Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Latest "Blockbuster" from the studios of Main Street Memories.. ...........

The script...........


Finneous...the lop-sided cake.............and how he overcame a lifetime of crippling "lop-sidedness" to become one of America's (OK, our house's) most beloved characters...uh...cakes.

Fin started out as just a little sparkle in Mr. B's eyes. Sitting on the shelf at the local supermarket...

That is, until Mr. B took pitty on the lonely Cherry-Chip Fin and brought him to the safety and warmth of our hall pantry, where Fin lived a happy life among the other cake mixes.

But something, someone, was missing......a purpose..a life beyond the shelf...beyond "shelf-life"..

That's when the lovely Mrs. B needed him desperately for the 2nd part of the cake classes she started in the summer.

Thus the epic saga begins...................

CAKE, Part Deux

Watch mesmorized as Fin meets the lovely & sweet Oh La La..Cho-co-late Frosting...falls in love....and they became one....

The pairing could only be called "Heaven Sent" ( or brought to you by Duncan Hines...)

The rich, decadent Oh LaLa Cho-co-late and Fin, the lonely Cherry Chip cake......

Suddenly, the transformation is more than just a dream, more than a long-term goal looming in the future.....

Watch Fin as he realizes he is standing a little taller...a little straighter. Swelled with pride (or was that the chocolate frosting??) he knew he wanted be be stronger..sweeter and fuller than he had ever been before.

"We have the technology. We have the power. We CAN do this, Fin! Trust me....I'm taking you to where no cake has gone before...(except the ones in Cake Part One)..."

To............... CAKE CLASS!
And so the "transformation" begins.........

The first all important step is to form a strong foundation in life.....or on the cake plate........

Then with a little love and a lot of work, Rosette has joined this ensamble of great players.....

Although appearances suggest a litte jauntice, Rosette blames this malady on "bad lighting" as any Hollywood starlet would do....

Thus ends the story of Finn and Oh LaLa Cho-co-late and thie little friend, Rosette. All living happily in their mansion of glass....

...A real Menage a trios????

You be the judge........

CAKE 2...THE REST OF THE STORY........... showing in kitchens near you. Check box office for times and prices. Seating based on availablity. Studio (or kitchen) accepts no responsibility for weight gain, sweet tooth re-occurance or upset tummies..........

So go out there and have your cake & eat it too! Otherwise, what's the point?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Can I find the good??

When Andy was little, everyone knew him as “Dammit-Andy” because that all I ever said –

(which now I am extremely sorry for- after all, I have seen Dr. Phil & Oprah and I know I have probably damaged him forever........yadda yadda yadda…)

But, he turned out great…well..good……sort of OK ...I guess…


He’s a great kid- uh, man – even with all those tattoos that cover the arms I tried soo hard to protect…(bygones)

(yes, that is a cast on his arm - crashed his Harley...dammit Andy!)

Anyway, when he was little, it seemed to me, at the time, that he did nothing right.

April, on the other hand, seemed perfect. If I asked her to take the mail out- she took it right to the box.

Andy would take it and walk around with it for, oh, probably hours if I let him. Happy as a camper. Not a care in the world.

Andy was always happy at breakfast though. A “good” morning little guy – and a “Good morning!!!” little guy.

Not so April. She'd practically growl at him. Grumpy Gus-ette, soooo, maybe not SO perfect after all!

Frustrated, I went to the pediatrician and told him my tale of whoa (wo? Oh, woe!!) and he said something that I’ll never forget:

“You MUST find something a child does well – no matter how hard it may seem.

FIND SOMETHING - then let them know how proud you are.

He made me try to find the good- so the next day, Andy made his bed- if you could call it that.

But try as I might, I (at first) couldn’t find anything “good” about it. But I looked harder. And harder..and harder..and it wasn't easy...

...Finally I spotted it….

...the PERFECT pillow placement!

Yeppers, it was at the top of the had the opening of the pillow case to the outside.

Even the print (I think it may have been Smurfs) was facing the right direction! Yeah Andy!

OK, so that was probably IT for a few years…but like I said, he turned out OK after all.

But it made me think, one must always look for the good – even if it’s hard to immediately spot …..

…like yesterday morning… on a cold and snowy TUESDAY (it's only TUESDAY??)...

I was getting ready for work and reached in the medicine cabinet for the toothpaste and toothbrush.

I grabbed the correct one, but I was quickly reminded that I need to be grateful that Ben Gay doesn’t have full-sized tubes, or I might NOT have been so lucky! ICK!

GOOD was found in my bathroom!

Then there was the time my sister Gerri, who swears she doesn’t need glasses, was at my house, sprayed her entire head with the glass & window cleaner which is, as you can see, very similar to the hairspray.

She might have been upset, but she said her hair was clean & smudge-free for the entire day and she knew then where I kept my window cleaner!

See, more good. In my bathroom, no less!

Sometimes it takes a little creativity and looking to find the good – but there usually is something…even if all you can find is that you are great at …......

....pillow placement!
Have a fun day


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

When we lived in Texas....

...I loved to go garage sale-ing. It was when "garage sale-ing" was just starting up. I used to go to the "swap-meets" in Arizona, but moving to Texas, I discovered the world of "sale-ing"...and I was forever hooked.

I found great old quilts made from a husband's old suits. Nothing fancy - just squares of the woolen suits pieced together, obviously for utilitarian purposes rather than looks. But love it I did.

I also found good, old books. Lovely old remnants of a time past. Many of them old schoolbooks. Most of them bought in one large box, never even looked at before I decided to purchase.

Imagine my surprise when I found this particular book. An English book. The young man who apparently had it last in that Texas school, one Clifford Allen, was seemingly easily distracted. To the point of drawing in his book.

Of course, he was a good student who wrote his assignments for the week in the front of the book. "Term assignments" then "July , Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday..and so on.

Did you notice "Saturday"? Yep, apparently he was in school on Saturdays..imagine that!

(maybe it was because they caught him "doodling" in his English book...)

Anyway, here are some of the wonderful sketches I discovered after I found Clifford Allen's book at the bottom of the box....

I am impressed by these drawings - pieces of history. Clifford's handwriting was exquisite. He obviously had an eye for beauty.

I wonder what ever happened to Clifford Allen. Did he work his art? Did he go to war? Was he happy?

Guess I'll never know - however, I have a piece of Clifford Allen and I will savor and protect it. Maybe one of the Allen family will read this and recognize the name of their father, grandfather or uncle. Maybe they'll contact me....maybe...

Look for the little things that are sometimes overlooked in life. Open the books you want to buy from thrift stores or garage sales and just maybe you'll find more of Clifford Allen's work.

Have a great day-


Monday, January 28, 2008

We heard the news last night...

...that Gordon B. Hinckley, the President of the LDS Church had passed away at the age of 97. Although I am not of the LDS faith, living in Utah exposes one to a lot of the news, teachings and beliefs of this religion.
My very first thought was "Well, good for him!" Which may seem callous but was from my heart. He is with his beloved wife, Marjorie, and with the Lord, Jesus Christ. He had worked tirelessly in the Church from a young age and he does indeed deserve to go "home" and enjoy the fruits of his labor.

He had a wit and charm that I appreciated. When he spoke it was more like a Grandfather giving advice that a man preaching his beliefs on you.

He always injected humor is his talks, which I really appreciated. Even up to the very last, he was "fun" to listen to. And I share many of his thoughts, beliefs and wishes for the future generation.

So, yes, the Mormon religion has lost a great leader, and we who listened and watched snippets of him on the news have lost someone who made us laugh, think and feel.

But Marjorie has her husband once again and he has met with God and now can be in His presence.

And for that I say, "Well, good for him!"

So, go out there today and listen to others who may not be of the same faith as you. They all believe in something greater than themselves.

My Daddy used to say "God doesn't care what floor you shop on as long as you shop in His store." (although Daddy didn't go into the "store " much, I know he really believed...)



Sunday, January 27, 2008

Well, it's past midnight.... I guess I officially didn't blog for Saturday.

That's OK, though, because Saturday was filled to the brim. With good things.

I have accepted a new position with a company still within the scrapbooking industry and I am thrilled!

I'll have heat in the winter and cool in the summer and a cubicle and friends and lots of exciting new opportunities.

I sadly, will leave friends, good bosses, fun atmosphere and being able to wear jeans ans T-shirts everyday.

So what's a girl to do??

SHOP! You betcha.

Gota have new clothes for a new job, right? It's kinda like starting a new school year - you can't wear what you've been wearing to "play" in for so many months.

So that's what we did for the early part of the day - I got 2 new pairs of shoes, 2 velveteen, plush hoodies...
(OK, so I LOVE hoodies..whatcha gunna do?)

And my Mother-in-Law bought me some great camisole-shirts to wear under my overshirts or hoodies.
But the best was yet to come.

On Saturdays we have the newlyweds over for dinner. Tonight was no exception.

EXCEPT....Mrs. P (the newlywed bride) has been making some absolutely gorgeous jewelry. One of a kind pieces. And what she brought over to show me, well 2 of the sets went beautifully with both of my new hoodies!

And they will add just that hint of "grown-up" I will need. (I am, after all, the Queen of Comfort!)

Let me show ya what I mean............

This one will be worn with my new rust/brown hoodie....
And this one................

...can be worn very well with the black a matter of fact - they will both coordinate with either of the jackets...

Here are a few more pieces she has for sale...

She does quality work with quality supplies. She'll make custom lengths, earrings, bracelets and charges a fair and decent price. So far the necklaces range from $15 ~ $2o and the "sets" (either bracelets or earrings to match the necklace) range from $20 ~ $25.
If you are interested, please let me know and I'll get you all the details. My son takes them with him to work and can't keep them long enough to even show me!

We are very proud of her and her work.

I am always amazed the talents people have - diverse, wonderful, unique and special.

Thanks for letting me brag!

And, maybe this year, the Easter bunny should bring jewelry instead of all that candy! ...well...maybe in ADDITION TO candy....

Friday, January 25, 2008

I think I know.....

....Ok, well, I have some idea of......
...well, it may be an excuse.........
.....but it makes sense to me..

I now know why I am.....ahem...chubby. Cushy. Soft.

It's because I'm so forgetful! Yeeeaaa! That's it.....

I'll explain...

OK, a few weeks ago I messed up my knee. Bad. Don't know what I did. It just started hurting like, ah........heck.

Bad enough to make a trip to the doctors. And because I have had a history of blood clots - he sorta panicked. Sent me to the hospital for an ultrasound.

Good news! No clots! Bad news! Don't know what is making it hurt so bad!

(Oh, that last part doesn't rate an exclamation point....)

But anyway, he put me on some rather strong pain pills. I hate pills. I hate pain . I REALLY hate pain-pills.

However, I agree to take the pills. He warns me sternly, "Take these with food!"

I say, with a little lilt in my voice.... "no problem, doc." giggle giggle

So, a simple thing like that makes me think I know the reason I'm chubby....

You see, I've been really crazy-busy at work. So I start hurting and think, "Oh, I need to take a pain pill!"

"But I mustn't take one on an empty stomach..I must eat something."

Then I get uber-busy and forget to take the darn pill!

Well, now it's too late sister! I don't want the pills to rattle around in an empty stomach, making me more miserable than I was before, so I eat... AGAIN!

And thus, the cycle continues. Even in the middle of the night, I reach for a pill, and a piece of toast. Eat the toast..nod off to sleep...wake thinking, "Did I take that pill?" Shouldn't take a chance on an upset tummy, now can we? More toast?

2am - Cookie & Pill....I think...

5am - Cereal & pill....or did I take the pill before I ate the cereal? Oh no! Better have more cereal (or cookies, or toast) so the pill will have a soft place to land!

There you have it. I'm not an over-eater. I'm just forgetful....

So, is it that I truly...............

......or is it that.............


Have a great day and don't take pills on an empty stomach...and for Heaven's sake...don't eat on an empty stomach either!


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Umm...what do I blog about?

...Everything. Anything. Me. My life. My friends and my family.

I write about anything and nothing..."everything but the kitchen sink'

Which is OK because while I have a really nice kitchen sink, it doesn't hold a candle to what Mr. B gave me for a bathroom sink!


It's a couple of years old now but every time I look at it, I love it even more!

OK, so it's the little things.

Like what I like......

My favorites.....

It's those "little things" that keep us going. The things that turn out to be not so little after all.

Like my blog.

Well, it IS a "little thing" however, I have met so many wonderful people out there (YOU!, Yes, you..the one reading this now..) and feel like I have made so many friendships.

I stop by one person's to see how the baby is doing.....

By another's to see what beautiful projects she has to share....

By yet another's to see how living in Great Brittan compares to living in Utah...

And so many more...

And I appreciate each and ever one of you. I have learned, cried, laughed, been inspired and feel a closeness to you all that brings such a feeling of "community" to me.

And that is something I've searched my whole life feel a part of something.

To "belong"..

And, yes, like the Brad Paisley song says, sometimes I feel I'm "So much cooler on-line"..but I wanted to take just a moment to say thanks....


Thank You!

..and I'll "see" you tomorrow!


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I know I don't "do" math......

...however, I know that when it snows 17 inches and your pups are 17 & 15 inches from....ah...stem to stern..(no.... that'd be from their nose to their bum....) OK...from tippy top of their heads to the pads on their little feet, you have a problem.

And it snowed 17 inches the other day, on top of the frozen blechy-dirty snow we've had for a while.....yes, we have a problem.

Lulu, our Princess warrior, is not afraid of anything. Just try to tell her we think she should wear a coat in the winter...let alone doggie booties? HA! No way. Not gunna do it...not at this time..or any other how.

Braxton, well, he, as Eeyore would, says, "ok....whatever....I can just 'hold it' if you want me to...I'll be OK...I can cross my legs...don't worry about me...(heavy sigh)....."

So what's a good Dad to do? Dig trenches, spots, curves, trails and a snow-maze for your little pups.....

What a guy! Such a good plan, eh? One would certainly think so....

Lulu "got" the whole concept really quickly. Went out and did her "thing".....

.....although when running back into the warm house, I swear I heard her say something like "..are you NUTS? Do you have any idea how COLD it is out there?? I don't see you out there, doing your thing in the snow!"

Braxton, well, he took a little convincing..."Come on Braxie! It's OK!'s not all THAT cold!..Come on, Braxie...Braxton....BRAXTON! COME OUT HERE NOW and go potty! No, I see you running back into the didn't "go " yet! Come on......please buddy...."

"You want me to do WHAT? Out here?? In the COLD?? You're kiddin me, right??"

Sorry pups. At least you can cuddle together on the bed. Mommy & Daddy have to go to work. And DRIVE in this stuff. And watch the cars ahead of them do donuts on the ice..and...and...and...

OK, you're right. It's NOT the same thing. WE can go the warm bathroom...sorry.

..and where is Mom while all of this is going on ???? Yeah, we thought so.....

yeah, yeah,,,,...we love you, too....
Braxton & Lulu