Thursday, July 30, 2009

And the award goes to.....

OK, so it's not the's the "Olivias"

...For best weight-loss surprise after weeks of non-diet foods...

Me! I hit my -50 lbs. at Weight Watchers last night..whoopie! Let's celebrate and get cake-faced..

...For the best one-liner on Mr. B's operation...

Brooks, the young Dad from next door when he asked:

"So, did they take you to Lowe's to pick out your new hardware?"

...For best impersonation of a stuffed-animal...

Braxton - this morning in bed with Mr. B

...For the best interpretation of Murphy's Law...

The air conditioner that broke down in record wait.... it's the digital camera that stopped, maybe Grandma Evelyn's computer dying...

..For the best wine-stopper in the "non-cork" category (actually, it's "whine-stopper")

My sister Gerri who's motto is..."Cowgirl Up"

..For the warm-fuzzy-giver..

My sister Kathy

For the best "Mini-me" impersonation of Smudge..( Jeff Rachael's first puppy)


For the best example of "real men use step-stools"...

Mr. B

For the best centerfold photo (oooh la la) by a Tibetan Spaniel ...


For the best non-hidden reaction to yet another silly-rambling-blog-post..

My Jersey-boy-grand-dog, Marley..

So, have a fun tomorrow and who gets the awards at your place??

-me ♥

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Is is "Nature" or Nuture"?

That's the question that's been around for a while - you know, the debate of what makes children from the same family, same upbringing, same experiences sooo different?

Yeah..that debate..

OK, stick with me here..

I have 2 sisters. I love both of them and they both love me.

One used to be up at the crack of dawn, make-up on, kids up, dressed, in the high-chair, house completely clean, dinner defrosting, grass mowed and it was ..oh..say 6am!?

The other, during the same time frame, was asleep on the couch, last night's make-up on, and when I asked why her arms and neck and face had blue ink-lines on them, said happily..

"Oh good! The boys found my pen!"

One sister crafts..the other buys already crafted-crafts.. likes her truck..and it smells like hay and dogs.. likes her Buick 5000 (I don't really know what it's called, but it's big and plush and leathery..and smells like potpourri )

One, when reading the blog entry that Neelloc wrote called to say she was sorry I was having a bad day and that she was giving me a big hug over the phone..

The other one called to say she read it and it reminded her of a new country song by Darryl Worley, the chorus goes something like this:

Sounds like life to me it ain’t no fantasy
It’s just a common case of everyday reality
Man I know it’s tough but you gotta suck it up
To hear you talk you’re caught up in some tragedy
It sounds like life to me.. I DO know she loves me and she knows I can take as much as I give we both had a good laugh..

....hey wait..was that at my expense ???? Uhhh..(insert eye-roll here)

Love ya both, Sisters,


PS - Mr. B is on the mend! Says he feels better already because the mis-aligned clavicle was actually pushing down on the broken ribs - so now that it's aligned, he feels better!

The nurse from the hospital called today to see how he was doing...I told her he was cranky, demanding, rude, obstinate, stubborn and altogether unpleasant to be around..

She said, "Well, that could be a side effect of the anesthesia..I guess??"

I said.."Oh no, he was like that before he had surgery.."

Just kidding..

sort of..

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This day is good...

The pups have been walked..

..the sun is shining but not too hot..

..the lawn is being watered..

..there are birds at the feeder outside my window as I type..

..I've showered and have a cuppa tea I'm and ready for the day...

..and Mr. B's surgery is scheduled for 9:30am.

Things are looking up. He will be better. His pain will subside. He will go back to work. We will get back to normal.

And I thank you all for the love and support you have shown us.

and you are all in my prayers as well.
{darling images are from Penny Black - cute,huh?!}


Sunday, July 26, 2009 don't know me...

..I'm Colleen's evil other-side..Neelloc (that's 'Colleen' know, like the "other " side of her..?)

I know, I know, she's always chipper and like her balloon doesn't land.

But that's not always her..sometimes I need to be heard.

And because this is a blog for her, it should represent all of included.

So, by way of NOT having to justifying my existence , may I just say...

"Things I HATE" Neelloc:

(yes, hate is a strong word..just get over it. Stop reading if you want to. I'm large and, this morning, in charge..)

1. Things aren't always cheery. I hate that "she" feels she has to find the good in every situation..even though some of it

2. I hate that I can't do anything for our brother. I hate that he has to think about "it" all the time. I hate that we don't see each other more often.

3. I hate that Mr. B is suffering. And worrying. And sleeping so much. And that he will face his very first surgery in a few days. And that he is afraid.

a. I hate seeing him in a hospital bed in our front (usually happy) living room
b. I hate seeing him having nightmares in the hospital bed, in our living room
c. I hate seeing him struggle with :

1. putting on socks
2. walking
3. grimacing in pain
4. being weak
5. being on so much medication
6. taking a shower, eating, staying awake, worrying about bills, life,work,the future

4. I hate remembering my son's voice on the phone, that big, mean-looking biker, as he was crying and all he could get out was "I'm sorry Mom..I'm so sorry" ..and I hate remembering yelling into the cell phone, "YOU'RE SCARING ME!! WHAT HAPPENED??"

5. I hate feeling ( I know,I know, "you only can make yourself feel stupid") stupid for not asking the right questions, getting enough information, trusting those in-charge, feeling small...not being in-control..not having the answers to give to others..

6. I hate being yelled at. By anyone. Or feeling picked on. By anyone. Anyone.

7. I hate that "she" (Colleen) is afraid of having this side of her (me, Neelloc) shown. We are all dimensional creatures. And this it what a blog is get our your feelings, no matter what they may be. So, build a bridge and get over it, Colleen..

8. I hate how some sick people treat animals..I hate to see suffering

9. And that that I can't save them all..the animals..and damn the people..

10. I hate that I saw a groomer drop a small puppy and heard it crying and I didn't DO or SAY anything to her..

11. I hate that tomatoes are gushy on the insides and that avocados have big pits and that Mexican food is not low calorie..

a. I hate that tomatoes taste far far better warm from the sun, sliced thick and on white Wonder bread with gobs of real mayonnaise and salt and black pepper than on any salad with fat-free dressing.

12. I hate that I may never see Ireland (there, I've said it..)

13. I hate that I don't have a place to SCREAM at the top of my lungs

14. I HATE feeling sorry for makes me feel small and inconsiderate of others

a. I hate NOT having someone to in Steel Magnolias, I need Weezy, or Shirley McClain, or a punching bag..

15. I hate it when I get choked up with tears, because it really REALLY hurts my throat. And I hate that I cry ugly..all blotchy and red, not pretty like in the movies..and my nose runs..and who would put a drippy-runny-thing over a mouth anyway?????

a. I hate questioning God. His existence. His judgment.
b. I hate not being sure..certain...not knowing "why" ..why Larry?..why Mr. B?...why Paul?..why the dropped puppy?...TELL ME WHAT I AM SUPPOSED TO BE LEARNING FROM ALL OF THIS, WILL YA????

16. I hate it when I read blogs that I can't reach through the screen to hug someone in need..or they can't hug me..

17. I hate feeling hateful {read"guilty"} when I have the right to feel hateful..

a. I hate when I just want to tell someone how I feel..and they think they need to "fix" it for me...or tell me how lucky I am ( i know) ..or how fortunate I am (I know) and that it could have been worse ( I know!) , or others have it much worse (I know)

18. I hate mosquitoes.

19. I hate not wanting to craft ..but wanting so much to craft..but not wanting to craft..

20. I hate wanting to be in the center of a brow-sugar frosted cinnamon bunt cake and eating my way out

21. I hate wanting to do nothing more than curling up in a ball like a roly-poly bug and pull the covers up over my head and sleep for a month..

22. I hate sleeping - I think of all the hours I'd have if I didn't sleep..

OK, the blog has now been returned to Colleen, that ever-hopeful-overly-optimistic-overly-sensitive-silly person. I will recede back into oblivion until I can't stand another second of her silliness.

-Neelloc :-(

Oh.. and 23. Mondays are crappy. Seriously.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Much ado about......well..something..

Today was ......

Hair Cut Day..

..and when they are ready to leave....

"I'm done..I want out.."

"scratch, dig, scratch....there's gotta be a way ..O.U.T"

"You know I can see you there, right? ..I'll not forgive you for this you know..I will ignore you....I will...."

"WAIT! Don't leave..I was only kidding! I forgive you, I forgive you..COME BACK!"

"You're doing all wrong gotta look cRAzY Jack Nicholson-crazy..then they WANT you to leave..."

"OK, once you're make an

Ta- freaken-Da!

"Hey, Pops, we're home..."

"Now you just sit back & watch how it's done..."

"Hi-ya Dad! Howdiya think I look?"
"Want some kisses??"


"I just wanna cuddle.."
"Do I blend in with the sheets??"
"You can't see me.."

"This day has been uber-exhausting.."

Have a great hair-day tomorrow - you know these two will be.. :-)

-me ♥

"C" for ......

now what starts with the letter c?
cookie starts with c
let's think of other things
that starts with c
oh who cares about the other things

c is for cookie, that's good enough for me
c is for cookie, that's good enough for me
c is for cookie, that's good enough for me
oh cookie, cookie, cookie starts with c

Remember that? Yes, cute-a-licious Cookie Monster from Sesame Street..

With all the emphasis on weight loss ( I really don't want to "Loose" weight..I just might "FIND" it again..)

Cookie monster has been getting some advice ...

His response is like soo many other monster's..

But, with a little help from your friends....


Yeppers, this household has not one, but 2 cookie for them and one for us..

Notice who's is emptier??

"C" is also for cute-a-licious apron I received..

...from my sister who's name does NOT start with "C"....Kathy ♥ or KWAK as she is known (Kathy With A K)

{pictured here with the adorable Daisy dressed in her 4th of July finest..Daisy that is..Kathy is dressed in her 15-hours-in-a-car-garb}

"C" can also be for ....Crazy- medicated Mr. B....enjoying a dinner cooked & delivered our next door neighbor, Jenny...

..and one last "C"...

Have yourself a cozy, cute-a-licious Saturday, and thanks for stopping by..

-me...another "C" {Colleen}♥

Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm late, I'm late for a very important..blogging date! up at the usual time, but I'm "working" from home today so I won't be short one day on my paycheck for Mr. B's surgery day (this is a state holiday for Utah..but a lot of the customers we deal with are not from Utah - so I can do customer service from my home computer..just not any phone calls)

Anyway, I wanted to show you my latest "Grand-dog" Marley..

He's a wee (like 6 pounds wee) mini-pincher..a year and a half old..

...and he LOVES a good yawn ♥

And he LOVES little Ella too ♥ (see his smile??!)

Marley & She..

What a couple of hams :-) Love them both..

Have a great Friday and I'll try to be back on schedule tomorrow...key word..TRY :-)

-me ♥