Sunday, June 20, 2010

My girls and I have been blessed.. the wonderful Dads we have for our children...

Chris..the first of the "Next Generation" of Dads..was a great Dad from the very first moment..

He never thought about NOT changing diapers, spending time with his son, sharing the work load a first child would bring (and subsequently, second then third child)

He read stories, played ball, went shopping, taught them to fish.all the things a great Dad would do..

But mostly he loved them. A lot. And he told them. A lot. And he's there. All. The. Time for them..

And he loves their Mother.

So Chris, thank you. And we love you.

Our own son, Andy was next.  Married a beautiful redhead and became an instant Dad to a little girl, then to his son.  Again, he became a force in the lives of his children, loving and cherishing them. Even when he and the beautiful redhead said good-bye, he remained a steadfast force in the life of these children.

Johnny was a hit in our family from the moment Brandi told us about him.  With the patience of a saint, he loved Brandi and her crazy ways.  Crazy Las Vegas wedding (married by..uh.."Elvis"..) surrounded by a huge loving family who danced to Viva Las Vegas in the wedding chapel, he became a Dad 10 months later and gave us all the gift of Ella..and gave us all the gift of devoted husband to Brandi and loving father to Ella..Johnny is a powerful combination of Peurto Rican honor, passion and strength, loving his wife and child with all of his heart.

For my own children, the very role model who taught my sons and daughters what a good husband and father looks like, is of course, Mr. B..who "choose" this crazy, full time and handful of an instant family and continues to support, mentor, love and honor each of them....and more importantly..(and at times, more difficultly..) loves and honors me.

It was an easy promotion to GRANDfather, a role he simply cherishes.  Still guiding, teaching, mentoring and loving, we all know, from the youngest Ella to the oldest child April, how wonderful this man is.

He set the bar high for our sons and daughters and all have made the cut.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads and future Dads in my life.

I love  and cherish you all..

And Happy Father's Day, Daddy. I miss you every day of my life..



Laurie said...

What a beautiful tribute to your family Dad's Colleen, they must be just as proud of you as you are of them!

whitemorn said...

A beautiful post. A great bunch of dads. Love Pam

Karen said...

You've got a great family, Colleen.

Vicki said...

How lucky you all are to have each other. That's what make this old world keep going. Thanks for showing us how it should be Colleen.
And Happy Dad's Day to Mr. B

Vee said...

It's nice to see all the men in your life...what a sweet tribute to them.

Just Breathe said...

Beautiful post filled with love for all the dad's in your life.