Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Twesday Toy-let Tawk..

I've got to post in between my thoughts while in the Lady's room..

Anyway, another day..another stall..another thought.

We have a new toilet in the 3rd stall by the wall..and it really flushes! Like..SWOOOOSH..

{not our actual stalls}

Which as is really good thing 'cos for a while we had to do the whole "hold-the-handle-down-jiggle-the-flusher" thingy..

{not the actual 3rd stall seat..}

And some people get anxious the leave...

..and when one "drops the kids off at the pool" should really stay long enough to say good-bye..or at least to see that they've gone...gone..g.o.n.e. Geesh..


{not our actual employees}

Anyway..I'm off track.  So I'm enjoying the new potty, not only for it's tremendous swooshing-power, but because it's a little higher ..and I can swing my feet.  Doesn't take much I guess, huh?

{not me..but totally cute, right??}

So, while sitting and swinging..I look up at the only window in the room, in stall 3.. at the end of the wall..

And I think..."If  I need to escape, I can probably fit through the window..maybe.  It is a little high..and looks to be.. thick..

"So what do they use to break the window to escape the murderer" I asks me-self..

Looking around all I see is the toilet thin..then the icky-plunger-thingy..not strong enough.

Hmmmm..I think I may have to use the tank top..not like a tank top  from the 80's, silly.  The top of the  tank thingy..strong..cold..ceramic???

OK..I may have to think this one out a bit further.

In the meantime, I must work on being "bathroom-window-escape" size..

Wish me luck.


PS..this has nothing to do with this blog, but I  kinda like it..wonder .."is it available on Kindle??"

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bathroom Me

So, that title is probably misleading..but not really.  As I in the "library", I have some very random thoughts... {surprise, surprise right?}

So, you know how in the movies where the bad guys are looking for people in the bathrooms, they look  for feet on the floor, so the good guy stands on the toilet rim and hides? Successfully?

Yeah, well probably not so much for me.  If ever I had to hide in the bathroom, if I stood on the rim, I'd have to hunch over..and I'm not all that tall.

Then..I am as wide as the door {insert sad sad face here} so I'd not only have to stoop, but turn sideways so they couldn't see me in the spaces on the either side of the door..

And I am also I imagine that may be a bit noisy if I was to do "bathroom acrobatics" ..

Well..I guess the bad guys would win and I'd be a goner....When they stopped laughing..


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

..and now for some GOOD NEWS!!

Sister Gerri of the Arizona Order of the SullivanSisters {a non-religious order of "sisters"} is getting heard right..married!

After a long lifetime of not finding "Mr. Right"..she finally found him and his last name is not "Right" at all but "Riley"..{ the Mr. is the same though...}

Ah yes..a fine Irish name..and a fine find for Gerri who but almost gave up on the idea of finding him, when all the time, he was in her very neighborhood..

His wife had passed, Gerri had moved back from Arivaca after our brother passed..and it was just in the meet again after actually being neighbors a long time ago {the kind of neighbors where you have the same horse shoe-er (farrier) and a tip of the hat as one passed on the street}

Well, a few BBQ's and early morning horse rides later, he asked her for her hand in marriage...

Pretty amazing..he's in the "just-past-prime" of his life..a young 75..and she's an amazingly young 68.

{as if any of the Order of the SullivanSisters ever acted their ages!!}

 we were "X-treme" midgets for sure...
Ella was a great referee..

Second chapters..great read!

So, Mr. B and I are going on a road trip to the wedding, being held in his back yard, with family & friends & horses & dogs & Irish food..and of course, Irish drinks..what would you expect when the date of the wedding is St. Patrick's Day!?

As the youngest of the SullivanSisters..a little fact that I remind them of almost daily, it does my heart good to know she will be spending the rest of her life with one she loves and he with his love..and they will ride in the mornings as long as the good Lord sees fit..and their legacy of  "dreams do come time" will resonate with their combined children and grandchildren.

Ain't life GRAND??


Monday, February 4, 2013

I'm thinking...

In my opinion, Joan Crawford was wrong.

Wire hangers DO have their place.  I love my wire hangers and use them for good...not evil.  Like opening a locked car door {if the car is mine..uh huh..} and fishing out wadded up TP before the "great flood"...bending for cute paper mache animals..and hanging clothes.


We live in an old-er home..and I say old-er because it was born { built } the same time I was.  And people must not have had very many clothes then...I know I didn't....and/or they must have been shorter..again, as was I.

Take the closets...small...not deep..not shelf above the wooden rod.  Not even enough room to "re-do".

And, I'm pretty sure Joan didn't have plastic hangers, so I'm thinking she was thinking "wood" but I think I can't really say with any certainty what she was thinking..I think, don't you?

I mean, of course you "think" ..but about the wood/plastic hanger debate thingy?

Anyway, you put a few of those thick, plastic hangers or the really-nice-but-wooden ones in ..and well everything else is totally smooched.

And... I have heard that your hanging clothes need to "breathe"..although I find that rather creepy.  I can just see my nice t-shirt huffing and puffing as I put it on..ick..

So, just wanted to give a little nod to the much-maligned wire hanger.

That's all.


Friday, February 1, 2013 elephant in a rain're welcome

Seriously.   I received 2 emails from 2 very far apart places, from 2 people who don't know each other..but both know me. 

Both of them inquiring on my state of well being.  Both sweeties who were concerned because they have noticed my absence from any communications for almost a year. What are the odds?  

And am I lucky or what?  To have wonderful "friends" from all over not only thinking about me but taking time out of their very busy lives to ask about mine?


So, yeah..lots of things..some good..some not so good..mostly good..some super good..some crummy..but mostly good..

Way too much to get into one just so you know..I'm back.

Maybe not as often as before {darn Pinterest and FaceBook!}..but back.

So..have a fun week-end and get some rest and eat your veggies, floss, brush & wash and,  know that I love and appreciate each & every one of you!