Thursday, June 10, 2010

Letters & abbreviations (l-o-n-g word for a short thing, no?)

We all use them..

TGIF! - Thank Goodness It's Friday...

S.H.I.T - Sorry, Honey, It's Thursday...

And some I get confused with WTF? ..

It¹s Wednesday Thursday Friday, no?

In a song by the Zac Brown Band ­ he says "a PBR on the way"..

Mr. B asked if I knew what PBR was..

"Yes! Professional Bull Riders ! He must be glad he's going to the rodeo

(insert my goofy-raised-in-Arizona--grin).."

                                                           {See?? I was  right!}
"Uh.... no. It¹s Pabst Blue"


I remember years ago they were always taking on the news about ICBM rockets..

I thought it was Inner City Beer Missles...

Wrong again..

And last week's 5K? Maybe I'll train hard and run a K-9..

..or really train for

..a 401K !

Learned through my job that DNA is NOT   Do Not Assist....
..and the true meaning of ASAP? Whenever I Get Around To It..

Yeah, like  WIGATI wouldn't make more sense??

So, WW doesn't stand for Wide Woman..oh wait..that one's probably {sorta} right..right??

So right now, I'm LOL out loud....oh, well that's redundant now isn't it??..


ps.... ­ Speaking of K-9's....please look into this VERY worthwhile charity:

Since 2000, over 500 U.S. police dogs have lost their lives in the line of duty.

What Police K9s Do for Us

Police dogs are used in a variety of law enforcement roles, including:

•serving as patrol partners

•tracking and apprehending suspects

•detecting drugs, explosives, accelerants, and other contraband

•locating missing persons

•assisting in search-and-rescue missions

•supporting the delivery of warrants and high-risk arrests

•maintaining order through deterrence

•and much more!

-me again


Sue said...

LOL....I get so confused with some of the shortforms. STFU - I just found out today what "that" means. Interesting isn't it? Learn something every day!

Police K9s are so awesome - a very good organization to support.



Melinda Cornish said...

half of the abbreviations I get in emails I am clueless about......

Laurie said...

YMML Colleen, (figure it out?) You're so funny!
I agree about the police dogs, and had never heard of the organization. I'll check it out, thanks!

diane said...

I need a dictionary of these so that I can understand my phone messages.

Vee said...

Funny stuff! You really should be doing stand up and making a fortune.

Breezy said...

Laurie... YMML ( you make me laugh) ??

Great post Colleen. Course they always are!


marĂ­a cecilia said...

Hi dear, so nice meeting you!!! Coming here to visit you is a great and funy pleasure!!!!
Thank you for your interest in my blog, I`ll follow you for sure, too.
Greetings from Chile,
Maria Cecilia

Just Breathe said...

Okay, that was fun. I often have to ask what the letters mean.
I thought LOL was lots of love!
I use to use it all the time until I realized it meant laugh out loud!

Vicki said...

HAHA...TTYL Colleen :)