Saturday, May 30, 2009

If it's must be estate sales....

Now I used to say that about yard/garage sales. But what I am looking for has I want retro and old, well loved items, not just someone else's cast-off gifts, or change-of-mind stuff..

So I look for estate on Friday and try to get to some on Saturdays. I'm usually home by ten..

Half of me thinks it's the "thrill of the hunt"...and the other half thinks it's a little creepy..then the last half thinks they would be happy to see some of their prized possessions were going to someone who would really like them..and the other half thinks one day someone will be going through my stuff like that..

See? Creepy, huh? Told ya.

Anyway, today was a fun one - with a total of 3 to be's what I found.. Oh, camera's battery must be going, even though it appears to be fully charged, these photos and some that I took at the graduation last week are sort of the old 70's photos..

Got some great old rulers..all of them are different...well, I mean they have the same 12 numbers and all..but they look different..

This is a cute teensy jar..with some artificial flowers..

I have no idea what this is...but it was only a dollar!

This is not old but a reproduction, but it's really cute - its a book-purse ..

Then I found a whole shoebox with all these darling patterns from the 40's and 50's and 60's..

Cute, huh?

These were actually found in Colorado last week-end - and yes, the "cookie" and "cracker" tins are not new, but I love that enamel ware..the mugs are well as the plate..there's also a claw-thingy fro the garden that I am having Mr. B drill a hole through the wooden part of the handle so I can run a pretty satin ribbon, hand it on the wall for necklaces ..and he thinks the other thingy is a ravioli cutter? It looks like a fat tracing wheel used in sewing..but it too fat..

Anyway, that's my day. Thunderstorms and hot tea in the evening..

How was your day??

Have a great Sunday :-)


Friday, May 29, 2009

It's Niday Fright..

..and it seems like it's been a l-o-n-g week. And it's only been 4 days. Well, for working anyway. The week actually had the required 7 days to be a week..

I think I've been going through my second {or really my first} childhood lately. Maybe it's been the drawing in the sketchbook..or wanting to color..or being exposed to those cute 3rd. graders..

I read a quote that I will have to paraphrase here 'cos I don't remember who said it or even where I heard (or read) it, but it stuck..

"When I used to read the obituaries about someone elderly passing, I'd say "Well, they've had a good long life.." .. now that I'm getting up there in years, I don't seem to take that stance so much.."

Hmm..makes you think, huh? Well, it made me think. About some things I'd like to do.

Like swing..

No, not the "lifestyle"..gross..

Not the dancing, although now that I've said that, I really would like to learn how to swing dance..

I mean "swing" as in what I have in the park not a half a block down from my house.


As in set.
And not in the heat of the day or when I'd have to fight off little ankle-biters. And their Moms..

I'd like to swing in the very early morning...just when dawn is breaking and the birds are waking up. Singing in the azure blue morning....the birds, not me..well, maybe me..

I want to swing higher and higher and lean my head back and close my eyes and take flight..

I want to feel that fresh morning air on my face..then go back and start my grown-up life of laundry and dusting and having a job....

And you know what? There is not a single thing stopping me..I'm going to swing..

and close my eyes..

and take flight..

and hear those birds sing..

and see the sunrise.

Just wait - I'll tell you all about it. Better yet, find a swing and have yourself a go at it.

and tell me about it..


Thursday, May 28, 2009

I've gone back to the "drawing board"...

Anyone who knows me knows I have this "craft-of-the-moment" mentality. So right now, I've put aside the Chinese brush painting (for a minute) and started sketching ..something I can do while on the couch in the living room with Mr. B and the pups..

And now for something really neat to watch - on the right sidebar.... reminds me of the cartoon kid (Sherman, Mr. Peabody's pet-boy assistant) that used to say "And now for something really important.."

I LOVE LOVE LOVE video - watch the whole'll be happier than before you watched, I promise! Right there >>>

See it?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I think I'm like that book "The Accidental Tourist" only I'm like the "Accidental Drawer", that's not right..not DRAWER like in a chest of drawers..but a sketcher-drawer..anyway, I can't seem to do the head - or the hair- or a body ..and sometimes it starts out as a lady and has ended up as an old man..the giraffe started out to be a horse..go figure..

So what's "drawing" you lately??

Give it a "whirl"...(love that video!! Go watch it...again...seriously..)


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ahh, yes, the bus ride....

As you may remember, I was invited (aka - volunteered) to go on the last field trip of the 3rd. grade year with Emily and her class..

...on a bus.. downtown Denver.

A crowded, smelly, 35-kid and 7 adult-packed bus...

The teacher said cheerily "Remember, 3 to a seat! :-) " bumm counts for 2 third graders, right??

Luckily for us, it was sunny but no too hot of a day.

But first, I needed and about 4 other parent-like-people were to meet the day prior to the trip to discuss the "no bathrooms on the walk - only in the train station"

"There'll be trains??"

"No - just the station..where they can go potty..with adult supervision..of the same gender.."

"But, what if I have a....boy?? Can I choose who I get to take with me?? And how many will I have to have, I mean, how many do I get??

"Any other questions? Anyone? Anyone? Buhler? Buhler??"

"But, I want all I get to pick??"

"Mrs. Blake. you WILL get Emily.."

"But how many do I get??"

"Oh, and keep them out of the water.."

"They'll be water?? Where? In the train station? What water??"

"The creek..don't let them fall in the creek..or get wet.."

"Wait, what..they may fall into the creek?? Aren't they 3rd. graders? Don't they know better??"

"Any one ELSE have questions? No? Then here's your homework - read the materials so you'll be able to answer their questions.."

"Wait - there'll be .....questions?? About Denver?? But I don't live in Den......."

"Just read your homework and you'll be okay

"No one said there'd be homework...."

"Oh, and there will be NO SHOPPING.."


"Yes, you'll be passing a lot of stores, but no shopping. And you must bring a lunch - completely disposable lunch - no stopping by Starbucks for coffee.."

"Starbucks is NOT shopping - it''s......nutritional first aid.."

"Oh yes, and there'll be must check-in at the checkpoints..and do you all have bandages??"

" There'll be injuries?? To be bandaged?? And no shopping? And no Starbucks?? And checkpoints?? Who's big idea was this anyway...??"

So it goes...and I got my 3 girls, Jada, Kathryn and Emily (Sparkle, Rose and Pearl - their "model" names) I was "Miss Palm".. an ode to the cute twin-sweater set I was wearing....oh la la..

While all the others were learning about architecture and history (booooring..) we were modeling for the paparazzi (me) and talking to tourists (one from Germany) and "window shopping"

..hey, no one said we couldn't LOOK...and being all kinds of sweet and polite and friendly (the model's credo...along with.. "Stop to smell the flowers!"...) and being examples of perfect posture..."We're walking..we're walking.."

Is it time for our "bag-lady-lunch" yet?? Okay, find a spot in the park..Jada..leave the poor man alone..he's sleeping (I hope)..

"Don't worry about the pigeons - it's been said if a bird poops on you, it's LUCKY!"

"No, you can't go find a bird to poop on you...just sit down and eat - let's go look at the statues..DO NOT CLIMB ON THE STA...okay, okay, yes everyone else IS climbing..go ahead.."

"No one wants to eat with one likes me..they're all mean to me...she's rude...I don't wanna play..leave me alone...I don't like the bus..I wanna go home..I'm hot...I'm starting to be sweaty..I need to go potty.."

"Grammie, you have to take the bus, you came with us..OKAY??!!?"

"Okay, Emily. But next time, you'll take PaPa, right??"


Just wait, you too will be a victim {I mean a volunteer-grandparent} one of these days..


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Can this place BE any more beautiful??

I guess it's in what you're looking at..or for. There is such beauty in the world and when one gets to see it, close and for real, it's just amazing.

Of course I'm speaking about the beautiful Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado, where Bear Creek High School held the 2009 graduation ceremony.
Yes, it has come a long way since gyms and/or football fields!

The climb up was {almost} exhausting..but the view more than made up for it.

Alan, Alyssa's boyfriend, said his soccer team used to practice running up and down the stairs (many many of them) several times.

Well good for you, oh-young-and-strong-one.

I'm just happy I didn't have a heart attack this one time. Cheeky kid. (not really, he was very nice..)
It almost took out Gerri and I when we went for coffee - from where we were sitting, up with the eagles and clouds, it really didn't look that far down.. and DOWN wasn't the problem..

...up was. We huffed and puffed and still looked as though we were going to croak right there on the stone steps..

But we didn't. And we then worked up quite an appetite for the Thai food we had as a group (everyone, not just Gerri and I..although we probably could be classified as a, not so much anymore. She's lost a ton (not really a ton per se) and what's really maddening is that she's NOT trying. Well, she's trying my nerves, but you know how that goes.)
So she's all tanned ................and she colors her hair.................and I'm like all pale and have white hair...

April said we looked like "Barbie and a Telle-Tubby"...guess which one I was...

Yeeeeah..she used to be sooo smart....what happened?

When she noticed the audible gasp {!} and the look of sheer horror on my face (yep, the pale one..with the hair to match)..she explained that what she meant to say is the Telle-Tubbies are all ONE COLOR..and because I was so ..ah...all one color-ish.....

Oh, yeah, like that's better..

"Couldn't you just say 'Barbie and Snow White' ?? What part of "Telle-Tubby" did you think I would NOT like??"

"Duh...?? Snow White has dark hair.."

"OK, OK.."Snow White...The Later Years.."

Oh joy, I can order new clothes:
Have a great tomorrow and who knows, maybe you'll be compared to a celebrity...

"Watch out.... the Tubb-inator is on her way to visit..."

Bwaahaaaaa..(evil laugh - TeleTubby style)