Monday, March 20, 2023

Wanna see what I've been up to ??

 I always wanted a dollhouse. My dad was a carpenter and was asked by one of his wealthy customers to make a dollhouse for their daughter. I was soo jealous. But I also understood it was his was for work, for pay so we could eat, pay bills and have a simple but happy life. 

But now that I am older than my dad ever was, which makes me so sad for him, I have decided I'm not too old to start my own dollhouse.

 No matter what I do with it, it'll never be as beautiful as what his hands produced, but it'll be mine...and his. This one's for you Daddy❤...and it's just the beginning 🤓

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Dreams or Nightmares ?

 Sometimes it's hard to determine which they are. I know when I have a happy dream..and if I'm awaken, I want to go back to sleep to continue.  Butcha can't do that...dammit...

Some start sort of good-ish but can turn ugly pretty quickly.  Those are the ones that stay with you ALL DAY LONG,  nagging and making you question why on earth you'd have those thoughts...or why those people didn't include you or left you or why are they being just mean..

I've had some of both lately. That's one reason I restarted my blog. For me. Trying to figure out what's up in my head ..And maybe to connect with some old bloggers.. Not that they are old. I don't know, maybe there are some old bloggers out there.... I'm getting old. And I'm glad. 

Anyway, even if not one person in the whole world ever sees this, I will have.  And maybe, just maybe I will learn something 🤓

Friday, March 17, 2023

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2023 !


Corned beef and cabbage, homemade hardy bread with Kerry Gold butter from Ireland... looking through photos from our trip to Ireland in 2015...a surprise of a lifetime for me, and actually the same lovely guy provided both..the trip and tonight's delicious dinner.  My Randy, my husband, my friend. Oh geeze getting all soapy on this Friday night, huh ? 

It was a lovely trip in 2015... Meeting  blogger friends in "real time".. finding the friendliness of the Irish is alive and well even in these harsh times....seeing such beauty and actually walking in my ancestor's footsteps, finding my great grandfather's grave...

Today was rather ordinary. Cooking, cleaning, sitting under the new patio watching the dogs and enjoying the cold, but not snowy day. 

Of course, I miss my Sullivan family. First St. Patrick's day without them. However, I have so many wonderful memories and Emily, Larry's daughter, started sending me cards..seems she had a tradition of sending St. Patrick's day cards to her Dad and now she sends them to me. We all miss Larry...he was the best ! 

Tomorrow we go to Tooele for lunch with Jeff and Christie. Dogs will be on their own. Hope Owen feels better in his tummy ! 

Good night 🌙 from Main Street, USA 🤓

Wednesday, March 15, 2023 it me you're looking for ..???

 If it I am ! I am looking for all of you...I need you all back, sharing your life and days with me. I do get lonely and crave the company of friends I have found throughout the years. And oh, what those years have been. And, although I am not alone, ( Mr. B is retired too )  I am lonely for the warmth of your stories, getting a peek into the day to day news for your cottages, your gardens, your farms and your city scapes, your photos and just the everyday conversations with you girls...

So, if you're here..let me know 🤓

Monday, September 27, 2021

Just another manic Monday...


Well, not as bad as that grandmother is having...but...

Now that we're retired, we have a tendency to stay up late at night, making "first thing in morning" a wee bit later 

So when you have an early ( for me) Dr appointment at 7:30am, you need to set an alarm, take an early shower, dress and try to be presentable, at did I mention commute time ?

I was nervous about being late so I left at 7am ( we're only like 10 minutes away ) Found the correct building in the maze of a newly remodeled hospital/Dr offices. 

New Dr that I have never seen, and of course I forgot her name when the receptionist asks "What's your Dr's name ?"  The receptionist is having trouble finding my appointment. 

She asked the usual questions... name, DOB ...still nothing. She finally looks up and says " it's for the 27th..." I interrupted her and said " it IS the 27th"  to which she finishes her sentence and says " 27th of OCTOBER... " 

" OH...hi ! I'm early ! "  

As I turn to leave she says "see you in a month.." 

OK...yeah, see you in October...

Thursday, September 16, 2021

So, yeah...

 Wow...what a year & a half, am I right ? Seems like everyone wants  to get back to " normal "... but I want it better than what it was. I bet most of you do too. So, I think it's up to us, all of us, and it needs to  start in the home first.

I am not forgetting the thousands of souls lost, the  thousands of families suffering their losses. My heart hurts for them.

But I'm thinking about what I can do on a smaller scale. Be more aware of what's around me, in the neighborhood, with the neighbors, with the children passing our front window, walking home from school.

We were quite well looked after by my son and DIL, neighbors that saw us over the fence and even someone we don't know other than waving at her as she walked her dogs past that same front window each day and came to the door and asked if we were ok... ( I think we're now that " older couple down the street... lol ) 

But Randy and I can do more than we have. Believe it or not, there are even OLDER couples in the 'hood. We need to be their helpers too. 

So maybe we can't do a lot of physical activity, but we can ask a neighbor, young or old, if they need something from the store while we're there. Maybe make some cookies to share with the a neighbor while I'm making some for us. I don't know, donate more of the things I'm decluttering...give a young artist a bunch of painting supplies I no longer use...whatever. 

I want to help. May not have extra money to share and these old bones can't fix your plumbing or pull your weeds, but I do see you and I do care. Let's make normal a show of help and consideration. Let's show the children walking by my window that we're here for them if they need help. Let's make normal better. 

Have a good night 🌙

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

 I've always been tired. Not your average "I mowed the lawn, feed the cattle, raised the barn " tired..but even as a kid I remember right after breakfast my Mother telling me to go outside and play. Fresh air and all..

And I remember being soooo tired. I just wanted to stay in, go back to bed or at least play with my dolls inside.

So, I'd usually go out, dragging some sort of stuffed animal with me and sometimes I'd climb in the big tree in the backyard and just watch..the cars going by, the neighbors watering their lawns and sometimes I'd watch my Mother call for me and I'd just watch her looking around the yard wondering where I'd gone off to this time.  

But now I can pull back that memory and I feel the tiredness in my bones...and, as I've gotten older, the guilt for making my Mother worry while I hid from her, giggling, feeling like someone in one of my chapter books by being so clever.

I'm a couple of weeks short of my 72nd birthday now, and I was tired in my teens, tired when I became a Mom, tired when I joined the workforce, tired when I left the workforce, and I'm tired now. 

So no, it's not the pandemic, not the state of the world, not my "active" lifestyle, not my advancing age... I'm just so bloody tired...anyone else ? 

Wanna see what I've been up to ??

 I always wanted a dollhouse. My dad was a carpenter and was asked by one of his wealthy customers to make a dollhouse for their daughter. I...