Saturday, June 19, 2010

Iced Tea, Puppy Meat and Hummingbird Juice...

..noooo..that's not my shopping, eeeeww..

It's my week.

OK, let me explain..

Iced Tea - at work we seldom go out to lunch, choosing rather to stay in, eat at our desks and leave work a half hour prior to heavy going-home traffic.

So we seldom see when the day is sun shinny & warm, or cold & rainy..or when we decided to go out this week, we were sooo pleased to find sun...and shinny..and warm..and..

..2 little boys in the parking lot of the bowling alley next door to our office with a lemonade stand selling....iced tea...

Well, I was told never to pass a lemonade stand run by entrepreneurial children without making a purchase.

These two were little 9 year old charmers..they seemed surprised by our purchases and when asked how business was going, said we were the first customers.

While one was pouring the first drink for Cayce, my co-worker, the other told his partner that he needed to fill another cup "for the other young lady"...ME..hahahha! Yes, he earned a tip..and I'm certain he'll be a future Fortune 500 company CEO..or a used car salesman..

When I make my grocery list out for Mr. B, I look at it and think if he ever dropped it in the parking lot, someone would certainly shake their head when they see:
puppy meat

No. no..nononoooo ..for treats we give them that thin, wrinkly meat sold for sandwiches..10 calories ..pure joy.

Puppy Meat.

Humming bird juice.. may remember our summer of Humming bird nests, and Sweetie-Bird Mama..two teeny eggs, then finally Gracie & Georgie..

Well, we've seen 2 Humming birds come back this year and we think hope know that it's them..

So we feed.

 Hummingbird juice - hand made my Evelyn, my Mother-in-Law because she doesn't think it's good to feed them  artificially colored processed  hummingbird food..

Such is life on Main Street.  Am I lucky or what...



Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Do not drop such a list!!!!!!!!! Write it and carry it, with gloves on, even. Then if it is dropped, no evidence can be collected. lol

You even had me worried, with that 'puppy meat.'


just call me jo said...

That's what people get when they snoop on others lists...I say. I knew exactly what you meant--?? Yes, I did.

Vee said...


John never passes by a lemonade stand either. Course he never drinks what is purchased. Did you?

Vicki said...

I wonder if I could get away with a lemonade stand...hummmm.

Ok, love that you *shopped*, that the *other kids* came back home, and that the puppy meat was not what someone would think it was on a list...Cruella :)

Enjoy the sunshine today!

Mellodee said...

Your list is a great example of the importance of context!! :)

Just Breathe said...

Those are all sweet items. I bet you made their day, the boys, the dogs and the hummingbirds :)

Laurie said...

I make my own "hummingbird juice" too Colleen, never called it that, but will have to now! Your list is priceless, I wouldn't want it lost either, you might end up with the cops at your door!
(Sent you an e-mail!)

susan said...

Absolutely love that that the Hummingbirds came back. What a treat.