Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A woman without a purse is like..ahh..a fish without a limp..


Purses – you know about my appreciation for purses…handbags…sachels..totes..carry-alls…

So today as I was heaving my new-sorta-new-to-me great new Liz Claiborne bag I picked up at DI (Deseret Industries ..our thrift store- isn’t it a dream??!!),

$3.00..no, seriously..THREE DOLLARS!
 That's like 3 McDollar burgers at McDonalds..
...or 3 things at the Dollar Store..
"So how much is this pen?'
a dollar
..and this flashlight?
a dollar..
OK, so how about this can of beans??

Then  I thought of why we need to carry bags at all..and felt sorta sorry for the men who don’t have anything to carry their stuff in..

Oh, I know, they can have a “Man-bag” ..but really, they have it pretty easy if they are with a woman who already has a purse.

“You have any Tylenol?”

“I could use some hand cream..got any in there?”

“Do you have a mint or some gum?”

“Nail clippers?”


“Band Aids? Splints? Disinfectant? Snake bite kit??”


“Fork lift??”

Yeah, we have bags like that, huh?

I found a rock once..and I really needed it too. We were somewhere where the napkins were blowing and I reached in my bag and plopped my rock down and the day was saved! Not to mention I was acting all GREEN and saving the environment from wayward napkins..

So it’s no wonder we have to have it all ...and  a place to carry it all..




Magnifying glasses

Hand sanitizer






Sidewalk chalk

Tent stakes


Tire jacks

Bicycle horns

Skate keys



Badminton rackets

Tiara and a cape..{so I can save the world..and look good doing it..}

Poop bags {doggie owners can relate..}


Doggie treats..

Aren’t men lucky to have us???

Yeah, I think so too.

{do you remember that scene in One Fine Day with George Clooney and Michelle Phiffer when she pulls together costumes for both of their kids for a school function out of her bag? George says “I wanna bag like that..”}

Have a great handbag-lovin' day ;-D



Laurie said...

Isn't it amazing the things we can cram into a bag? I'd be lost without one! I find along with everything else, a breakfast or lunch fits just fine!

Mellodee said...

And this is why nearly every woman I know suffers from shoulder, neck, and arm pain. All that stuff weighs a ton! We carry this tonnage with us everywhere we go! For decades!! You'd think we were all hoping to run into Monty Hall (remember "Let's Make a Deal"?) asking for a snow tire!!! :)

Lucy said...

When I was .... ahem ..... married oh lo those many years ago, I had a purse. HE didn't. So when we went anywhere guess who got to carry everything HE wanted carried and didn't want to carry. All those years on any vacation HE couldn't carry the d*** camera so he always gave it to me to put in my purse and my shoulder was the one that ached from the heavy burden of a purse that was getting heavier by the minute. All those years. Then (as it was getting closer to the end of that marriage anyway) HE gave me a camera to put into my purse and the pent up frustration of YEARS came out and said.... "Carry your own damn camera!!"

And it was very very good. I felt better. My shoulder felt definately felt better. And by that time I didn't care what HE felt like.

The End.

madrekarin said...

Funny post! But, I feel like I'm letting my gender down! All I carry in mine is a wallet, a checkbook, and extra set of keys, a purse hanger, a lipstick, a pen and a few BandAids.
I hang my head in shame. ;)

diane said...

Golly gosh you would need a fork lift to carry all that stuff. I'm not one for handbags I only have one at a time...doh...borrrring. If I go out with him I don't take a bag as he has "The Wallet". Hey but i love pockets. I carry my phone, keys and camera in pockets....yep my hips look twice as big.

Sue said...

Love the way your mind works - you come up with the best posts that hit home with so many of us. This purse post is no exception!



Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Yes, I remember that bag, in that film! ,-)

But I'm pretty minimalist with my standard bag. It's just a pretty tote with 'Gibson Girls' faces on it. Been washed/dried much and it keeps shrinking, but I keep using it.

My family calls it "The Nana Bag." :-)

Gentle hugs...

Vee said...

I am so not a purse person, but I can still appreciate your beautiful $3 handbag. That's pretty incredible. I've always worried about men sitting on those wallets. Seems to me that they'd have back troubles or hip troubles or butt troubles. Ha!

Jean said...

Your purse is adorable and 3 bucks, WOW! Haven't been around in awhile so thanks for all the good reads. You are too funny! Jean

Just Breathe said...

I remember that scene very well!
I use to work with a bunch of guys who would ask for stuff and yes I almost always had what they needed.
I have to downsize my purse this weekend for Vegas, that is a hard job! I love purses :)

Melinda Cornish said...

gotta love those bags....and george clooney...is there a bag I can put him in? let me know if you see one at D.I., I will swing by and pick it up....you make me laugh.

Vicki said...

Ok, if someday I walk into a DI and see some cute gal at the purse section opening every one and looking at labels...I'll know it's YOU! You do that, huh..I know you do..that's why you have all the cool ones (o: