Thursday, June 17, 2010

pU yobwoC

Yeppers..that's what I saw today while walking the pups..

"pU yobwoC"...on a it's back window..

Seems someone actually spent good money on a window cling..the kind you put  on the back of your trucks rear, presumably, one can see that you are a ...cowboy.

Not you.  No. don't need to be driving around town looking back and seeing that you need to "Cowboy Up"

You should have your eyes on the road anyway..

Cowboy Up..that's s term used to say 'Well just because you got bucked off a 2500 lb bull and he stomped on your head..there is no crying in man up a man...cowboy up.. you wuss.."

From the Urban Dictionary:
1. cowboy up
"it means when things are getting tough you have to get back up, dust yourself off and keep trying. "

So I guess Cowboy Up is a good thing..short. To the point.

Kinda like Kenny Chesney..hahahhaha...(get it? the point??")

{Ahhh, sometimes I crack me up..}

..but I think in this case..the person didn't realize it's supposed to show on the OUTside of the while in traffic..someone behind you could see that you are, in fact, a real cowboy..

Anyway, I have been noticing lately a deficiency in ahh..using one's brain?? 

Yeah, not just the fact that this cowboy wanna-be didn't know it's supposed to be on the outside, but we had a woman call in the other day and ask if we had a DNA test to tell the parents of a child.

"Do you mean a paternity test?"

"No...a maternity test.."

"Excuse me?  You want ot know if the child is...uh..yours?"

"Yes, exactly.."

"Uh, did you give birth to this child..uh..after carrying it for the 9 months, give or take a few weeks?"

"Yes..but he's a grown man now...and he really doesn't like me, so I want a maternity test so see if I am the mother..."


Then the was the guy who said he couldn't sign into the site..

"All I can see in the top right hand side where I should sign-in is "Sign Out".."

"Well, umm, that's because you are signed you don't need to sign in..and when you want to the sign-out button.."

"OOOOHHH. OK.  I'll try that.but can I call you if it doesn't work?"

So goes it..another day..another unbelievable question..

Have you spotted any intelligent life lately??



Emmy said...

Haha; sometimes people are idiots, but they're still pretty funny! :3

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, you've got a foreign comment here. If I was on a Pc and not on a Mac, I'd be very afraid to click on any of that click-able-link stuff, in it.

Not that I will click on it anyway, even if I am on a [still safe] Mac.

Hope you check soon and remove it. And perhaps, think about putting Comment Verification setting on? That way, this won't happen. You'll read your Comments, before you Publish them.

And not positive but, think that the Word Verification Setting would not stop this particular *evil* comment. Think that blogger's name is a so-called-real-one and it would not be caught by Word Ver. Or whatever. Not sure. You'd have to check it out.

Good luck!

Lucy said...

Hmmmm....a MaternityPaternity test to find out if you're the mother of your children. You know that has something there. Especially when the two children I thought I gave birth to turned out to be absolutely nothing like me in any shape, form, or subject known to man (or woman) on earth. That answers a whole heck of a lot of questions. They are probably not mine. Yes!!! Which I will know for sure just as soon as you sign me up for one of those tests.

Vee said...

This one had me laughing out loud. You might only crack yourself up here and there, but you crack me up daily. A maternity test...hahahahahaha... No, but really, she might have stolen him from the nursery and raised his as her own...

Mellodee said...

Maternity Test?? Hmmmm.... Well, I suppose a couple of babies could be accidently switched in a hospital....or maybe the baby was replaced by an alien look-alike....or maybe she doesn't see very well and one day she picked up the wrong baby in the park....or maybe she's just STOOPID! OMG!

Further proof that SOME people are dumb and getting dumber and they are BREEDING!

Laurie said...

Laughed til I cried Colleen!! This is so funny. A maternity test!!? And love the "I See Dumb People!" What a hoot!!

wendy said...

OH My!!!!! I am still laughing!!!!
Your post made my day! Have a great week!

Melinda Cornish said...

amazing.....a maternity test.....

Vicki said...

Hey, Maybe I should have you do a reverse maternity test...

Sometimes I wonder if I really came from my mom...

But then I'd be in the category of people who shouldn't reproduce...

Or she would...hehe