Friday, June 18, 2010


Who says there's no free lunch?

Well, they probably are right..but there are some great deals on lunch..

But my post tonight is not about lunch at all..but it is about something free :-)

{free is my favorite price}

While Mr. B was at the hardware you remember "hardware stores"? Like they used to be??

Daddy was a carpenter/handyman and I sometimes tagged along with him on those trips to the hardware store..

People knew his name and there were some of the funnest things to be found..pots & pans, rope, clothespins, jars, chicken feeders, rabbit rabbits sometimes!

OK, that's not what I was posting about either..

..Mr. B & the hardware big-box-impersonal-not rabbit-filled hardware store..

Found the pretties color inspiration samples..things I'm certain I can incorporate in my art work..

While he was pondering bolt sizes and putty v/s caulk..I went to the paint department to browse..

Just look at these great collages..

And..yes they were free..unless you count the fact that they are probably considered " promotional materials" which we all end up paying for in higher costs of the original product..

There were ..


...all so pretty..

Anyway, next time you're accompanying the busy-little-worker-bee to the hardware..look around.  You may just be surprised at the inspiration you will find:



Karen said...

A memory from long ago just popped into my head when you wrote about hardware stores. I think I had to have been about four years old... going to a hardware store with my father. The smell was a combination of metal, grease and animal feed. There were wood floors that sounded so hollow and a slamming screen door. Tall men in overalls, big boots, lots of laughing and discussion, a little cigarette smoke, and rough hands. Wow! Thanks for bringing that all back to me.
Have a great weekend.
Ladybug Creek

Vicki said...

Aww yes, the good 'ol hardware stores. Karen's memories are mine too and living in the little country towns, ya still find them..

Cool colors Colleen. Have fun exploring and let us know what ones you pick...I'm on the green side.

madrekarin said...

I love a good hardware store. There is always something to be found in one that you didn't know you needed. There was one near us that, when you walked through the door, was like a step back in time. I loved that place. Sadly, it is closed now, muscled out by WalMart and Home Depot. And they don't carry things like tiny corks for your salt and pepper shakers, cast iron skillets or clothespin aprons. Boo. :(
Can't wait to see what you create!

Emmy said...

Oooh! Those pictures are so pretty! (Personally, I LOVE hardware stores...I just love to wander around them; don't have the slightest idea what any of the stuff does, though. My dad always used to go to them, and I tagged along because I wanted to be with him. Even now, the only time I'm there anymore is to get something for my dad!)

Laurie said...

We had a hardware store downtown, that always had displays outside. Sleds, wagons, gardening tools, I enjoyed the outside as much as the inside. I remember going with mom to buy clothesline rope and cloths pins.

Just Breathe said...

I do remember those hardware stores. Wow, what a great way to sell paint! They sold me on those colors :) Have a great weekend.