Friday, February 10, 2012

ThingsI have heard this week..

..but may wish I had not:

1. "Next, she goes into weapons training!"

2. "Have you retired?"

3. "Hafta get up for work..again.."

4. "Most of the time, I feel like I'm still 25 - maybe that's when my "life-as-I-knew-it" stopped..."

So, #1.  Ella, that little hummingbird of a in karate..breaking boards with those little tiny hands and feet..and she was chosen to go into a program where, you guessed it, have weapons..numb chucks (?) and bows (not for the hair if I understand correctly)..

{what do you do with the boards you jsut broke..when your Daddy is an Engineer? You build your house!}
What's next - target practice?  Well, she is a Jersey Girl..

#2. When I went in to get my new glasses {wow - those are really a for you, aren't they?!} she looked across the room and asked to the air I guess, "Have you retired?" ..I turned around to see who she was speaking to.  Are you kidding me?
 Yep. The store was empty... except she and I..

..and yes, I got new "Geek-Chic" black glasses..and I love them..even at MY AGE..hurumph..

#3.  No, this really doesn't go along with the retired-thing as seen above..but I had to work on Saturday..which, in all fairness, is only asked of me a couple of times a year.  Exactly 2 times too many.  I don't do Saturdays..I can't function for 6 days So I groused and grumbled and whined and frowned..but I got overtime..which allowed me to get me a ...

Kindle Fire! Yay!  

Still hated working though...

They should have just given me a Kindle Fire for not stabbing any of my co-workers with a fork..

#4. So when Mr. B and  me  were discussing #2 above, he tried {key word is "tried"} to make me feel better about how I was feeling..saying I didn't feel like I was a old {chronologically} as I really am..went on to say the whole 25-year-old-thing..until I reminded him that we met when he was 25..

"Oh" say he, "I meant..that's when my life...began?"

Oh's been a week...


Monday, February 6, 2012

so, yeah, I've been gone a while...

..but I have a good excuse..depression.

No, not me, silly!


Yeppers, I was dealing with a sever case of fishy-depression..

He was sad..listless..lazy..lonely in the kitchen..on the stove..quiet...

Oh wait..he's always quiet.

So, I did what any "WOW" would do..{that's Wise Older Woman..}..

I Googled...depressed beta fish.

And, yes, there is a whole world of depressed betas out there.

and I had one.


Prozac? Paxil?


good..finding teeny-weeny little pills would be time consuming..

the answer?

warmer water.

 and more of it. a bigger tank ..   home..

So, all is well at the "B" household tonight. Sushi loves Mommy..Mommy loves Sushi..

hope all is well within yours..


Sunday, February 5, 2012

I'm sorry..

I was going to actually write to you all tonight..but I just heard about the creep { I can't even write his name} the husband of missing Utah woman, Susan Powell, who all feel he killed... killed his 2 young boys while on a supervised visit..he died too, which ..well..

I can't even think of being funny, or stupid, or ..all I can do is feel sick.  And so sad for the grandparents, the social worker who the creep locked out of the house right before he blew up the house..

So, now her parents have lost their daughter..the grandsons they had temporary custody of..and 2 beautiful, darling boys have lost their lives..

May he rot in hell..

Please know I am fine. My issues are incredibly insignificant..I am just stunned, confused..and ...sad.

Please send up your prayers, your love and support to Susan's parents..the the social worker,,,and lift those 2 precious babies up to heaven..