Friday, April 4, 2014

Just a sittin' & a singin'... know that song...."something something something and warm woolen mittens,,yadda yadda yadda and whiskers on kittens"??

Cute song..maybe with knowing all the words..and cute visuals..warm woolen mittens.." ..wrapped around a cuppa good hot chocolate, right?  Mmm..

and "whiskers on kittens.."  bright eyes and pink noses and all too cute with extremely long whiskers..  cute little mice with whiskers...bunnies..adorable.. <3 p="">

Well, lemme tell you..whiskers may be too too cute on kittens..but not so much on my chinny-chin-chuin...

And the "no-see-ums"? The ones you KNOW are 3 inches long..and stiff and ugly. But when you look in the 10X's magnifying mirror (who invented these anyway? Cruel..just cruel) you cannot see ANYthing? You put the mirror down..feel your chin and THERE. IT. IS. AGAIN!


When and if you  are lucky enough to blindly grab on to it with the mostly useless tweezers..the thing is like7 inches long!

What the..??

Why didn't I see it? Why is the hair in my eyebrows getting thinner and and migrating to my chin?  When is this atrocity happening? When I sleep?

Oh bother...maybe I'll just call myself a kitten and be done with it...


ps...I may need to shave my legs what with summer coming...