Sunday, January 31, 2010

I am getting sooo old..

Watching the Grammy's..mostly because they have MY name..but they obviously didn't use's G.r.a.m.m.i.e, people.....geesh

I used to watch the Grammies Grammys and I sort of knew who was who..

Lada that an origami dress?

And I used to know what the words to the songs were...

'let's get it started..let's get it started..let's get it started..let's..' 

well you get the idea.

And I used to know that they were supposed to be songs..

Lonely rivers flow to the sea,

to the sea

to the open arms of the sea

lonely rivers sigh 'wait for me, wait for me'

I'll be coming home wait for me

[lyrics to Unchanged Melody - The Rightous Brothers..remember??}

And I used to know dancing when I saw it..

But, alas, I am getting old.

Mr. B said ..."Honey, we're just not their demographic.."

dem·o·graph·ic (dm-grfk, dm-)

adj. also dem·o·graph·i·cal (--kl)

Of or relating to demography.

A portion of a population, especially considered as consumers
So, I should change the title of this post from..

 "I'm getting sooo old.."

"I am soooo not their demographic.."

I miss the Beach Boys..



....yeaaaaahhh..I'm old, but I'm not unconcious....hubba hubba.. v 2.0

Saturday, January 30, 2010

How you don't want your fun book-party to end.. running your husband's great-big-white-love-of-a-pick-up-truck's back bumper into the front bumper of your neighbor's visitor's big-'ol-dusty-kinda-muddy-ugly Suburban front bumper..while you are innocently backing out of the driveway to go to Walgreen's..

..and having to hear"Well, good news! You are covered :-) They will have full coverage and it'll not cost to you, (read: we'll fix the 'ol Suburban bumper like..uh..when it was new..and when was that?)

{no, I don't have Gieco..I just like the Gecco-dude}
..however, You, being the one who had admitted 100 % fault ( kinda hard not to ..seeings how they were..uh..parked..and I was dri..driv..backing-up) YOU will need to pay the $500 deductible!....

 And aren't YOU glad you have purchased a gazillion dollars of insurance over the past 30+ years from us? Hey, that's what insurance is for..right?? :-) "

But, the party was fun..we had good eats (thank you Mr. B) Ham, laughing Cow Swiss cheese and onions, mild and Salt & pepper..Hmmm..creamy goodness...

Crunchy Asian Island salad (OK this was from a bagged mix)

Garlic infused crusty bread...

Colleen's Semi-Homemade (aka - Jello Decadent Chocolate Mousse with Coll-Whip ) parfaits..

..and of course...


Books...{and Brooks, our next store neighber..}

and laughter.

We discussed books, the over-use of the F-bomb in even sweet-looking books (seriously, is there not another less offensive way of expressing anger and frustration? Will 'golly-darn' no longer cut it??)

I read once that "profanity is the playground of the uneducated"..and it seems like there are a lot of word-smiths that have been at the playground lately..and on blogs..and on Facebook and in the music and film industry??

So anyway, a few of the books we discussed as being fun, good reads are Garden Spells, Julia's Chocolates, The Uglies, and of course, Twilight.

Mind you, I have not read them all..most are started and because of my ADHD are sitting at various spots around the house..

How was you very last January Saturday in 2010?

Have a great Sunday all of my Lovlies..

Yet another thing I don't get...( a re-run from 2007- but considering currrent mid-west conditions..?? Yeeaahh...)


Don't get me wrong here....I LOVE birds. All birds. Well, maybe not vultures so much.

OK, I love some birds. Some more than others. I guess that makes me fickle.

A fickle-bird lover. Not that I love fickle-birds....I'm not a "fickle-bird-lover"....but a fickle-
bird lover.....

Kinda like bugs. I'd like to think I'm not one who is soo impressed by looks, but I think I am...

I LOVE Ladybugs. And butterflies (flutterbys) and some caterpillars. But not so much spiders. Or beetles. Or, roaches. Ewwe. Can barely get my self to type the word..

..So I'm a fickle 'bird and bug lover'...and don't get me started on fish!

Anyway, the thing I'm so quizzical about is (is that a real word? Or one of mine..huh...I think it's real)

How the heck do the birds stay warm when I can't? They are outside. In the snow. With a high temperature of 28 degrees. With a wind chill of 6 degrees. AND, they are barefoot!

I have a heated home. Warm blankets. Coats. SHOES for heaven's sake.

They have....feathers.

And how much could a feather weigh??

And don't tell me it's what they eat -like bears who hibernate for 6 months and live off their fat...

I've NEVER seen a fat bird. Plump, maybe. And they eat like a thimble full of seeds.

They weigh about, oh, a few ounces. I have 9 pound beef roasts that can freeze in the freezer in a matter of hours. And the freezer is set at I think about 30 degrees?

I know, I know, I don't "do" math..and apparently not physics either.
Just more things I think about.....probably when I'm supposed to be thinking about something else....
Stay warm. Feed the birds.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Good reads...

This Saturday I am hosting a 'book club' of sorts. I have joined a site called House Party where you can sign-up to be chosen to have a get-together with friends and try new products, read new books and..well, I'll let them explain:

"A House Party is thousands of parties across the country hosted by people like you. Each even is sponsored by a leading brand and focuses on something cool that he sponsor wants it's best fans to experience firsthand and share with their friends."

I have done this once before when I had my Cookie Exchange sponsored by Land-o-Lakes butter and Ziplock - the sent containers for all my guests, tons of great recipe cards, coupons for discounts on was great!

Anyway, this time I applied for the book Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah.

They sent me 12 hardback books {!}, 2 of True Colors (her next book)

and an advanced copy of Winter Garden

So this Saturday, the 30th of January I and about 1,000 other hosts will be having a book party..mine will be with lunch served, talking about friendships {like in the book} and maybe even talking about our current favorite reads.

Wish you all could come. :-)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Have you ever met....

...a billionaire? A real billionaire? A female billionaire? No?

I did. Today. At work. And know what? She was nice. And kind. And looked into our eyes when she was introduced. And she

And she smiled and asked about our work..and she listened.

Imagine. And I wanna be just like her...when I grow up.

OK, so how was your day? Mine started out that a word?

I showered, shampooed and put "product" in my hair..and decided to look at the back of my hair with the hand mirror..something I should probably do all the time..

...or not.

Because what I saw confused me...I have while hair..short and rather straight. But what I saw

What the heck?

Yeah, it was my Really. PINK for goodness sakes.

I knew my hair was getting this, but this was ..weird.

So much for the old wives tales about cutting off your hair so it grows thicker. After all, I was bald..and it didn't come back thicker..

But this is ridiculous..

I need to go get some Preparation H...

No, it won't grow hair....

but it will shrink my scalp... so what I got fits better.....hahahahahahaa!

Ah, I crack me up.

{speaking about beautiful bald...hubba hubba)


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Different parts of my body..

..get tired at different times. eyes.

I can be awake in my brain and my body, but my eyes get so tired, I can't focus. Hard to read as much as I'd like to...

And my head...sometimes it's very heavy and it can't stay up by on a plane or waiting at the doctor's office..

My jaws.....ever get tired of chewing..but you're still hungry? too.

I think if all the parts ever got tired at the same time...

..I'd be in BIG trouble..

Now, go get some rest..all of you. You know allllll of YOU..


{she still scares me...}