Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hey...or haaaaayy

OK. so yesterday I showed some really silly stuff I did at

..but the site is really wonderful {and free. which makes it even more wONdeRfUl..} and has some cool effects..if you're as "photoshop-impaired" as I am..

Here's some of my family with the Sketch option..but go and look for yourself - there's a TON of fun there :-)

Ella Ireland
Emily Amanda
Alyssa Marie
Me & Larry
Braxton & Lulu
Lulu Belle

Emily Amanda
Brandi & Ella

So, go and play - it free and fun and fantastically entertaining!

-me and Mr. B...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Once upon a a land far, far away..really REALLY far away

{ totally my imagination..}

There was a beautiful showgirl..

{yes..that is to me..well, my face..and um..maybe my body..not buying it?  OK, just the face..and from eons ago..}

who fell in love with Prince Charming..uh..but he kinda looked like the "Shopper of the Year" at Wal-Mart??

But she knew deep inside that silly grin...

..was the REAL Prince Charming..

hopefully...seriously.."Hopefully" I she thought..

She dreamed about the time when they'd meet..

{gotta look closely on this one..}

And that "Cupid" wold work his magic..

{It's not a's the uniform..}

She started seeing his face everywhere...

..on mountain tops..

..on money...

on billboards... sporting events..

She read articles on him in the newspapers...

and in "yo-yo Momma" places..
And finally, she stalked  tracked him down..and they met..well, I she sort of "bagged " him..

Other guys tried to "woo" me away...with wheat..
Dude..we like chocolate..

Oh well...we..they lived happily ever far..heehee

Gotta love those Fairy Tales..huh??

..all "creative photos" are compliments of PhotoFunia..
It's totally fUn!

Here's my real Prince Charming..

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy happyhappyHaPpyhAppY Day!

Than you - thank you thank you!  I knew you could do it..

Kathy was delayed in surgery but in the end, she was able to keep her kidney..and they reported they got the entire mass...

We don't have much more information tonight, but Gerri will go tomorrow and activate the "Sullivan Sister Emergency Broad-casting (broad-casting..get it? Sister..broad...casting..?? ) System.."

OK..OK.. feeble attempt at humor..

But funny aside..I DO want to thank you all for the prayers, thoughts, messages and comments.  You have made our day...and I want to thank the Boss...the Big Guy..the Top Banana...The  Head Honcho..the Big Kahuna..

Thank you God for listening to all of His angels..YOU !

{you do know He has a sense of humor, right?? He does...and He loves me..and You..but I think He likes me best...yessirree..}


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

OK, we're calling in all our Angels...again..

I have 2 sisters, Gerri & Kathy.  They have been my older sisters for as long as I can remember..and I love them like..uh..sisters..

Gerri is the cowgirl horse woman who lives in Southern Arizona, and has horses, a dog and lots of friends..

This past year, as she was accompanying our brother Larry through his cancer and ultimately, the end of his journey..she was diagnosed with breast cancer..along with her heart condition (mitro valve issues) she sailed through her treatment like a champion..

However, there was damage to her lungs. At first they thought it was pneumonia, then radiation burns but now they're not quite sure.

So next Wednesday...she will have surgery to see just what they are dealing with..

Then there is our other sister..Kathy.  Lives in Lake Havasu, Arizona..{the hottest place I know of..}

Good health. Active. Lifetime Weight Watcher member..walks..a lot..does Zumba..hikes mountains..doesn't eat anything bad for her..bestest Grandma get the picture..

On one last visit to our brother, she had some issues and upon her return back to her home, the Doc discovered a mass on her kidney...90% chance it's cancer..

Hey..that's 10% it's not, right??  She has surgery tomorrow..and Gerri will be there for her..I will be in my heart..but we need all of you pulling for BOTH of my sisters..

It has always been the 4 of us..Larry, Kathy, Gerri and me..

then there were 3..

We need to be 3,000.  So we need YOU.

And I know I can count on thank you..again..


{this is why I believe in prayer...Yeppers..that's me.12 years ago....the recipient of tonzz of prayers!}

Note to Kathy:  IF they do need to remove the kidney, you will still look cute in a bathing suit!

 Try to pull that one off with a double mastectomy...yeah..that's my world....haahahahhaa

What can I say...I posted this 2 years ago and it's still relavant..

Shy Angel

..So much going on.

Illness.. personal issues....knowing a grown child's pain..

 War......always war...

Is it possible for one to feel guilty about the happiness in their life? To want to hurt for those who hurt?

But I do feel the pain. It is real . My heart hurts for the world. Does that give my guilt a voice?

 I don't know.

I do know tomorrow will bring another day. One to make choices. One to maybe give a smile to someone who may need it. One to say a prayer for those hurting, scared, lonely.

And one day more to thank God for His blessings and ask Him.. "What can I do? How can I make things better?? Guide me where You want me to go. And when I complain, show self-pity, let me stop and remember..and let me feel Your arms around me as You tell me to think of others first."

Have a good tomorrow. Say your prayers. Pray for all those who've had darkness knock at their door..


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Didja miss me??

I sure missed all of you..

I sure had a good time..

I sure am tired..

Tomorrow is back to work and back to routine and Emily and her Mommy & Daddy are back in Colorado..

..and already the house is quiet..maybe too quiet because I keep falling asleep..

Well, too quiet or I'm too old to be the BFF to a 9 and 11/12ths year old  girl.


'cos we are BFFs..and we had a great week..a great {albeit short} visit from April & Chris ..

It was a week-end of clarity and clear-ness...clearly-minded...clear-ability..clearful thinking..I can see clearly know..Ah Ha moments..??

Yeah..I finally decided what I want to be when I grow up...

A 10 year old girl.

Actually..a 9 and 11/12ths year old would be great..

Not worried about what boys think..

Don't have to shave or pluck anything...

Hawaiian Punch Popsicles are considered one of the food groups..

People take you shopping ...and pay..

You can sleep in in the summer and stay up later than usual at night..

See 2 movies in one week..{we LOVED Despicable Me as well as Marmaduke}

You believe in magical Balancing Butterflies..

You get play-dates with neighbors who's Mommy makes homemade peach ice cream..

And puppies, kitties and chickens all love you.

Oh..and ducks..geese..

Yep, I wanna be 10.  Again.  Forever.

What do you want to be when you grow up??

This 60 and 10/12th year old signing out..

Oh, by the way..have YOU  milked a cow lately?  On a little stool?  You's really fun. And you can cross that one off your bucket list..