Monday, June 28, 2010

What's your "threat level"?

You know, when things kinda get outta hand?

Like you think some things can only get so messed up that you laugh..because you know the only other alternative is...chocolate......... or mojitos?

Or Chocolate Mojitos?

Where the boss comes out and says..
"It's exhausting being on Orange Alert.. all.the.time.."

{If this were OUR chart of "completely-flubbed-up-Monday"..}

Just out of the "safe" zone..but not completely in the "danger " zone..?? was like that..both for being an employee and a mother..

Things just seem to go along well, then one sneezes..or blinks or does both at the same time..

Hey, did you know it's next to impossible to sneeze and keep your eyes open?  Try it..can't be done..

How do I know this?  Just trust me..

{has to do with pulling into a gas station and sneezing and hitting the accelerator....bye- gones..}

So, well, we made it through one day and tomorrow we get to do it all again...but things always look better in the light of a new day..right??

OK, maybe not everything..

..but mostly, right??

OK, OK, but by afternoon, things should be looking' up..


So..for now...keep looking up.............and hope you don't trip on some darned toy left on the sidewalk...



Laurie said...

Ahhh yes, those kind of days! Know them all too well. Hope your week goes great, and the lady on the stool didn't end up on her butt on the sidewalk. Really, where do you find these pictures!?

Connie said...

Some of your pictures are so funny ! I love the one with the dog under the chair. Too much!!!

Connie said...
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diane said...

The picture of the frazzled hair was how I used to feel at the end of a day teaching. I'm lucky I don't have those days anymore. Retirement is good. Our biggest problem is remembering. Where did we put the....? I only did this yesterday and now I can't remember how I did it. Hope your week improves. Boy it is cold here today we had to turn on the heating before nightfall.

just call me jo said...

But blogging helps! Tomorrow will be a better day.

Anonymous said...


Sue said...

Love the way you illustrate your thoughts with such fabulous pics and graphics! Days like this are sent to make us appreciate the next day even more! LOL



Karen said...

Heads up! tomorrow is a new day with all the promise that holds.

Home and Heart said...

Hello and thank you SO much for visiting my blog!! I had a good laugh over your pup pics!! I SO often feel like the little dog under the chair, about to be squished by that big ol' butt stress!!

Just Breathe said...

By now I assume things are better.
Love the graphics.