Monday, March 31, 2008

Daffodils and snow....

...kinda like cookies and 7-Up.

Or Pizza and Lima beans.

Lucy and P Diddy....

Milano Blahnik shoes and sweats....

Paris Hilton and class.....

Two things you'd not necessarily think of together....

Except this is the we did...

(this was about 4pm - after a full day of sun!)

Woke up to about 4 inches of snow - yeppers, snow, on the ground.

March actually came "in like a lion" and then went "out like a lion" too...

Didn't they get the memo?? If it's in like a lion, it's out like a lamb...hellllooooo??

Anyway, had an appointment with Department of Workforce Services this morning. So after getting dressed up in "grown-up clothes" I went out to scrape snow off my trusty Silver little darling car. I just love her. My very first absolutely NEW car...ever.

Went in all professional and smiling. Met with a girl that could have been my granddaughter. Nice young thing. By the end of the conversation, I was interviewing her and asking about how to get a job like her job and she was all excited and said "You'd be great..." and then told me all about the benefits and, she'll keep an eye out for me and let me know when they have an opening in her office. In the mean time I will still get referrals, and so on, but to work for the State would be kinda cool. We'll see....

Drove home and found the best looking "brown paper package all tied up with" and I had a feeling it was from Angie & Pam in IRELAND - and it was...I mean "t'was!"

Seems I won a drawing they had on their blog(s) (they are sisters - White O'Morn Cottage and The Old Schoolhouse..)

Look what wonderful Irish surprises came:

Lovely tea- towels, a beautiful porcelain container with lace, and a teesny-weensy-tea-pot! For a "Wee" cup of tea... and..

Handmade cards for several various occasions. All with extra embellishments and envelopes!

And, (and I was soo glad to see this..) a little origami butterfly! THEN.....

Sweet-smelling soap in a little draw-string bag...a beautiful bowl (I think I'll use this as a candy dish in the new front room...)

A pressed flower - a Buttercup, from the Irish countryside.

All of these lovelies were wrapped and swaddled and mailed with care. And not a nick or a notch on them! Perfect condition. All I can say is a big....

Thank you sooo much Angie & Pam!
(be sure to stop by their blogs - you'll enjoy them immensely!)

I waited until Mr. B came home so I could open it in front of him. He was duly impressed to say the least.

Let's just say you brought a whole lot of Irish sunshine to this dreary Utah day!


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Oh, it's late....

..but I really haven't forgotten to blog today. It's just that we've had a really good day, just the "he and me".

Well, just the "he and me" until the newlyweds came over. Not that I didn't want the newlyweds over, I asked them to come over and have dinner and a movie. Transformers...go figure. But it was actually OK. A little long, but I liked the young guy. And the Mom. And Mojo.

So the "he" made BBQ'd ribs (oven style) and baked potatoes, corn & bread. I made cookies.

It's like, "he" built the window seat, bookcases, shelf and I made throw pillows. I see a pattern here?

He's on Broadway and I'm the understudy. He's the Big Mac and I'm the fries....

He's Gladys Knight and I'm a Pip...

He's the enchilada plate and I'm the refried beans...

You get the point.

And that's OK - because what's the burger without the fries? And I love refried beans especially when you mix them with the rice...And, well, who could forget the contribution the Pips had on music, right?

Now where was I........oh yeah..the day. Slept in a little bit then the pups walked me. It was pretty cool & blustery (love that word -" blustery" - I remember it from Winnie the Pooh. Love Pooh, but not the "new" Pooh in the red shirt and silly grin and the voice that sounds like he needs to clear his throat.... I like old Pooh...)

There I go again.

OK - so we went to the hardware store, Costco then home and waited for the kids. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but really nice just the same.

I was tagged by Kentucky Bound to to write a six word memoir about myself...Hard to put one's life into six words...well, for me anyway, but here goes: (oh there are more rules but I don't exactly know how to link or those other things, so if you wanna play, consider yourself tagged, OK??)

Silly - that's what makes life fun

Kind - especially to animals. Actually probably more to animals because I think they are in our care granted by God Himself..

Forgetful - ahhh, yes, that would be me. Keys, phone numbers, know....

Procrastinator - I still have a baby nightgown pattern pinned on flannel that I was going to make for Andy - yes, Dammit-Andy the 38 year old biker. Wouldn't his biker buddies like to see that??

Irish - To be totally truthful - Irish-American. 2nd. generation. And I know God loves us all - He just loved the Irish first.... Survivor - and proud of it. I've survived damn near everything. Cancer, bad starter marriage, 4 teenagers...teenage GIRLS!.....NATURAL childbirth for heaven's sakes! Need I say more???

So there you go - the history of me in 6 words.....

How about you? If you had to sum up yourself in 6 words, what would they be?? Kind of a fun exercise, dontcha think??



Friday, March 28, 2008

...people..people who need people...

There's been a lot of talk lately about "people".

Not in the sense you'd think of, really.

It's like "PEOPLE" know ... as in "I got people..."

(I just looked a the word 'people' and it looks sooo weird - like it's spelled wrong..what a funny word - guess I never really looked at it before..huh..??'s like 'pe-ople' or 'peop -le' .... strange...)

Anyway, the H&R Block commercials say they "got people".

And just yesterday on Ellen she was talking to a young actor and mentioned his 'people'.

I guess it's like "have your people call my people and we'll do lunch" kind of thing.

I don't have people. People aren't family. People aren't even friends. They' know...people.

Don't think I really need people...but I wouldn't mind being a 'people'..

People give advice...I could do that.

People make plans...I could do that, too.

People tell you what to wear, how to do your taxes, what interviews to give...I could do tha...well, except maybe the taxes thing.

I think I have found a new skill for my resume...I want to be a people !

I think the pre-requisite for being a people is being a Mom. Except Brittany Spear's Mom.

Or Paris's. Oh, and Lindsey's... Hmm... 'nuff said.

You know who would be a good people? My sister Gerri.

She doesn't take guff from anyone.

Her kids send their kids to "Camp Grandma" when they are bad.

It's not that she's mean - quite the contrary - she's very nice. But smart. And tough. And did I mention smart? She's so smart, you can't get anything by her. Don't try. I'm tellin' ya....

I think my brother Larry is a little afraid of her. I don't want her mad at me. I think she once made an IRS guy cry..I know hospitals that shudder when she's admitted......

"you'd better find something wrong and fix it this time, Doc..."

And when she had heart surgery, Kathy, Larry and I took turns helping out at her home for a one week stint each...we called it "Gerri Duty" know... like Jury Duty...something you really wanna do but kinda fear all at the same time...

She has been known to stare down an angry horse, dump my very bad "starter-husband" on the floor- in the mattress - while he was still in it....

I think there should be a "Don't mess with Texas" flag at her horse property but with the Texas marked out and replaced with "Gerri"...

Now there's a people.....

Know anyone who's hiring??

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bad girls, bad girls, whacha gunna do when they come for you...

I think my Nancy Drew-like tendencies have finally surfaced.

I know the answer to that eternal question everybody has on laundry day......

What happened to the "other" sock????

While this investigation was long and arduous, (cool use of words, huh?) the time spent paid off...big time...big payoff...

I was on the stake-out, camera ready for anything...Night setting - check. Zoom on - check.

Is it turned on?
Oh yeah...check.

And yet I was caught off-guard when, under the cover of a newly-remodeled living room (isn't it just too fabulous!?) , a red-headed flash went past me.

Without so much as a sound..leaving only the scent of Milk-bones ...and into the darkness of the bedroom..

But I was undaunted ("daunted" ?? here we go again with the words...)...I followed, camera on - flash ready...

That's when I spotted HER....(cue the 50's sexy music here...)....drop-dead gorgeous.

Petite and agile...wearing only a necklace with a heart that reads "Lulu - Utah Rabies good until 2009" and the hint of a smile...but just a hint...

She could not gamble on the loss of the prize she so stealthily (?) had won....

The photo was snapped - the camera doesn't lie (....although I have heard it adds 10 or...ah... I mean, like 50 pounds...)

Here then, is the answer you've all been waiting for...Eaxmine if you will...this piece of irrefutable (love that word - although I've never heard "refutable") evidence......

Yes, this is Lulu...companion, friend, sister to Braxton, the apple of her Daddy's eye..and now this...
Sock Thief

There you have it....good dog gone bad...

....well, maybe not bad per se...but definitely not on the "up & up" when it comes to laundry.

And all this time I thought the "other sock" was eaten by the washer in the spin cycle....well, it could happen....

PS - don't worry - she never eats them -only protects them - we think she thinks their her "babies".....

All together now....Awwwww...

Hey, it's almost FRIDAY! Have a little fun, will ya?!


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"Leo, act your age..."

You have no idea how much I heard that growing up. Daddy was always getting "reprimanded" by Mother for being silly. For having fun...too much fun.

I'm glad he was such a silly person though. He made the grandkids laugh, he made many people smile...and he rarely acted his age. And I am, undoubtedly, his daughter...
This past week-end I realized I am as old as I have ever been.( as seen on the T-shirt Rachael & Jeff bought for Brian's 21 st. birthday) I'm as close to 60 as I have ever been before. Yikes....

That's scary. I have never been bummed by my age - however, I have never acted my age, which would have been much to Mother's disappointment.

50 came and went with not even a thought. I still think I'm "middle aged" and remember, I don't "do" math, but if I am indeed in the middle, I guess I plan on living to the ripe old age of 116.

I watch TV and it tells me we should dress "appropriately for your age"..what the heck is that??

What does a 58-ish woman dress like? I know this one lives in T-shirts, jeans, hoodies and crocks. Is that too young for this age? Hmm...

I say I really don't care, but I guess I do.....otherwise I wouldn't be thinking about it now.

I still think of Senior Centers as where the old people go - that AARP is not going in my magazine bin...and the spots on my hands? Large-er freckles. The gray hair? Just a cool fashion statement. Bifocals? Hey, I have no-lined ones - no one even knows - until I forget them and have to not only squint..but to hold the book out waaay past my arm's length...

Hearing? I don't think I have a problem - my TV is not on the loudest's just everyone speaks like they have cookies in their mouths...

Ah sweet youth. I'm not obsessed, really. I wouldn't want to go back there. I have come to an age where I am secure in my wisdom and my feelings. I like having had gone through all the "stuff" and coming out the other side practically unscathed.

But once in a while, I do look into the mirror and see someone other than what I think I should see. And I see old people smile at me as if I am one of them..the smile that says "Hi - maybe we could be friends..??" and I think yes, you could be like...... Mother...(don't think that's what they meant though..)

On my walk with the pups the other day, someone said "hi" and asked if I had retired...


Uh......'re kidding me, right??

Ahh well. Maybe that wouldn't be so bad. I mean if I am at the last quarter of my life (not half-time anymore...) maybe I should take the time to reflect on what's really important. What matters most. What I want to do for fun. Where I'd like to go. What I want to see. "Bucket list" sort of stuff.

Maybe not try so hard to please everyone - sometimes at my expense.

This is it.....this is what you get.....I am happliy....

"as is"

Thanks for visiting and listening to my rantings. I really do think of all of you as my friends. I love visiting you and having my coffee as I read of your lives, your great thrifting finds, you're children's accomplishments and your grand children's cute pictures.

Have a great fun-day and do something ......just for you!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Have you ever....

...wanted to do so much but couldn't decide what to do, so you did nothing? neither.

Or just had too much "stuff" and couldn't do anything because you just have too much stuff? And, you buy more stuff..and now need places to store your stuff...and you sometimes buy the SAME stuff twice? neither.

Or had a head full of so many ideas, thoughts, questions and "ah ha" moments that you couldn't sleep at night??

Well, me neither.

So this next few weeks I have decided to really , really, really go through what I laughingly call my "art room" (sounds much more creative that my "I-don't-know-what-to-do-with-this-junk" room, huh?) and purge all the stuff I think I will use "someday".

Grant me the strength to sort the papers, get rid of the ribbons, toss the embellishments, dump the bits, boxes and baubles that have been collecting in here for years.

I must be trips to the inside of the thrift store- only the "donation" bins.

No magazine isle in the store...actually, no stores.....

No wandering into the craft isle at Wal-Mart. No going to Jo-Ann's Fabrics and Crafts just to "see what's there"..

It'll be hard. I have flutter-bys in my stomach already and I'm just writing about doing it.

Why are we so attached? And so afraid to actually use the things we buy to use? I don't want to use that pretty paper because then I won't have it anymore to use...


Hmmm...maybe I'd better go buy the Oprah magazine and see if she has had an "Ah Ha" moment about this or is in the "What I know for sure" column.....

...or,maybe not...

So, wanna go together on this cleaning project? See what we can get rid of? See how full we can get the garbage cans??

Nah, me neither.


Monday, March 24, 2008

Wait - wait, wait....

............plan, plan, plan, save,save, buy tickets, buy presents, prepare, pack, plan , wait, wait...
{ blink }'s over.... we're home again..

Which isn't so bad - love from the pups, our own bed..good-night sweetie, sweet dreams..God bless us everyone..

AND we had a FANTASTIC time!

Ice skating, lunch at the mall. "smile! click.."

Got WAXED!!! "don't move! click.."

(My upper lip & chin - never had that done before - check that one off my 'bucket list'...)

Dinner at White Fence Farms..."click, click"

Surprise Brian! Cake and balloons and sparklers! The whole restaurant singing "Happy 21st. Birthday to Brian..." I have totally embarrassed him - my work here is done... "smile everyone - click, click, click..."

Heart shaped fritter (how lucky is that??) coloring eggs, waiting for the Easter bunny... "click, click'

Finding hidden eggs..the men doing "construction" on the staircase..April cooking Easter dinner...fixed Emily's hair ("Farrah Faucet-80's-style??) Alyssa with the beautiful necklace her Auntie Rachael made for her birthday.."click, click, click..."

Hmmm...ham, April's baked beans, potatoes and green beans. And cake..lots of cake... Hmmm FULL!

Family groupings - smile everyone.."click, click, click"

Here, take one with my camera! "click, click"

Bye, bye, don't cry! We'll see you soon, I promise!


Grammie and Grandpa love you...always have, always will...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Easter to all... you know we are flying to see the Colorado contingency of the "grands" this week-end. Happy times full of laughter, love and of course, good food.

But in this all-too-hurried world, I was sent something via email today that made be really stop and realize what we are celebrating besides colored eggs, candy and fuzzy bunnies.

This is not meant to be "tongue-in-cheek" but maybe a reminder of what we as believers of the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are all about.

(You may have to double click on it to read all the verbiage. I didn't want to distort the image by trying to make it larger)

-author unknown

Have a beautiful, happy and safe holiday and I'll "see" all of you on Monday.

With much love and gratitude,

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

OK, so I know I'm "singin' to the choir", but....

...this cooking dinner every night is hard work. I've always worked outside the home and am fortunate enough to have a hubby that likes to cook..and shop..and build...

And I have, through the years, on occasion, albeit very rarely, enjoyed cooking a new recipe..or something fancy for a dinner party.

I was like, "OK, that was fun - been there, made it, move on....I'm sooo done"

But now that I'm between jobs, I feel it is a help to Mr. B to cook. And shop. And I'm thinking it soo not fun...

However, yesterday, between episodes of Judge Alex and Judge Judy (I listen to those to re-affirm that I am not all that disfunctional...) I caught an episode of Paula know...."Butter is our frieeeend!"

And I actually tried 2 of a main dish and one a dessert.

The main dish was...OK..actually good, but for a "from scratch version of Hamburger Helper" it was a LOT of work..and a LOT of messy dishes and pans.

As for the dessert...YUM-O doesn't due it justice. If I could live on dessert ('re saying I can't??)..this one would be in my repertoire.

Banana Split Cake (but it's more like a square pie..)

Both recipes can be found on her site or just let me know and I'll email them to you.

Well, how's that workin' for ya? I just found out I have to do this all over again tomorrow!!

OK, OK, so we have to eat every day, I get it....

I'm taking my garlic-smelling fingers and my onion-tear-stained face and my dishwater dry hands and going to bed..thank goodness Mr. B doesn't "do" breakfast!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Being a "long-distance" Grandma is never easy...

....I have written about Ella, the 4-year old who is our "La Princessa", Brian, a handsome lad who will be 21 this next week, Alyssa, who is becoming such a beautiful and confident young woman...

However, I've yet to introduce you to Emily...

She will be 8 this year...a "2000" baby.
She's into Hanna Montana, ice skating, swimming and soccer, and painted nails.....

And a formidable opponent on the soccer field to be sure...

She's getting to that age where talking to her on the phone is understandable..although still baffeling...

When she was just starting school, I called ..

Me: Hi sweetie. How was your first day?

Emily: good

Me: what did you wear today??

Emily: (pause) this......


Then just yesterday..

Me: I heard you got the lucky cupcake at the St. Patrick's party at school?

Emily: yes

Me: There was a dollar folded up in foil in it??

Emily: yes

Me: Well, which one had the dollar in it? (expecting, oh, like the pink one, or the green one..)

Emily: uh...the one I got...

Me: OK, what did you do with the dollar?

Emily: buy more cupcakes...


She's dead-pan funny. And she doesn't even know it.

Yeppers, she found her Mom's "feminine hygiene product with wings" and came out of the bathroom with them stuck to the insoles of her Mom's too-big shoes, exclaiming, "Hey, now they fit!"

Ah, to be young and funny....and humble.

Yes, it's hard to just talk on the phone and not be there to see the skating practice, to not sit and watch the soccer game, to not get to help out at the slumber parties...

But this next week, we're flying to Denver. So we will be able to color eggs! For the first time, we will be able to see her skate.

And we will leave out carrots for the Easter Bunny.

Then we'll be back on the plane and home for another couple of months of phone calls and bewildered Grandmas...

Love you Emily...see you Friday night!



Today's post will be all over the place...

....guess it's because some days I feel "all over the place" - you know, start one chore or project -then get up to do something else, then find yet another thing that needs to be done - pretty soon you're out of day and haven't really 'finished' one thing?

So, OK, my brother Larry - the Kindergarten Cowboy? He lives in a very small community in Southern Arizona. Small but fun. They do fun, sorta odd things.


Their Annual St. Patrick's Day Chili Cook-off...I didn't even know St. Paddy liked chili...hmmmm...

Anyway, they have all sorts of things to do, well for a really small community.... ...of ranchers, retired folks, ladies with blue hair....

They have a volunteer fire department. Volunteer... Gee, I guess if a house was burning, you'd hope all those who volunteered really meant it..huh?

Anyway, they have fund raisers for the volunteer fire department of which my brother helps with.

So this year, at the chili cook-off, he decided to have a game called "Chicken Chip Bingo" (say that fast 5 times..)

Maybe some of you are familiar with this game, but I wasn't..

You take a piece of plywood. Paint it and make squares that you number. The rest is where I go "Huh"..

You have people place wagers on just which square the chicken will...ah....put down her "chip" (as in Oh CHIP! I hit my finger with a hammer..) they pay for the chance, and if they "win" , they split the whole pot with the fire department half and half. So the more people you get to wager the bigger the pot...and the more fun as you see and hear grown-up folks try to convince the chicken to "chip" in their square....

Hmmm small town life, you say...

'nuf said...

Then, there was a small little café my Mother-in-Law and I went to - they had their "soup of the day" listed on a plain white plate standing up - written in dry-erase marker.

Hey!.. I thought, what a fun idea!

You don't know how many times I have written notes only to be stumped as to where to leave them-

...on the bathroom mirror?

...on the fridge?

...on the door?

Well, here's my rendition....

OK, so I'd better get busy and do something...right after I make the bed..then, oh, have to get that load of laundry...oh, empty the dishwasher..answer the phone..better clean out the fridge..Oh Braxton, just 5 minutes of Mommy's, what was I doing??

Have a fun day and don't let the chicken chip get you down!


Monday, March 17, 2008

They say on St. Patrick's Day everyone's Irish....

...I don't agree. I mean, well, everyone wishes they were Irish..but not all are..or even close.

I can say this with conviction because I'm as close to 100% Irish as they come. Both sets of grandparents came over on the boat from Ireland.

My mother's maiden name was Sullivan and she married a Sullivan. (every time someone has asked what my Mothers maiden name was and I say "Sullivan" they look at me in a "oh your poor pitiful DUMB person!"way and say,"No, Hun, the name you mother had before she was married.."

Duh...I KNOW what 'maiden' name means..really..

Then they look at me like some sort of in-breed and I have to say .."they were from 2 separate clans of Sullivan's and according to my Mother, hers was "lace curtain" Irish and Daddy's was "damn shanty Irish"..

They just look now even more suspicious, wondering which one I am..or wondering why this getting-all-too-irate person is still in their line...

I am trying to be "lace curtain" but my temper is getting shorter and I think I may have more of the "damn shanty-Irish" genes in me...


Anyway, here is a neat article from when my sister Kathy (Kathleen) was born/baptized. The newspapers heard about the whole Sullivan thing - then, as if by chance (?) she was delivered by Dr. Sullivan and baptized by Father Sullivan (neither a relation - at least to our knowledge...) Godparents were both Sullivan's although from different sides..neither related to the other - at least to our knowledge...and my Mother's grandmother, Margaret Sullivan married a man named Patrick Sullivan...Geesh....

The paper is almost like a fragile leaf - crisp and delicate. I have it under glass and have made copies of it for future generations - it is very interesting. We don't know who wrote "Mary" on it but I have a feeling it was Kathy, maybe later when someone showed it to someone and it was left out...I'm sure it was her Father's damn-shanty-Irish comin' out...

So, while everyone else may be an "Irish-wannabe" , we are the real-deal. And proud of it.

After all, the Irish invented the giggles. And red cheeks.. And laughing at themsleves..and everyone else... and great story telling...and strong, beautiful women, and big, strappin' men. When we're happy we sing...when we're sad, we sing louder.

And I am very proud, not just today, but everyday, to be a part of the best heritage on earth..(oh, we're very humble as well...)

So, for your reading pleasure, I give you a few Irish jokes....

Have you heard about the Irish boomerang? It doesn't come back, it just sings songs about how much it wants to.

There was this guy who was 1/2 Irish, 1/2 Scottish. He wanted a drink but he couldn't bring himself to buy one....

Q: What's Irish and stays out all night in the summertime?

A: Paddy O'Furniture!

So from all of us Sullivan's' and my grandchildren, Brian James, Connor Michael, Alyssa Marie, Emily Amanda and Ella Ireland, we all say....

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!!


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Now this is what Saturdays should be..

Yeppers..the day started off sunny and sorta warm-ish - probably in the high 40's.

Ended up snowing later in the evening- just like someone shook the snow-globe. It was quite pretty and Mr. B had already taken all of the remodeling stuff to the curb we sat inside and enjoyed it.

We went to a thrift sore here called Deseret Industries (DI for short). It's run by the Mormon church and there are several around the valley.

We go in periodically to see what new...and today I scored big this "vase-like-lamp" for $5!'s kinda different - it really was not meant to have a shade...

Then I picked up this little cheese-dome - thought it would look cute with a small nest with eggs in it - for $1

These bowls are pretty big - good for chips and the like for parties - and for $1 each, couldn't pass them up. Not a chip on either...

(excuse the drill still sitting on the turn-table..heehee...)

I also spotted this..


Don't know who's in the photo - but the frame is heavy and only $1. We also saw, but I didn't buy, a large frame with someone's wedding photo still in it! Totally from the 80's - big hair on her and him with a mullet - how funny! Even if you're going to donate the frame- at least take out the photo, people!Embarrassing to say the least...

Then I wondered if the frame I bought might be magnetic -
it silly duck would attest to..

These western star hooks are cast iron and heavy - and at 50 cents each, a real bargain..

Can't forget the pups...found this tin with some cute pictures - got it solely for the artwork..cute, huh?

Found this cute little bird..50 cents..

Then, at a "regular" store, World Market, found this GREAT bag. It was on the 75% off table but did not have a price tag attached. The other bags were all about $24.99 before discount.... I picked it up and carried it around until I found someone to ask - she sent me to the register and when the girl scanned it said "$2.47"

SHUT UP! That's like 90% off! (see, I CAN do math when I want to)

I thought it would be like $15 or $20 dollars, at least! She entered the SKU numbers again and came up with the same amount...$2.47..I'll take it says I..


( the round things are like blig-y round shiny objects)...and it's lined with this pretty lime-ish green...

The colors are really much more vibrant than they show here. I LOVE it!

Have a great Sunday and remember to flush, wash, brush, floss...and call your Mother!