Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I like buttons...

..or as the teen-age girls here would say.."buh-uns"..

You know, like "there's still snow on the mou-uns..."

For whatever reason, they don't say their "t's".

We have a city here - Layton - you know Lay-Ton...uh's Lay-un..

Ah well...anyway, those are not the buttons I am taking about .

No, I was thinking something I heard concerning my 4-year old grand daughter, Ella.

You see, Ella and her mommy like to solve puzzles on the computer. When Ella comes home from pre-K, they have fun playing puzzles which I think is a good use of their time.

I didn't learn the computer until last Thursday - and Ella is using it in pre-K....!!

Ella usually get the 6-piece puzzle. Sometimes the 8-piece. And she does well with them.

Really well.

One could almost say could...almost.....

Her mommy was on the phone with Ella's auntie when Ella's mommy suddenly saw what Ella was doing....she had solved a 70-piece puzzle while she was talking on the phone!

Alert the press! We have a genius here!

Stunned, Ella's mommy watched as Ella brought up the next puzzle- another 70-piece puzzle.

Watching with great anticipation and pride, Ella's mommy held her breath...watched as this protégé worked her magic on the big puzzle...watched as Ella ........................

pressed the AUTO-SOLVE button!

Brandi: Ella, what did you just do??????

Ella: I did the puzzle.

Brandi: show me again - how'd you do that??

Ella: I pushed the AUTO-SOLVE, Mommy...(...heavy sigh...)

Brandi: ooohhh....kay...

We don't need a protégé now do we??

Ah, yes, buttons. Wouldn't it be great if we all had "auto-solve" buttons?

Problems? No problem, push auto-solve...

Issues in the world? Rudeness, meanness, dumbness, bad-dressing?? Hit the auto-solve!

We could use a few more buttons, too. The mute comes to mind...and delete..ate too much for dinner - hit delete.

Wanna take that dumb-ass remark made to your boss back?? Hit backspace..
Need to get your point across? Cap-lock...

Gained, oh , like 70 lbs.? control C......then find the perfect body (with your search button)...control V...

And let's not forget...escape..
Yes, life would be easier with more buttons. Just don't forget to hit F-1o once in a'll be glad you did...



Kentucky Bound said...

I just caught up on your last few posts. It's so refreshing to know that someone else lives in "my world"! :) Except in my world, hubby doesn't cook delicious, to die for meals. :(



The Feathered Nest said...

That Ella is so CUTE in that little outfit!!! And I think she's pretty dern smart to figure out that there even WAS an autosolve button!!! It would be nice to have one though wouldn't... it would kind of be like the easy button! xxoo, Dawn

Jan said...

I'm with Dawn...I'm pretty impressed Ella figured out the auto solve button! Way to go Ella!!



Colleen, I can't keep up with you young lady, where do you find the time. Ella is absolutely gorgeous, love those glasses. What a clever little chickie she is, all us ole dumb asses doing the puzzles. I don't have one of those buttons on my computer. Hope the job is going well.
Hugs, Coll :-}

~d said...

THAT IS SO funny..
I love your mind.

KJ said...

This is cute and funny! Just think what we could do with that escape key!!! I've pushed it many times and I haven't returned for awhile! Yes!

By the way, I did add some astericks to explain the probiotics and Neti Pot. I hope that helps.


Anonymous said...

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