Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Thunder..., I'm not talking about my thighs in shorts..uh..I don't wear shorts..

Nope, I mean the thunder storms that roll through this time of know....summer.

When I was a kid in Arizona, I remember some summers that had terrific storms every afternoon  about 4-ish {maybe that's why 4pm is my favorite hour of the day..? Hmmm}

{My brother Larry, teaching me to shoot in Arizona}

Anyway, the air was electric..the heat a tad bit lower as the clouds covered the burning sun..and then the show began..

Lightening, clouds claps of thunder, cooling rain..

Also the gully washers....seems Tucson Arizona wasn't built to withstand some of those cloud bursts..I remember our house on Stone Avenue looking like river-front property with all the rain rushing through..

But, scary as it was..I loved the storms.  Looked forward to the cool {although brief}  change of temperature..

{Me & Kathy - on the ranch outside of Tucson- circa 1956}

Sometimes the storms were so angry, branches were torn off the trees and usually someone didn't respect the power or the warnings are were either stuck in a once dry wash or more seriously, struck by lightening.

The smells after the storm? wonDerFuL!  The Palo Verdes, the Pepper trees, the scrub brush..all the scents of the desert..even the hay and the alfalfa..

So what brought all this up this morning?  There's a storm headed in today..and it's already 79 degrees, overcast and wonderful.

 It looks gray, feels like childhood..and I love it.

Isn't it wonderful what triggers those sweet memories?  What summer memories are you experiencing this summer?  Hope they bring a smile to your heart..


Monday, June 28, 2010

What's your "threat level"?

You know, when things kinda get outta hand?

Like you think some things can only get so messed up that you laugh..because you know the only other alternative is...chocolate......... or mojitos?

Or Chocolate Mojitos?

Where the boss comes out and says..
"It's exhausting being on Orange Alert.. all.the.time.."

{If this were OUR chart of "completely-flubbed-up-Monday"..}

Just out of the "safe" zone..but not completely in the "danger " zone..?? was like that..both for being an employee and a mother..

Things just seem to go along well, then one sneezes..or blinks or does both at the same time..

Hey, did you know it's next to impossible to sneeze and keep your eyes open?  Try it..can't be done..

How do I know this?  Just trust me..

{has to do with pulling into a gas station and sneezing and hitting the accelerator....bye- gones..}

So, well, we made it through one day and tomorrow we get to do it all again...but things always look better in the light of a new day..right??

OK, maybe not everything..

..but mostly, right??

OK, OK, but by afternoon, things should be looking' up..


So..for now...keep looking up.............and hope you don't trip on some darned toy left on the sidewalk...


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Good weather, good company, good bargains..

First, the weather:  Warm leaning towards hot..but cool as a Popsicle inside thanks to the air conditioner we are fortunate enough to have..

The company? Mr. B and the pups..I love spending time with them and while we worked outside in the yard, the pups sun bathed..just being together, working, getting stuff was great..

OK, now for the good bargains:

a great "train case" for my watercolors - I will "dress it up" and make it my own..can't wait!

2 art cabinets - complete with..

..lots of supplies in every drawer..

These Salt & Pepper cuties..

This is actually platter size..hUGe..

and kinda plate  platter..

Mystery bag..a whopping $.50 :-)

These are some l.o.n.g zippers..wonder what they were used for..

These are like crocks..but not "crocs"..but in the olden days..crocks., crocks..that's fun to type..

So, another Monday is on it's way..and I am happy I have a job..there are soo many that want to work, but have been displaced..

But I still long for a shorter work-week and a longer week-end..

One can wish..

Have a good one, okay?

Friday, June 25, 2010

A little somethin' somethin' to make your mouth happy..

Home-grown strawberries {not from MY home..oh neighbor Jenny's home}

and hand picked by Oliver and/or Braham..

Sweet & juicy..the strawberries, not Oliver and/or Braham..although they are very sweet little boys..

So, I toasted some Angel food cake..yes, in the makes it tastes sorta like toasted marshmallows..


Anyway, I sliced the home-grown-sweet-and-juicy strawberries, toasted the Angel food cake, plopped on some Fat Free Cool Whip... and..

MY mouth was happy....

Low fat, relatively low calorie and many happy bites..what could be better??

OK, I guess if I grew them myself.. that's gunna happen..

Have a fun Saturday and expect a wonderful you'll get it..


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thought you might want to see a Zumba class..

This is not my class..but it is my teacher.  She does this class on Tuesday & my classes are on Wednesday and Sunday..

Now remember, we do this to many different songs, for the entire hour with just enough time in between to get a sip of water..really!!

This is Waka Waka by Shakira for the World Cup Soccer in Africa..LOVE this song!

And if you have a minute, here's another one of our favorites:

So, with this help and Weight Watchers, I am going from this... this..

..and I'm still not done!

Soooo, you'll be seeing less and less of me...hopefully!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I love you guys..seriously..

really..I do.

Just tonight, I got home from a particularly l.o.o.o.n.g. day and was surprised to find a rather large box that the lovely and talented Mailman had delivered..

{I actually don't know our mailman, but the Universe of Colleen, all mailmen are talented and lovely..Kinda like the "Stepford Post Office"}

So, I had received earlier in the week an email asking for my address from Laurie of  ({who just happens to be having a wOndERfuL give away RIGHT NOW!} sent me a package..

But oh no..not just an ordinary package..this package made me squeal with delight and surprise, then reading her words on the card, brought tears to my eyes {and I think even Mr. B had some moisture in his eyes}

So you wanna see what brought such delight?

OK.. Laurie..for me...

Yes.. That is Ella Ireland !

Barring even Ella for a moment, is that not the prettiest, most amazing piece of artwork you've seen??

I mean, the ribbon embroidery, the pearl trims, the colors and the laces..


And to say "thank you" just doesn't seem big enough..

But those words are from my the hugest way ..humongous..ginormous..

Laurie, you are amazing and I am so very fortunate ..

to you all, for you all..

many tanks..