged in the conversation. That was fun. .. yes it was....

There were some that were obviously not so engaged...who looked like they were waiting for a TelePrompter to come up in my eyes explaining what the hell I was talking about...( I had serious doubts they had any differences in their DNA.....if you know what I mean...)

And when they did finally speak, all they managed to mumble was...."hey lady....where's the bathroom? Sissy's gotta go somethin' awful...." (cue the music from "Deliverance"...)

Hmmm...did I mention is was BEAUTIFUL outside??

Here are some shots of earlier in the day - on our walk around the block...

You know, I do have a PhD in Happy-Life 101...

Enjoy - PS.... Most of these were taken ..........yeah.....outside.



white o'morn cottage said...

They are beautiful photos. You look great at your booth (looking as happy as I've ever seen you)
I'm guessing you love your new job right? Pam

Jack said...

Great display...sorry it had to be INSIDE! Of course, the up-side were near the bathrooms yourself...just in case...teehee.

Jan said...

Even though alot of the people wanted directions to the john...your job sounds incredibly interesting to me! I'd love to hear more about it! : )
Sorry you were stuck inside all day long. *sigh* At least you got some lovely outside photos during your walk!


Rosie's Whimsy said...

Oh you are just so funny! I would so love to hear you speak. I'd be very attentive to everything you have to say!

((hugs)) Rosie

~d said...

You should have followed them into the bathroom! :0)

And yes... your brain is DEF looking bigger by all accounts. I studied that gorgeous pic of you and I can totally see some growth. :)