Thursday, September 16, 2021

So, yeah...

 Wow...what a year & a half, am I right ? Seems like everyone wants  to get back to " normal "... but I want it better than what it was. I bet most of you do too. So, I think it's up to us, all of us, and it needs to  start in the home first.

I am not forgetting the thousands of souls lost, the  thousands of families suffering their losses. My heart hurts for them.

But I'm thinking about what I can do on a smaller scale. Be more aware of what's around me, in the neighborhood, with the neighbors, with the children passing our front window, walking home from school.

We were quite well looked after by my son and DIL, neighbors that saw us over the fence and even someone we don't know other than waving at her as she walked her dogs past that same front window each day and came to the door and asked if we were ok... ( I think we're now that " older couple down the street... lol ) 

But Randy and I can do more than we have. Believe it or not, there are even OLDER couples in the 'hood. We need to be their helpers too. 

So maybe we can't do a lot of physical activity, but we can ask a neighbor, young or old, if they need something from the store while we're there. Maybe make some cookies to share with the a neighbor while I'm making some for us. I don't know, donate more of the things I'm decluttering...give a young artist a bunch of painting supplies I no longer use...whatever. 

I want to help. May not have extra money to share and these old bones can't fix your plumbing or pull your weeds, but I do see you and I do care. Let's make normal a show of help and consideration. Let's show the children walking by my window that we're here for them if they need help. Let's make normal better. 

Have a good night 🌙

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Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

It's the smallest gestures that can mean the most when someone is having a hard time. We can all do a little something in some way to make the day brighter.