Monday, June 2, 2008

Grrrr! Didja ever...???

Didja ever have one of those commutes that they write horror stories about? Or comedy sketches?? Like they are sooo bad, they can't be real??

Well, I had one today.

I should have known it was not going to be a "Drive happy!!-day" when I tried to stop for a pedestrian, gave them the courtesy wave, you know... like "OK - I'm stopping for you because I am a nice person..............and it's the law.." kind of look...and and be courteous and wave...

They do not smile. They do not go. They look like someone peed in their Post Toasties...and they look at me as if that someone might have been me...and, did I mention they don't GO...

Oh no...they WAVE me they're doing me a big-o-ginormous favor or something. This all- grumpy-shorts-in-a-knot-person thinks I should just go...and he's doing me a favor!!

When I give him a quizzical look that says...what ??..he turns into all fast-wavey-arm-mad-look-person..

And just when I decide it's his loss because I was a nice person trying to do a good deed...and it's the law...and start to go...SO DOES HE!

Then he gets all red-faced and mad and I stop ....(new car and all ...) and he YELLS at me...but seeing how I don't speak Spanglish-Hindu-Middle-Eastern-German-Dutch..I have NO IDEA what he is saying...

So in my little world, I think he is saying he "owes his life to me and thank you Nice Lady. Have a velly lovely day, Nice Lady. You are a velly nice lady, Nice Lady..."

And don't even get me started on the drive home....

OK, so to soothe my hurt feelings and get back to my "happy place", I made some 6 X 6 dry erase boards like I saw in Somerset Life......just write and dry-erase!

They sit on a little fork-easel or you could buy a small easel...

You like?? (I didn't make the fork easel, but bought it so Mr. B could use his "fork-bending-super-powers" and make me some !)

The Mod Podge is still a little wet on this next one, so it looks a little...uh...wet.

I put black wool felt on the backs so they would seem sturdier - then propped them up on the fork holder and viola! A message board for your desk, kitchen counter, etc. I like-y!

The tiles are like SUPER cheap at the hardware store. I think I got these at Home Depot for about $.59 each. I bought some 4 X 4's too ($.19 )but I think they are too small..unless you don't have much to say then they'd probably be alright ....for me....not so much.

Well, have a good night. And if you see someone waiting to cross the street, stop and wave them on..and smile....because nice matters......... :-)

....then if they get all psycho on about them. Karma, you know....



The Feathered Nest said...

You always make me smile Colleen!! Love the dry erase boards, too! What great teacher gifts, huh? or anybody gifts for that matter. You really are such a velly nice lady! xxoo, Dawn

Jan said...

I've run into the same thing...many times and end up just laughing and shaking my head as I drive on by! Geesh! You tell the story so well, though! Makes me feel as though I'm right there with you, trying to figure out who's going first!
I love the dry erase boards! How cute! I'm coming up to Utah and we're gonna have a craft day just so you can teach me! LOL!!


Jack and Betty said...

You've been driving in Lake Havasu City again, haven't you?! We have those oh-so-confusing 4-way stops; everybody waves or everybody goes at the same time....those seem to be the only choices here.

Love your "drive happy" story!

~d said...

"lemme at em"

Just you.. "lemme at em.."

How dare they mess with Utah.. on a perfectly happy day too...I'm calling in the forces. :)

I can't stand people like that.



Anonymous said...

You have been coming up with some great things and ideas.are you still looking for work or have you decided to be a homemaker?
I tell you with gas so high I don;t think im making much money. i kinda wish I were home again,but would miss my clients and think god is still using me there right now.

Vickie said...

You and me, we are the only people who stop for pedestrians in Utah. When you do, they don't trust that you are seriously going to stay stopped. I love the dry erase boards. I think some of my friends may end up with one soon. I'll have to try making some.
:) Vickie

Charmingdesigns said...

Thank you for the chuckle or is it chuckel?? Ok, the red line showed up so that means its the chuckle. How did you make those dry erase board??? Laurie

Mary said...

Hey that guy was in my bank today giving me a rough time...wish I would have know he got all wavy armed on you...I would have....well you know. Have a great day Utah!
love ya always...mary