Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Snow. SNOW? snowsnowsnow...

Yesterday in Sandy, the high was 87 degrees....right's 38 degrees..

I think Mother Nature is dyslexic.. 87.. 38..OK so she can't do math either (87-78 or 83-38?)

remember her?? I do..

I once said "Hey, 'team' backwards spells 'meat'! In a meeting. At work. OUT LOUD.

{that wasn't as random as it sounded..I was talking about being dyslexic..sooo, does this say anything about being ADHD??.. actually, without the 'hyper'..more like ADLD- attention deficit lazy disorder..}

back to the post...

"What a storm! Valley rain, bench and mountain snow and now it's going to get cold. Scattered showers will continue overnight with lows dipping into the low 30s in the valleys, 20s in many mountain locations." - some random Weather person..on TV..that I'm not totally paying attention to..

This is Snowbird lodge..about 20 minutes from here..

Today. September 30th. Yikes.

Our foothills..

So, I can't really say I'm disappointed. Well, maybe a little. I'd like to see some actual fall..

But this was just a chilly-womper cold front and it should be warmer in the next couple of days.

But it was hard to go to work today..I just wanted to stay the fire..

...and bake cookies or something...

Or read..

Probably read. Can't eat a book. They'd have lots of fiber though..

Although..cookies do sound wonderful...

Think I'll go read. A cookbook. Just kidding.

So remember....

.. you never know when it will strike, but there comes a moment at work when you've made up your mind that you just aren't doing anything productive for the rest of the day...

Oh, not me...I'm just sayin'....


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lulu-Belle, the hairy alarm clock...

Yep, it's yet another post about Lulu, Princess Warrior and Ruler-Over-All-That-Is- Main Street..

Now I know all of the world's dogs are smart...that goes without saying. I mean, they've successfully trained us to spend more money and time on their haircuts than I do in 6 months of mine....

...that they will receive treats for going potty { just imagine.. with all the water I drink??} have the best seat in the house, the biggest share of the bed.. have a Mommy & Daddy that, much like the Postal Service workers, are at their service through snow, sleet and hail.....and wind...and heat...and mosquitoes...

{that's weird...the plural of mosquito is mosquitoes..not just mosquotos..huh...}

So it shouldn't surprise me when I learn that Lulu can tell time..Time to get up in the morning..she knows what time to look for Mr. B's watch out for me to come home...time to take their evening walk...time for their after-dinner-treats..

..and all those thing pertain to her comfort, her piece of mind...her enjoyment..

But now, it has come to my attention that she is actually looking out for me..

Case in point..every morning I allow myself to be on the computer from 5:30 to 6:30 at which time, I get up and take my shower then take them on their walk then I'm off to work.

And as you have heard, I can be very forgetful...very very very forgetful..

"did I let them out?"

"did I let them in?"

"have I locked the door?"

"is today a work day?"

So this morning, after we kissed Mr. B and said our "too-da-loo" and he was off to work, Lulu, as usual, goes back in bed to wait for the 7:15..

I'm sitting there, engrossed in all of your latest postings..and her cold nose is pushing up on my arm... was 6:35 ExaCtLy...yes, I was 5 minutes late. For my shower...

Coincidence? Hmm.

...maybe..but as soon as I got up and turned on the water in the shower, she went back to bed and promptly fell asleep.

You be the judge.

No wait, I'LL be the judge...she's the Einstein of canines...the Gandhi of the off-leash park, the Mother Teres..OK, maybe not that one...

But she certainly is the prettiest girly-dog we have!

Oh, and note to Lulu:

If you're reading this while I am at work, thanks.

Now turn off the computer and remember, first it's Monday through Friday, then come the days we all get to sleep in, OK?

Really. I mean it.

mom XXOO

Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Monday...

*Warning - objects pictured do not necessarily correspond with the text*

I'm just sayin'....

OK, so we're one day closer to the week-end! IT"S ALMOST FRIDAY!!!!



And today really wasn't bad..not too much traffic...

I actually got to work on time...

We stayed reasonably busy and had 2 meetings that I didn't nod-off in :-)

All in all, I say that's a pretty good day.

Mom-in-law made Chinese Chicken salad for diner...Yay her!

Yoko & John of the mousie kingdom??

And I pretty much stayed on my eating plan this week-end (they are usually my downfalls..)

So, on a scale of 1 to 11 - with 1 being so-so-yucky and 11 being PerFEcTioN - I'd give today a 7.

Not bad for a Monday...I've had worse. I'd like should never settle...

So here is something to think about tomorrow...

...I disagree with Kay Jewelers. I would bet on any give Friday or Saturday night more kisses begin with Bud Light than "Kay"


Sunday, September 27, 2009

just a "brief" note for me tonight...

....get it?? "brief"??
ahhh..I crack me up sometimes..

Yes, after I got home from the Pumpkin Festival and looked at my photos, I saw these darling decorated tins and wondered where my head was when I didn't but them on the spot!

So, I called Jenny and said if they were still available, I'd love to purchase them today..

And the were! So she brought them over and they are both living in my sweet home tonight..

Goodnight little cute tins..

Goodnight sweet friends..

Thanks Jenny!

Say goodnight Gracie..

"Goodnight Gracie!"


What a fun day..

..yesterday was!

The Pampered Chef party was quite a success..our young demonstrator was sweet, kind and very patient with all of your questions and made the most fabulous "Fully Loaded" Baked Potato Soup easily and quickly.
We then ate the soup, along with a beautiful green salad, sliced cheese(s) and crusty French baguette. Yummm-ooo!
Then it was off to the Pumpkin Festival..last year was cold and rainy...this year sunny and HOT..

Grandma Evelyn found her a pumpkin..

The caramel apples were melting the the pumpkin chocolate-chip cooked seemed like they were still warm from the oven..

The kiddos were painted..the table was ready for purchases all to benefit the Gardens..and I even bought 2 of the darling magnets..(yes, the ones I know.. the whole 'shoemaker's children have no shoes' thing..)

Then it was home for a nap..and yes, I took a lazy Saturday afternoon nap and enjoyed it immensely :-)

But, seeing how it was Saturday and all..had to squeeze in a couple of yard sales..after all, winter will be here soon and I won't find them as readily (I probably will still find Estate sales - usually held indoors..I mean.. people do die in the winter..right??) Oh Lordy, I'm..sorry

See the chippy-chair? yes, it was $.50 !
It's perfect for a Guest chair in my art room :-)

So, it was a great day...hopefully you enjoyed and equally brilliant day..

And don't forget, there's still time to enter for the Great DNA give-awyay.. You can center until Oct. 6th ( my favorite day )


Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's Pumpkin Festival Time!

Yeppers, after today's Pampered Chef lunch and party, we're off to the Sandy Historic Pumpkin Festival..and, because they are raising monies to keep this great part of our community going, I've given some cute magnets to sell..and Rachael brought over some of her exquisite hand crafted necklaces..(photos not available - but I'll try to snap a few at the festival)

And one of my co-worker's Mom gave us this adorable Pumpkin cap to sell! Too cute, huh? She has an Etsy store and you can take a look ..and an adorable blog with some gREaT sounding recipes..go look.....I'll wait...

SEE? Adorable, huh!

Oh, about the DNA know the Great Give-away?? Yesterday's post?? {how soon they forget...}

1. It's a mouthwash (! amazing what they can do now, huh?)
2. Yes, we will ship worldwide
3. You can go enter right up until the 7th of October...
4. We're serious when we say we want honest feedback..we're in the process of re-designing the web page and would like to get a perspective that's not on the payroll...heehee :-)

Have a simple wonderful fall Saturday and we'll "see" you tomorrow..


Thursday, September 24, 2009

So, about that GiveAway??

Don't know if any of you remember this, but I work for a DNA company called GeneTree.

Sometimes when I say I work for GeneTree, people think is a clothing store..selling... jeans.. least people who can't spell think that............Genes??...Jeans...??

So anyway, we do DNA testing for deep ancestral lineages and may be able to connect you with possible genetic cousins from around the world. Just think....

"Where Has Your DNA Been?"

  • Discover your recent and ancient origins
  • Find new DNA cousins
  • Verify or disprove suspected relationships
  • Break through genealogy brick walls

We are in partnership with the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation (try explaining that mouthful on the phones- I had to practice saying it and now can rattle if off quite quickly, thankyouverymuch..)

The realm of DNA testing in genealogy is amazing. One can literally see the migration patterns of your ancestors and how you came to be you. And you may even discover you have some long lost (and hopefully rich and good looking) relatives.

Well, I'd settle for rich..we Irish already have the "good looking" thing down ...hubba hubba..

Anyway, we are going to give one lucky person a free DNA test with all the fun that goes along with our site, !

You can have your family tree listed, photos, new branches for your family to access, contacts of people matching your DNA that may hold valuable insights to your past, and many educational and fun links.

And, you may just get to speak to me in Customer Service..oww yeah! uh-huh, now you're talkin'..

The test can be for a woman to determine her maternal lineage (mtDNA or mitochondrial) or for a man to test his YDNA for the paternal side of the line. ( a man also carries HIS mother's mtDNA and you can choose that test as well..)

...women don't carry the Y chromosome, so we don't have the YDNA markers - only males - passing it from father to son all the way down. Bummer, huh? ..

So, it's your choice!

Well, not that you have a choice in DNA, but you get to choose who in your family gets tested..

That'd be cool to"choose" your DNA.."I'll have some of that Angelina Jolie DNA and a side of Merely Streep, please."

Talk about "Recycled Relatives"...

The kit's value is $179.00 and the rules are simple......

1. Go to and look around (you don't have to join right then...although it's free to join..and well, the price is right..and it's free...did I mention it doesn't cost to join?? allrighty then..)

2. In the comments section of my blog, let me know what your very first impression is...and this is completely honest. We are always on an improvement path and VALUE all feedback. (corporate speak)

As long as it positive..(corporate desire)

..I'm just messin' with ya...tell us how you really feel.

...or to be more exact...not how you feel as in "Gee I have this headache..", more like.. what do you THINK about the it user friendly? Does it make you want to know more? You know..boss-type stuff...for the boss....

( I had Nothing to do with that part, so you won't be hurting my feelings..and you I feel is what it's all about anyway..)

3. If you win the test kit, you must pinky-promise that once your results are in, you will blog about the experience, good or.............?? OK.....just good

That's it! And then, you may be able to say..

Top 10 Reasons to Test Your DNA - David Letterman-style:

10. So you can tell your friends you are now an expert on DNA and have been asked to join the cast of.... CSI: Whereverrr...

Instead of asking "What's your sign?" in a bar, you can say, "What's your haplotype?"

Prove once and for all that you ARE TO related to the Queen of Geneovia , or France, or England, or the Queen of Mean..oh..wait..that was another Queen..probably don't want to be related to her..except at the reading of the will...if you were her dog..her kids? Not so much..

7. So you can prove that your compulsion to buy excessive amounts of shoes IS in your genes, therefore, you are not responsible.

6. The characters in Twilight/True Blood start becoming much more of a plausible theory due to genetic enhancement you are now becoming a believer in.....(that whole "a little bit of knowledge is dangerous" thing..)

5. Resting in the knowledge that no matter how messed up your family is at the Thanksgiving table, is it not due to in-breeding..

4. Becoming more and more confident that geneticists and geno-typers are the un-sung heroes of genetic genealogy..and that they were probably not in the principle's office for screwing around in biology class..and that "genealogist" is just another name for stalker.."we seek dead people..."

3. Can answer the question "What is: Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid" on Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader..

2. Will be able to explain the difference between the NRA , DNA and the ATF to crazy Uncle Earl with the plate in his head...

and finally..
{drum roll please.....}


1. To say with complete and utter confidence, that no, you are NOT descended from wolverines...even though you think your family has werewolves.....'cause Colleen in Customer Support said so...(from an actual call today..yeeeah..seriously..)

So don't wait! Enter today and on my 60th birthday on October 6th, (whew! I'm only party evil..) we will randomly choose a winner with a high-tech and extremely expensive, throwing all budgetary consideration to the wind.. drawing out of a bowl in the office lunch room..on the 7th..when I come back from my Chicago birthday present :-)

(no, I'm not actually getting Chicago for my birthday....a trip out there (and back) from my kids and grandkids..)

Have fun! I know I will...

**anyone know of a good tattoo parlor in Chicago? It is my 60th you know...**

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Art imitates life.. the most beautiful way..

My brother Larry, who amidst his battles with chemo and radiation, has always remained first and foremost and husband and a father.

The quintessential "big brother" to all of us Sullivan Sisters..Grandpa to a whole herd of little ones..and not so little ones...

But throughout his life...what he is..what he remains, is a cowboy.

And while the medicines and treatment leave him somewhat unsteady on his legs..he spends time daily with his horses.

No longer allowed to ride, he now works them with voice commands. Speaking firmly but with respect and admiration, he commands the round pen.

The horses react to his voice and also his hand commands..."stop..back..turn.."

And, when I saw the photo at the top of the post, and after seeing the painting a friend painted of's as if he stood and posed... {which I am most certain he did not...never stands still enough or idle enough for paint to dry}

When we think about cowboys, we may think of dirt and dust and a lack of formal education.

Not so in Larry's case. He may get dirty and dusty, but I can honestly say I have never seen that side of him.

Always dressed in his boots and sharp jeans and pressed shirts, he could have come off the pages of American Cowboy..and don't forget the hat...whether in Chicago, Stroketown or Tucson, he rides tall in the saddle. With his 6' 2" frame, boots and hat, he's a fine site for certain.

Recently retired from the University of Arizona, then on to substitute in the kindergarten of his small community of Arivaca, he has traveled the world, loves to read, is proud to be Irish, makes a mean corned beef and cabbage, an ex-Marine (is there such a thing ? Once a Marine, always a Marine..Semper Fi ...{.Always Faithful} ..) and is the pillar of strength of our family. He loves good wine, good cheese, good Mexican food and his good life...

His quick Irish humor is only second to his great story telling. He can have us mesmerized one minute and laughing and slapping his back the next.

So while they have told him he can no longer drive his pick-up, they said nothing about the tractor...on the 4th of July parade..down the main street in Arivaca..pulling all his adorable grandkiddos..and followed by the "mighty Tomato"..a horse growing old right beside Larry...

And personally, I think all that "spit and vinegar" is just what the Doctor ordered...

"We ride and never worry about the fall I guess that's just the cowboy in us all..." Performed by Tim McGraw.

Larry, just keep ridin' this good, sweet life..we love you. We do.