Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Do fairies REALLY exist ??

How can you look at this photo and have any doubt? She is real. She is beautiful. And she has landed here to bring joy and laughter to us.

What can be more real than that?

There has been some discussion on other blogs where, because of one woman's belief in all things beautiful, including fairies, she was chastised by a few narrow minded so-called do-gooders.

I do not know any of them. Nor do I wish to make a blanket statement when there are so many wonderful, loving, open-minded people here in blogland. And on Earth. And in Heaven.

But to try to put a damper on what one wants to believe in this all-too-already-cynical-world, well that just chaps my hide. Rubs me the wrong way. Gets my knickers in a knot. Totally puts a downer on my happy.

And to mask their pushiness, they tried to be self-righteous about it. Poo to you...

My belief, (and it is MINE - doesn't have to be yours -) is that God, or Buddha, or the Great One, the Spirit which is greater than ours, no matter I choose to call a kind, happy, child-like, full of fun and imaginative One.

One who give us the gift of talent to put on paper or canvas or clay, or bronze, or..... (or photograph - if you're really really quick & quiet) to provide a visual representation of a heart-felt desire for wonder.......

There, I've said it.


Oh, and PS... I also believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth-fairy, the boogie man, Leprechauns, hard times with happy endings, sweet, quick kisses at 5 am...and the power of prayer, karma, meditation, Tai Chi , Chai Tea, positive thoughts, fairies in New Jersey, good men and.............. chocolate.
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The Feathered Nest said...

I love fairies and ALL things beautiful...I love kindness and goodness....I love our God who made it all...I do not love legalistic judgements...xxoo, Dawn

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Fairies do exist! I saw one in ireland :)


Question..are you able to reply to posts
made on your blog via email? Just thought
I would ask you as we both use blogger :)

madrekarin said...

Of course they do. I remember being visited by tiny ones when I was a little girl. Well, I didn't see them actually, they just left tiny horse shoe prints in the hallway at the bottom of my bedroom stairs, with paint their horses stepped in in my dad's office.
I think those narrow-minded ones need a good dose of whimsy and fancy in their lives. Imagine having to go through life with such a stilted view on things. Gee whiz. I sure feel sorry for them. Just imagine how much they are missing!

Anonymous said...

I believe all the things you believe in....too coincidental? Or are we just "soul souls"?

God never promised life would be easy; he just promised it would be worth it!

Believe in the wonderful things and you'll be happier than that old grouch who's self-righteous!

Love ya. Betty

Jan said...

I absolutely, positively love this post! You said it all so much better than I could have ever done!

Hugs to you!


Steven Smith said...

"She is real. She is beautiful." I like that. I don't need to believe. Instead, I experience, using my senses, her reality.

Of course, it's a picture, so that requires some extra-polation on my part. I bet she's more angelic in real life.

I comment here because I read your bit about Tai Chi, and I teach it. I try very hard to help people remove their beliefs and ideas about it and, instead, experience it for real. Fantasies, both positive and negative, create a barrier to visceral and kinesthetic experiences in Tai Chi, while embellishing fantasy-ic experiences.

Maybe it's splitting hairs, semantically, but, again, I like your article's initial emphasis on the experience of the picture.

By the way, I've seen Santa.

Charmingdesigns said...

Well said! Laurie

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

I do believe.....

Mary said...

We all have to believe in something!!
love ya colleen,

Julie said...

AMEN to all that you said here. And what a beautiful picture. I just may steal it --- tee hee!

You know what, I don't have your blogging address. What is up with that? (You're a no-reply blogger too!) How can I get yours and you get mine without publishing them?

Hugs, Julie

Brandi said...

What a beautiful post, mom! I absolutely believe in fairies, I live with the most beautiful one :)

BonnieRose said...

here, here, I believe in all those things too! hugs

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Oh yes, yes, yes and yes to all of it. :o) Now Colleen...tell us how you REALLY feel!! Your're a woman after my heart..just tell it like it is :o)

white o'morn cottage said...

Oh well said Colleen!!! My sentiments entirely! I asked on a forum for prayers from the religious and healing thoughts from the nonreligious( for Angies' nephew who broke his back)

A beautiful healing poem was posted by a lovely lady and someone else emailed me to say..."

Be careful...I don't think that is a Christian prayer"

I replied "His parents are grateful for all prayers, poems, good wishes from people of any, all or no religion" So would any of us in a similar position. Well said Pam


you go girl...