Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thought you might want to see a Zumba class..

This is not my class..but it is my teacher.  She does this class on Tuesday & my classes are on Wednesday and Sunday..

Now remember, we do this to many different songs, for the entire hour with just enough time in between to get a sip of water..really!!

This is Waka Waka by Shakira for the World Cup Soccer in Africa..LOVE this song!

And if you have a minute, here's another one of our favorites:

So, with this help and Weight Watchers, I am going from this... this..

..and I'm still not done!

Soooo, you'll be seeing less and less of me...hopefully!


Laurie said...

OK Colleen, we don't have classes in these parts, but I've been watching the infomercial. I guess it's time to get with it! You look FANTASTIC!! I applaud your sticktoativeness!

Claudie said...

It's taking my computer way too long to download your song, but if this is what it's doing to you I'll be back tomorrow to check it out. BTW I think your sending your extra weight to Canada. I've gained 5 lbs. lol,
Love Ya
Love Me

Just Breathe said...

Boy do I need that kind of change.
You look wonderful, congratulations on sticking to it.
Those classes look like fun.

Mandy said...

fun fun fun way to ,lose weight...and gir!!!look at are really kicking butt in this weight loss journey...woohoo!!!!!!

Sweet Repose said...

I wanna be just like you when I grow up...I feel so invigorated...THANKS...think I'll go dance with a dresser in my front yard!!!

Girl you look FABU!!! Keep it up,us ol' grey mares still got the giddiupandgo...we're on your side sista!!!

Luv ya in Ioway!

Lucy said...

What fun that looks like! Wish I was coordinated enough to do it. Yayyyy on how you look!!

madrekarin said...

I'm exhausted just watching them dance! That looks like so much fun and you look fabulous!

Joyce said...

Congratulations! You are my inspiration! Keep up the good work. You look amazing and I bet you feel just as good too!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

You are looking GORGEOUS!!! Truly.

And even better than how you look, is that your bod has to be in a more healthy state now.

I am so proud of you!!!!!!!!

You rock, Hon!!!!!!!!!

La Dolce Vita with LeAnn said...

I am so proud of you...and you look absolutely beautiful. I've been a little busy and haven't stopped by any blogs for a few weeks...(the new addition is keeping us up and awake night and day...but we love every minute of it!)

You always make me laugh and smile with your great sense of the word verification fooksin! Too funny!

Vee said...

Oh you poor thing. I'd never make it. I mean it. John would have to sling me over his shoulder and haul my sorry behind home. Do you have fun? You're looking fabulous!

Pearl said...

Wow! you are the incredible shrinking women I think they made a movie about you years ago? I am so impressed and like Laurie I see the infomercials to and it looks like fun. You go girl!

Charmingdesigns said...

What fun...wish I could join you...Your before and after should make your heart sing. You are really doing a fantastic job. Its been fun following your heartfelt journey!! Keep up the good work, now that things have settled down I'm going to start walking, No more rain to keep me indoors!! Just sunshine

Vicki said...

Oh, i need to find one of these classes closer to, the dorm. Not that I could do it as good as you...
Like everyone else Colleen, I love what you've done! Keep it up and you'll be like Twiggy! Remember her? Ok, that's way too thin..

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

WOW!! Good on YOU!

How long has this taken?
I'm off to search for these classes.
I'm in Auckland, New Zealand so I hope they've reached our shores.

I'll report in again sometime soon.

Please come and visit me and I'll get my pretty teacups out and make YOU very welcome!

Lori R. said...

You look fantastic grammaZumba!!! Dance lessons along with losing weight!!! woohoo!!! looks like fun! Does Mr. B. join you? You could be a hit on Saturday night at the dance hall together! said...


Congrats to becoming a healthier, happier YOU.

Your Friend,