Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Beat the Blogger-Blues with the new and improved....


{Sister Kathleen of the Order of the SullivanSisters found this hat and said she thought of me..WTFlip?}

Now we have the technology (and the technicolor) to make these slump-busting-blogger hats available to the public!

But wait, for just the processing fee of $19.95, you can add these Funk-a-delik shades! They come with a complete instruction booklet on how to go from "Blue" to "Cool", from "Flobby to Funky" in one easy step! Okay..maybe a two-step for you..

Also included, the "vogue" CD track by Madonna, which will show you how to "vogue,vogue,vogue" in her words.

With the Slump-Buster hat, you can be a strong Irish-Viking warrior.. or a BigBaadButt on a Harley..

Possible Side Effects:

Some people experienced loud laughter, fits of hysteria, screams from babies and small children.

Must be used externally only.

May trigger unleashed aggression in some viewers.

Wearing the Slump-Buster hat in highly-humid climates, especially the shower, may cause "limp horn-dysfunction" otherwise known as "LHD"

If LHD lasts more than 4 hours, seek a drier climate and do not consult a physician ( he may refer you to a psychiatrist)

After all, you do want to be seen as horny- right??

Fishy-kisses to everyone!

-me ....and my alter-ego, Labhaoise {Irish for warrior maiden}-

Yeah..that's what I'm talkin' about!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Excuses for not having anything to blog about..


Hmph. I got nuthin'...

Seriously..not a thing..

I think I'm depressed about Farrah and Michael and Billy and Ed..

It's a lot of people either close to my age or just a little older..dang.

I really don't want to live forever, and they probably didn't either..but still...it makes one think...

I really want NOT to waste any precious time..but I need to work. Would love to see everything I can see..but I need to work to make the money to do that.

It's that "inner fight"..

I really am pretty satisfied to be an armchair traveler, but then I feel badly about "watching" instead of "living"..

And I'm in a constant state of tired, but I fight sleep 'cos I don't want to miss anything.

I want to eat..to taste everything and enjoy food and make my mouth happy..but I am feeling and looking better by not eating as much as I normally would like to.

I want to go and to and play and be silly and be with family and be alone and be meditative and relax and not think but not waste anytime of what my thinking-cap could do..

I want to be 5 and 16 and 30 and 65..and 83..

I want wisdom and grace..and to act like a child and swing on a swing..

I want to craft and make art and spend every minute with my love and not be in another room..or disconnected from what he's saying or doing..but I want to loose myself in my art...

I want to walk barefoot and dance in high heels..and squish warm mud between my toes..and have ballet slippers.in pink..with ribbons..

I'm a mess.

WaaWaa - what a baby.

I know..I REALLY know how blessed I am..so it's just once in a while this little inner-child brat comes out.

How about you? You in a slump?


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hello? Yes, we do have a line.....do you have a reservation??

Seating is limited..however, if you'd like to wait on the roof, or maybe at the "bar" (hahaha.. I crack me up sometimes..bar..get it..the pole is like a bar??..oh, never mind..

Anyway, as you can see, our feeder is getting plenty of traffic..even had one big 'ol bully-bird there..

"Look over there! He's HUGE! No. Don't look!...Just keep eating..don't make eye contact..we don't want any trouble.."

"nomnomnom..good seeds, huh? nom nom nom..Let's get outta here.."
(do birds smack their lips..ah..beaks?? Hmmm..)

"heh heh heh..gets 'em every time..now I got da place to me-self.."

"Geesh! Hey Lard-Butt.. ever heard of a salad ??"

Braxton, as usual, is quite unimpressed. Quite bored actually..thinks he shall take a nap..it's one of the things he does soooo well :-)

PS- They're having an adorable give-away at:

Go enter!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Get it? Badda....bing.

So on our walk this morning we took some great photos of....stuff.

Plain old telephone pole, right??


....it a picture of a mercat!

Hmm...what? you don't turn on your head when looking at things?

Rust. Truck rust. Flatbed truck rust. Cool rust. Cool..

"Grab the chickens in Mable, we're getting weather!"

"Morning reflections"
..I think that's supposed to have a deeper meaning...

Snapdrgons or Sweetpeas? I always get those 2 mixed up..

Wooden fence. White. Chippy. Love it.

..chain link fence dressed up in yellow..good color on it..see Junior?
Here kitty, kitty..

Graveyard for appliances.

"Rust in piece(s)."

Do you spot the deer in the photo below?

Me neither.

But he was there yesterday. I didn't have my camera when he was there, so you'll just have to use your imagination..isn't he magnificent??

Same flowers. Same question: sweetpeas or snapdragons?

..have a fun day or 2 this week-end.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Now, the greatest of all the visit...love, family, trust, personified in photos..

Through the years...

..always the four of us...

He wore this shirt just for me...breast cancer pink.. "Real cowboys wear pink.."

Big brother extrodinaire..

He drives his red tractor through the small town of Arivaca on the Fourth of July with the little girls on the "float"...and of course, his American flag...

His tractor, like all of us, worn & tired..missing a few parts...

This is just where he should be..in his home, in his beloved Arizona..good books..good light..good wine..

Driving him for radiation in Tucson..his remarkable, strong hands, looking much like our Father's..

One of his favorite roles..that of "Grandpa"..

..and that of brother..

The three Sullivans -(before I was even a twinkle in my Father's eye...)

Keep fightin' Larry. We're all behind you whispering..

"ride, Larry, ride...."