Sunday, February 28, 2010

It takes a good heart....

... to realize you may have made an error in judgement...

We've been having 'taggers' in our little neighborhood lately. I'm forever calling in the graffiti police to clean as soon as I spot anything when the pups and I walk....

We live in an older neighborhood and we love it. We do not want to see it ravaged by tagging or bad activity, so we're pretty diligent...and we live close to a for summer concerts, kids swinging and a safe zone to sit and watch the kids play..

We want it to stay that way..

So when we arrived back home from dinner, we spotted a teen-aged kid, pants at half-mast, hat cockeyed on his the street writing something on the pavement.

We watched for a minute and Mr. B said.."Hey, whatcha doin' young man?"

He stood up and yanked at his pants..but just didn't answer.

Mr. B asked again, a little more powerful this time..."What are you doing there?"

"Nothin'..just writing - it's chalk.."

"Why don't you write on your own street?" I could hear the anger in Mr. B's voice, and he can be impressivly stern...

"It's just chalk, man.."

There was something about his lack of concern..or lack of understanding..or lack of further explanation that kinda bothered us.

The kid walked sauntered off and Mr. B came in..then went back out.

When he came back in he said the kid apparently was writing 'directions' to a girlfriend with arrows directing her to him at the park..

Mr.B hooked up the pups for their evening walk and headed out..

When they arrived back home, he told me he went to the park to find the kid. He was now with his girlfriend when Mr. B approached.

The kid looked hesitant..the girlfriend looked embarrassed.

Mr. B said " I may have overreacted back there.." and went on to explain we've seen some tagging in the area and we were concerned.

He then said, "When I was young and had a girlfriend I was trying to impress, I did some pretty silly things. I'm sorry."

The kid looked surprised..then pleased that this man would seek him out to apologize.

Maybe today, on this pretty Sunday, both of these guys learned not to accept first impressions.

Is it any wonder why I love this guy??

Didn't think so..

Have an educational Monday..and go hug someone..or something..or hug the universe..


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Psssstt..come here...

..I wanna show you something...



I snuck this picture our of this year's Top Chippendale model..{ ! }

Top...yeah..Top Chippendale of 2010..I didn't even know they had contests.

But I guess if there's "beauty" pageants for women..

there should be "handsome" pageants for the boys, right??

And he lives in Lake Havasu, & sun!

Actually, I've enjoyed a good Chip n Dale for years...

Yeah...then in my wild-n-crazy-youth, there was...

Oh, not that there "was"..a was............nooooo..just lookin'....
Love the bow tie and the cuffs..a sure sign of a Chippendale...

But now, after all these years, they've finally gotten it right.

Strong, kind, sensitive, warm,smart and, for the most part, silent.

...and furry..


I show you, Mr. Chippendale Top Dog of 2010...


What? You thought I was going to show you the

Meet Owen..the infamous Owen of the Miracle in the Desert Owen..

Yes, he's as handsome, strong, sensitive...and furry.  Oh, and  lucky.

 After all, he is an Angel in a Fuzzy Body..just read the post for this fall entitled ....Miracle in the Dessert..11/21/09

Know any young, single pups that would  like to meet him?? sure to bring plenty of dollar bills...doggie treats..

Have a fun SunDay!


Friday, February 26, 2010

Lemme tell ya 'bout...Lefty..

This is a story 'bout a bear..a brown bear...a big bitty brown bear..

He lived in Arizona and was visiting Arivaca when these 2 Ornery Hombres found him..

Well, after a brief time, 'Ol Lefty (he was known previously as Ambi Dextrous..) found himself missing a few parts...all from the right side. (hence the name.... get it??)

Right leg..gone.

Right arm..gone.

Right eye..well you get the drift.

Gnose is a little gnawed..

The 'Sisters of the Order of the Lace Curtain Irish-Cowgirls' , Sister Kathleen Mary, Sister Geraldine Margaret {without the explicit consent of Sister Colleen-Marie-Theresa} thought his life was of no more use and wanted to throw him away.

The Ornery Hombres felt bad..for about a second..then went running off after something flittering around in the dust in the corral..

Actually, he now lives with me. I can relate. My left side is causing problems..

Left side Hooter gone {well, right side too} cancer..
Left eyebrow weird..
Left foot second toe gone wayward..
Left wrist ganglion cyst removed after numbing left fingers..
Left eye deemed "lazy"

Hmmm.. does that make me "Righty" ? Maybe. Will this convince Mr. B I am ..RIGHT .. all. the. time. ?

Eh, probably not.

Whatever you have 'left' of this month-ending-week-end, make it 'right on-the-spot fun..

-me aka Sister Colleen-Marie-Theresa

Thursday, February 25, 2010

..looking backwards...

Yes, I do work for a molecular genealogy, not like I am a genetisist or anything..

"Hello? may I help you??"

..but this post is not about genealogy..oh no.

It's about me not looking me..

All of me..actually, my hair in particular.

It has a mind of it's own. Seriously.

So when I see the front view of me..and I think..

"lookin' go-oo-d"

I slowly turn around and ...

{que shower scene music from Psyco...}

AKKKK! It looks know, when someone gets hit in the face with a pie??...and all their hair jets out in a circle around the meringue?

Yeeeaah...that's what the back of my head looks like...all. the. time.

Seems I have "post-chemo-cowlicks-stupified-hair-syndrome"

So, I just don't look anymore. I figure, if you're lookin' at me walkin''s probably not my hair you're focused on..

I'm just sayin'...

{with a wiggle in her walk and a giggle in her talk...}


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"How I Spent My Day" Colleen B {re-run warning!}

Crazy-busy day-week (that's a day that feels a week looong) so this is a re-run..encore performance..

From: this time last year...

Yep, it could have been an essay - but let's make it just a blog instead...with photos..

OK, the first bit has no photos, because, actually, I think each of you know what it looks like to do laundry, clean the fridge & freezer, mop the bathroom and clean the tile grout on the floors...that is..unless you have a which, I think.....

maybe I don't know you at all..

Who ARE you people??

So, that takes care of the drudge it's time to play!

I bought some plain clothespins at the dollar store - the un-springy they have an official name?

Didn't think so..

So, here's the end product...I like them to hold letters, cards, and to just be pretty..

This is another darling photograph of my Mother..look at those cheeks!

The round thingy in the background is a little book I made from drink coasters... should see Mr. B when he knows I'm going to ask the server for..
"oh, like 15 or 20 coasters, please..Um..and a chicken salad, dressing on the side, 'K?? "

The a few of you said how I looked like my Mother {thank you} but here's the proof that I am my Daddy's daughter...uh..son?, it was Halloween, remember?
This one's Daddy...

..and this is his lovely :-)

Whoa... Hmmm.. Yeppers...

Well, can't really follow that up with anything..

Maybe a photo of {me} so you won't forget what I NORMALLY look like..

Have a "un-drudgery" day tomorrow, OK?


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

OK, so Chrissykat asked...

..if I didn't buy the crowns, what did I buy?

Well, yes I did buy something, otherwise how would I know how they so cutely they packaged them, right?

And you can well imagine, it would not be easy not to purchase at least one small thing, right?

Good. So here we go...
Lately, I have been having fun with these stretchy-beaded rings - big and bold and bright..and fun. But one must have more than one..a collection, yeah, that's it...a montage of cheap cute rings..

So when I saw these rings, I knew they needed to be added to the lovely montage..{so, does saying montage in italics sound all sophisticated-like?? Just wonderin'..}


BUTTONS! ..and yeah,
and stretchy, too!

Non-Stretchy-bling-pearly-slinky-like ring..

Ring one - $4.00
Ring two - $4.99
Ring three - $7.49
Looking like the ring-bling-Queen.....PRICELESS!

Then there was this AdorAbLe calendar...

Double click - it's worth a look.

So, from the pups and me, have a great Wednesday and remember, looking like a walking collection of blingy-rings doesn't have to cost a fortune...ya just gotta know where to shop..and who with :-)

...and thanks Crissykat, for the blog-hint :-)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Mr. B and me's Excellent Adventure..

(my pronoun rules ..)

..we went to the neatest place Saturday..

the sky was finally..

I remembered my...

Mr B. entered the location into his Garmin..

we stopped for lunch at..

Yummo grilled chicken, salad and stemmed veggies ..

Then on to...

The Emporium at Thanksgiving Point..lookie!

Look at those lamps -and the birds on the headboard? Oh-my!!{ click on the image to enlarge }

Ribbons..tonzz of beautiful ribbons..

Oh yes, it is shopping fit for a Queen..

One-stop shopping..clothes, purses..bling and STUFF!

..and they package your items with tissue, ribbons and a spritz of good-smelling perfume..

All in all, one great day! Be sure to make a stop..and call me! I'll go along as your 'guide' !


PS - I didn't get the crown...although I deserve it...I'm just sayin'...