Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ah..the smell of success...

..yep. Another 3.8 lbs. down this week. And, I guess the smell of that success is as good as....

..when I drove up to the house after work, the smell of BACON whiffed through the neighborhood.

I got out of the car and smiled as I closed my eyes and just....inhaled.

Smiling. Standing there, keys dangling from my hand. Smiling and smelling...Mmmm...one of my very favorite smells...scents...aromas....

Then the realization hits me.....(cue the music from "Psycho") yink yink yink...iT's CoMIng FroM mY kITcHEn!!!!
Oh-dear-Ethel-Meman-in-Heaven...that sweet, salty, FATTY smell is coming from my house.
I walk in. Shake my head..is it true?? Did someone make......bacon and eggs for dinner???

Yep. Yeppers. Affirmative. Youbetcha. uh huh. Yes. that would be a positive.

What are you people thinking???? And me going to Weight Watchers ...TONIGHT??
Oh, did I mention the sesame bread, cut thick and toasted, then slathered with ReAL ButTer??

Then, further dressed in pure strawberry jam???

I shout..."Your high calorie-extra-crisp-buttery-Super Powers have NO effect on me!!"

Then I take my egg-beaters, non fat cheddar-cheese-like substance and make an omelet, with 2 thin slices of extra-fiber (!) dry-as-a-popcorn-fart bread, toasted (to try to breathe some life into it) and spread on sugar-free preserves. Salsa. Yes, Salsa. It can make even the most pitiful dish say "Ole"!


Well, it tries to anyway.

I have to admit, not a bad dinner-like-substitute after all. But someone had better toss those pan drippings out. I might just have to save some for my green-beans...or my roasted veggies..I wonder what my high-fiber bread would be like spread with bacon grease?
Yeah, well, sometimes it sucks to be me.

-me (artwork by Lowell Herrero - isn't it just too cute..??)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall in Colorado..

..only I live in Utah, duh.


OK, my daughter in Colorado sent me some of the most beautiful fall photos form Colorado and I couldn't stand to just enjoy them myself.

So, being the big hearted person that I am (and not really having a lot to write about on a regular Monday workday) I thought to myself..

"Self, here's some great pictures to share! And, you can be magnanimous at the same time! (I have always wanted to call myself "magnanimous"..that sounds so totally cool!)

So, in my most magnanomous, big hearted way, may I present ...

"Colorado" by April (and God)..

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bath time for Braxton...

..actually...it was a shower.

Yeah. It's a funny story.

I was in the shower and Braxie usually curls up on the bathmat waiting for me. He was there when Mr. B walked by the hallway looking for him. When he saw him there, he was teasing..

"Hey, little Buddy, wanna take a shower with Mommy? haha"
I heard this and said "Why not"?"

"The puppy shampoo is under the sink in the white bottle with the red label....just get me that and give him to me.."


"Yeah, I keep it under the sink all the time.."

"No, not about the shampoo...about Braxie?"

"Let's try.."
As he handed him into me, he was a bit apprehensive ...Mr. B...well, OK and Braxie.
As I held him I slowly put him under the soft sprinkles of our shower head - we have one of those big ones that sprinkle softly in a big area - he was fine.
Mr. B helped me get the shampoo on him and he was holding on tight to me, but not really upset.

We finished "our" shower and I handed Braxie off to his Daddy who had a huge, soft towel ready to wrap him up in.

He dried off fluffy and clean, and I did too. Well, not quite as fluffy as he, but just as clean anyway.

So, maybe instead of the cold porcelain sink, we may use this method for Braxie.

After, he was exhauted. Resting warmly under the quilt, he dozed.

Sweet dreams, Braxie...
"Hey Lulu...wanna shower??"...

"I can still see you even if you're hiding your eyes....

Nah, wouldn't try this with Lulu the Princess Warrior if my life depended on it...she has no sense of humor...


Saturday, September 27, 2008

....again, I thank you, and, I'm "in the Pink"..

I have decided to join a fun on-going event that some of you know about called "Pink Saturday".

It was an idea born out of the desire to have something pretty and "pink" on those Saturday posts when we're weary from the week.
Beverly at http://howsweetthesound.typepad.com/my_weblog/ was the "brains" behind this pinky-project.

So, albeit a late, here's my offering for my first "Pink Saturday" (I'll be on-time next week.....promise!)

I felt this was fitting for today..we went to little Jack's memorial service. It was beautiful, incredibly sad, but joyful for the remembrances of his sweet 15-month life.

I was so proud of my co-worker, Jack's Daddy, who spoke so softly and beautifuly of his little boy.

Without really knowing you Jack, you have touched my life...

This book, if you have never read it, really is a daybook of comfort and joy.

I keep it out and refer to it often. It's set up in days, but most of the time I just let it fall open and it's the perfect reading for my needs.

This is a small drawer I "rescued" from a rubbish heap - it holds a funny 50's book on the "joys of ironing"....

...I think it was written in a foreign language with words like "ironing board" and "starch" and "sprinkler-bottle"...??

I can certainly see from this photo I need to add some beautiful decorative paper to the inside of the drawer. You can't see it, but the drawer-pull is a sweet little white knob with pink flowers .

So, there you have it. My first installment of "Pink Saturday"...thanks for stopping by.


Friday, September 26, 2008

Hello and thank you all..

...It's been a rough week, month, and year. Our faith has been tested but it endures. Our family has had some challenges, but nothing in comparison to that of my friend loosing his child.

I know there are Angels around me and they are guiding me and have led me to all of you, all over the world, who listen, laugh and cry with me...and celebrate with me. Who gave me a shoulder to cry on, who spurred me on to try to be funny in the face of despair.

This blog has been my therapy, my friend, my outlet. And, without it, I would never have known all of you.

Thank you for the love and wonderful prayers sent to complete strangers, and to your support of me in my sad times as well as joyful times..

Thank you for taking the time to drop a line to me - it means more than you know.

We are attending the funeral of the baby of my co-worker tomorrow. Mr. B. and my Mother-in-Law, Evelyn are going with me - so support me and to show love and care for a young, grieving family.

This is just one more "gift" I have been given. And I have been given much...

So, as a wee token of my thanks, I wanted to share a collage that may make you smile and enjoy this wonderful, chaotic, terrifying, silly life I have been given.

I truly do love you all-


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No silly post tonight - tragic hapenings at work

"An Angel in the book of life wrote down your baby's birth,
and whispered as she closed the book,
"Too beautiful for Earth."

One of my co-workers lost his 15 month old son in a horrible accident. We all need time to get our minds around this.
Please join me in praying for this young family.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

There things in life that stink...(yes, I found THAT post!!)

...and we have all come across those. And we all hate those. ucky..ucky..blah blah

That's not what I'm writing about tonight. I am writing about ....smells.

Hopefully good smells. But what's good to one nose may not be good to another..

Take room fresheners. I don't like the phony-rose smelling ones. Or the pine tree ones. Although I love the smell of roses. And pine trees.

But they have managed to "bottle" the smell of fresh laundry. And...it smells like...fresh laundry.

I wish they made it a lotion or cologne. I'd wear it all the time.

Mr. B is not a fan. I can't imagine why. But then, he likes the smell of beer...and I, not so much.

I have a candle that I never light. Don't want to have it be "all-gone".
So, I take it in my hand and sniff it..love the smell. It's hard to explain, but it reminds me of the Catholic Church when I was a child. Somehow, it comforts me.

Skunks. One of the yucky smells you say? Oh yes. Most definitely. But every time I smell a skunk, it reminds me of a very wonderful time in our lives, living in a double-wide about 100 yards off of a beautiful river in Colorado. We had skunks under the trailer. Yep. Nice, huh.

But to this day, I get the whiff of a skunk and it make me smile.

So, what smells remind you of a good time, of fresh laundry, or of security and hope? Let me know. I'd like to take a sniff.

-me ........ Psssst..I lost another 2.8 lbs making the total so far.....9.8 !!!! (wish is was 98...but I'll get there..insert a big 'ol smile here :-)

Monday, September 22, 2008

I know you think you know what I meant..

..but I'm not sure if I did.

That was my Monday.

We've been busier than usual and sometimes I get my tang tungled. Tongue tangled. I can't speak...

Well, I can speak, but I say the wrong words right...... the words I am using correctly are not the words I meant to say..

Confused? Yeah, me too.

I feel an example is needed here.

OK, so when someone give a DNA sample to a research foundation for research, and a foundation being a foundation and all, they don't release private information.

Your "donation" is, and here's where I get into trouble on the phone, anonymous.

And I know that.

But what comes out of my mouth when I am explaining the whole DNA-retrieval system (don't get me started) is that " your donation is, of course, unanimous.

So, the person on the phone is silent....thinking about what I just said....unanimous...

"Are all the researcher's in the same opinion on my sample?? They're unanimous?? "

"No, sorry....."

"You mean they aren't unanimous in their findings????"

"No, that's not what I meant to say..."


"OK , your results have been given to the fouondation...ah..unan..ah..anono.....uh...without your name.

"Oooh, you mean..... anon·y·mous·ly !!"


So, I'm going to put this up on my cubicle wall:


1 : not named or identified 2 : of unknown authorship or origin 3 : lacking individuality, distinction, or recognizability



1 : being of one mind : agreeing 2 : formed with or indicating unanimity : having the agreement and consent of all — unan·i·mous·ly adverb

What words do you have problems spitting out???

Have a good Tuesday and mean what you say and say what you mean...and if in doubt...pretend like there's a bad phone connection and you can't understand what they're saying!!

"wha?? I can't hear yo..can you hea me? ello? We mus ha a bad conn ec tion?"


Sunday, September 21, 2008

..so, OK, then it was off to our home...

...to see what Mr. B was up to.

You could smell it from the driveway. And not is a bad way...(gotta love a man that cooks!)
...he "sears" the meat first and the spices get all hot and aromatic...then roasts it in a slow oven..so the smell "gets ya" all day long!

A sirloin roast, in the oven, sprinkled with whatever concoction he puts on it to make me think of good times with good food and good friends.

Rachael's birthday was on Monday the 15th, and we usually see them on Saturdays. So, last Saturday, we said "Why don't we have a little cook-out to celebrate your birthday...ah..late??"

She said "OK"
..and so the plan was set into motion.

Mr. B said, "well, why don't we invite Jenny, Brooks and the boys over?"

I said "That'll be good...we should ask Rachael's parents, Pam & Steve..."

"Yeah, we haven't seen them in quite a while..it'll be fun and I can always throw another burger on the grill.."
"OK - great, now let's see - Grandma Evelyn, Jeff & Rachael, Steve & Pam, Jenny, Brooks, Brahm and Oliver and you & me..ummm..how about Sacha from work?"

"No problem. We've got plenty of room - we can always set up another table outside.."

Seems we let everyone know, maybe with the exception of Mother nature. Rain in the forcast for Saturday.

Change in plans - the simple cook-out turned inside- and why serve hamburgers if you can't grill them...and why have just anything when you have good friends and family coming over..and one thing led to another..and another..and .....this is the result -(and oh, by the way, no rain. Nope. Nada. )



Beef roast w/ Horseradish Sauce

Loaded Smashers



Mixed Veggies (straight from Sacha's garden!)

Sesame Bread

Cherry Yogurt Pie

Key Lime Yogurt Pie


The kids brought these flowers they picked for us on their drive from their home..

I don't know why I didn't take photos of the food- I usually do - I think I was too hungry to take the time to take pictures!

Grandma Evelyn found this darling "cake" that was actually a combo of white cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes! They were a big hit...they smelled good..heavy sigh...

It looked better before the rush was on to get a cupcake - I finally yelled "STOP! I don't have a picture of it!"

I said "lean in and act like you like each other..

Jeff & Rachael - and Brahm...

Steve & Pam...and Brahm..

Grandma Evelyn & Sacha...hey where's Brahm??

Oh, here he is..with Oliver trying to give himself bunny-ears..

(and, no, that's not a beer on their table..Cream Soda..yeah, you know you were thinking it was beer..you totally were..ah huh)

Jenny was out of town, so I told Mr. B and Brooks to "act like you like each other"..

Oh, and then Sacha grabbed my camera and said
.."So, act like you like each other "
which is an easy thing for us to do...
Have a great week and maybe you can figure out the mystery of how, when trying to put away the left-overs, the amount of food to put back in seems like more, even when you've feed everyone and sent home "doggie bags" ??

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wow! What a Saturday!

Most Saturdays I'm pretty ...uh...laid-back..horizontally-gifted, domestically-challanged..you know ..LaZy....

Not so much today. Lots going on. More than what I usually have on the "list" for a month...

Our town is one years older that it was this time last year (hmmmm..I am too...) ....and that calls for a celebration.

That, and the fact it was Daughter-in-Law Rachael's-almost-one-week-late birthday.

So, the park on Main Street put on a celebration and the house on Main Street did too.

A few shots of the park's celebration.. (I'll share the dinner party in tomorrow's post..I'm pooped!)

Lots of people showed up on this beautiful Saturday..

Hey, I know these three , Grandma Evelyn, Jeff & Rachael..

Mmmmm Root Beer Floats..(or Brown Cows as Mother used to call them..)

Happy young man cooking happy hamburgers (he's happy because although sunny, it was still cool & crisp)

Mmmmmm..pies and carrot cake (isn't that a vegetable on Weight Watchers? NO??)

Rock & Roll band...

Beautiful (expensive) old cars..


Looks like he's growling..Grrrrr!

Stiletto heals??


...and a Madonna "bullet-bra"?

Beautiful hood ornaments...

She's got it....

She shoots.....

" She SCORES !!! "

You could definitely put some junk in these trunks..

Dick Tracy called.....

......he wants his car back...

Port holes? On a car??

I guess..when it's a Thunderbird..hey, are they water-fowl??

Maybe they meant Thunderduck..

Oh yeah, Prince called...he wants back his...

"Little red corvette.... Baby you're much 2 fast.... Little red corvette ...
U need a love thats gonna last ..."

This would look so good one me...

So, then it was on to the dinner party - Jeff & Rachael, Rachael's parents, Steve &Pam, Brooks and the boys, Brahm & Oliver, my friend (and boss) Sacha, Grandma Evelyn Mr. B & me...

Tune in tomorrow for......The Rest of the Story...