Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Snack Lady?? Seriously??...

Hey, that's not fair..

 Who says life should be fair because you are a good person? It’s like expecting the bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian..

So, we all have new “opportunities” at work..and I am probably luckier than most ..maybe it’s because I am OLDER than most..

But one of my new responsibilities is “Tea Time”.

....a wonderful tradition started by the foundation prior to my getting here.

 Everyday at 2:30, all gather in the break room for ‘snacks’..

Yeah, kinda like in kindergarten...

..but without the naps ..see what I mean about not fair..??

And I am to come up with each day's snack..

Wait..what..?? Does that include like cooking and {grocery} shopping??

Um, I think I am missing the grocery-shopping-cooking marker in my DNA..??

Something you’d think these people would be knowledgeable about, no?

Apparently..no. Not so much..

Well, let’s see…the other day we had the International House of Workplace Snacking when I “fixed” pizza rolls, Swedish fish and Mexican soda pop..oh..and gave them Chinese Chop sticks to eat the pizza rolls with..

Yesterday is was Organic Animal Crackers & Nutella..and left over Mexican pop..

Today, frozen Otis Spunkmier’s Chocolate Chip Cookies (I'll  bake them..they do have instructions, right??) and..uh..let’s see..MEXICAN POP?
Yeah..somebody’s got to drink that so I can justify buying  milk, or Sunny D..or the winejuice boxes..

Sooo I promptly ‘splained to them that after the cupboards were bare of the junk that the previous Queen of the Kitchen had purchased ( a guy named Dallin)..

We will be eating healthy snacks..fruit, cheese, Hummus and crackers…veggie trays..sugar-free Popsicles..Jello…

Maybe even actual tea sometimes..

 Again, ‘splained to them I am on Weight Watchers and not being a masochist, I would not be doing calorie-laden goodies e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y...after all "treats" and supposed be treats..not everyday food..

All nodded..but I could see their sad little faces and read their thoughts....

 “it’s not fair!”

..then one said sheepishly..

“Ah-ha... But can we still have Oreos & milk? ‘Cos that’s my favorite..please? please ?pleasepleaseplease??”

Well, I said I’m not a masochist..... I’m not…DEAD..

Anyway, aren't Oreos and Milk on of the basic food groups? On that there pyramid of food thingy? Right along with “Grains – 6 to 11 servings”??

alchol?? who knew??

Yeah..I think I saw “Oreos & Milk” ..or maybe..

H.U.G.E cookies ...with raisins...

Have a fairly great day..wait..no I mean great fair day..




Laurie said...

Ella is adorable! What I'd give for that HUGE cookie right now!

Vicki said...

Just did a looksee and had to laugh at the forgotten eggs...I've done that myself! So you're not loosing it anymore than I am....ummm, ya.

The flowers are so pretty and I remember the cactus i's blooming so pretty in Az too.

As for the snack time, stick to your guns on that one.. and eat oreo's (o:

Sweet as always little Ella...

Be back again soon.

Sherry Goodloe said...

I saw the Oreos and milk as WELL!! *smiles*

Dapoppins said...

I am still lauging at that puppy dog !!!

diane said...

I wouldn't like that job at all. Good for you give them healthy eats.Ella is just gorgeous and that cookie looked pretty good too.

Life is good! said...

i want that job. planning tea time, how fun! oreos and mild would be good but i say class it up a little and have chips ahoy and milk. ok maybe that's not classier but it would be my choice! enjoy your new job!

Manndi said...

lol too funny. Way to go for actually cooking! I for one support the healthy snacks :) Seriously, how many days in a row can people have goldfish without getting sick of them?

Breezy said...

I love the idea of healthy snacks!!
now if you could just figure a way to chocolate coat some broccoli.. :)
just kidding!


Vee said...

That grandgirlie is so cute. Loved the crossed eyes as she began...made me giggle. Wow! Now that sounds like a job I could love...planning tea and all. I once heard of a job where the gal took care of all birthdays and holidays and daily snack time. It was very well received and she made a good living while having fun. Are you having fun? Glad that they'll still have oreo cookie day. Love that little boy taking a nap with his bum right up in the air...too cute!

Just Breathe said...

I like that idea of an afternoon break with snacks. I think some caffeinated tea would keep everyone awake! You will do a great job and I am sure they will be happy with what you serve.
Love the video with the HUGE cookie.

Zuzu said...

Everyday? Wow - I'm impressed. I had to come up w/ snack for my cub scouts on a weekly basis and that was a challenge! :)
I do love the idea of stopping work, getting together for snack & eating something healthy. Bravo! I used to just grab a candy bar from the vending machine and keep working. :/

Have yourself a happy day, Colleen!

Sue said...

Oh my...little Ella is such a little doll! Toooooooooo cute!

Of course oreos and milk are part of the main food groups.


Melinda Cornish said...

oreos are in their own food group...I am pretty sure.

Karen said...

I have never in my life heard of a company that provided snacks every day!