Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday Monday, da da. dadadada Monday Monday.. know.....the Mama's and the Papa's ??

"Monday Monday, so good to me-
Monday morning it was all I hoped it would be..
Oh Monday morning ..something something something..without warning something
that Monday evening you would still be here with me..."

I am soo not good with lyrics. Is it Momma or Mama? Can't remember. Oh well..

It's the beginning of the week. And with the look of things, it will be a good week.

Had the family next door - Chicker & Ophelia's ( the Urban chickens) family- with the 2 little boys. Out of school for the summer. I think I spotted a gray hair on their young Mom's head already......just wait....

Hot dogs, water melon, beans, deviled eggs, tomatoes, pickles, chips and laughter. Oh, and paper plates. Paper napkins. Fun night. EZ night. Too-full-for-dessert night.

I grew up on hot dogs with mustard, onion, tomato wedges and celery parents grew up in Chicago and maybe that's where they got that??

How about you...any"special" way of having your hot dogs??

I've had a few inquiries about the dry erase boards that I seem to be addicted to. Wish I could say they were my brainchild - but since I gave up having any sort of "childs" (except "grand-childs") a long time ago - I must fess up. The idea was not mine...

It came from Somerset Life, issue "Winter 08", page 120-122 by Karri Posson..

The instructions are simple: buy gloss tiles ( 6 X 6 )$.39 at Home Depot) I used ModPodge and just decoupaged the papers on then added whatever embellishments I had on hand. Let dry and viola! A mini dry erase board! Karri suggests sending along little instructions to only clean the portion up to the paper with cleaner - thus not taking a chance of messing up the artwork.

I bought some 4 X 4's but I think they are too small...cute, but small.

So, that's about all the news from Main Street tonight - have a safe and fun "Not Monday Monday" tomorrow..

Momma's or Moma's? MaMa's Mommmmma's....I dunno... Wonder if now they're the GrandMama's and GrandPapas?? G-ma and G-Pa...go to bed're rambling...again...



Mary said...

MMMM...hotdogs. I like mine with mustard and a grilled bun. The bun must be grilled to get that flavor I like. I like my hotdog with a little bit of a crunchy outside.
Ya know, just grilled to almost the charcoaled state. YUMMO!

Jan said...

It's Mama's. : ) I was a fan.
Oh I'm old! LOL!

I grew up in mid-central Illinois and I liked my hot dogs with just plain ol' mustard. I don't eat them now...they no longer like me! *sigh*
Sounds like you had a great day, though!
Enjoy today!!


Senior Bowler-Carolyn said...

If they are good hot dogs--oscar mayers...I can eat them cold right out of the kids say that is gross. But if I am dressing them up...need mustard, onions, relish and lots of people in the south eat them with red slaw..ha ketchup in it.....not me.

When i was young and lived in California with my prevous in-laws..Thursday night was DER Weinerschitzl, love thier hot dogs with chili and all the fixin' not have those in Alabama..probably is a good will power when it comes to them....

Pen Pen said...

I wish I was your neighbor! I love hotdogs! Ketchup, mustard, chili, onions... lots of onions... and coleslaw. Yum! I've never tried tomatoes and celery salt before. Sounds interesting!

Elizabeth G. said...


I saw you post over at The Feathered Nest. Your "Utah Grammie" made me look up your blog. I am from Sandy, Utah, too.

Ha! Small world. We're originally from NC, though.

My 12 yo dd has a blog at and my brand new blog is at

Take care,


Laurie & Chris said...

The dry erase boards are so cute what a great gift for someone. Love them!!!!