Friday, January 1, 2010

"Twas the day afer New Year's..

...and all through the house..

We're starting to play with the Toys of know..the Origami pack..the new books..the...Garmin..

Yeeeah..have you programmed one? Mr. B was setting it up and said it would take about 2 hours to upload the updated maps..

So two four hours still hadn't updated..

Mr. B went to bed..

I tried. I couldn't. It was still hooked up to my laptop..and I hadn't blogged yet.

Five hours..checking..I'm checking..I'm patiently waiting...and waiting..becoming less patient.

Now remember, I'm not a techie. What's the opposite of techie?

an Un-techie.

That's sort of an understatement. I had to write out the directions to be able to use the DVD player..and there's always the black tape over the flashing 12:00 on the old video player.

But even with my stupidity technology-challenged knowledge, I figured something was not right.

Upon bleary-eyed closer inspection, I was lucky enough confidently found the re-start feature and realized we needed to have clicked on an additional link..

So I did and finally, it was on it's way...and about 7:30 this morning (a full 10 1/2 hours later) the "2 hours" of uploading began.

Oh, let the fun begin..

It's working..and Mr. B, who's now fully rested and refreshed...&*^#*&! says me..wants to "try it out..wanna come??"

"No. Noooo. I want to sleep."

He programmed in ..."Wal-Mart"..{ the one he goes to at least 2 times a week } and whadda guides him safely..and without getting lost.

If he wanted someone with a girly voice to tell him where to go this morning, I could have..

After all, I've read the manual...

..and got my license..

So when we go out later, he had not one, but 2 women telling him directions..and they we don't always agree.

Now he has 2 women telling him where to go and I find I am arguing with ..her..

Oh well...

maybe I'll get some sleep tonight..

..hopefully, Ms. Garmin will too...


Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Sorry can't type...laughing too hard!


diane said...

Now the fun starts. BB argues with ours "Phillipa" but she never gets angry with him and just calmly says"route recalculation"
Love your illustrations.

Lucy said...

Mine's name is Gladys. Gladys likes to choose strange route off the freeways. Hmmm...wonder if I have her set up correctly.

All My Yesterdays said...

OH, what a silly way to start the New Year! You are sooo dang funny girl. And if sweet'ol Mr B needs directions to the Wally World he goes to twice a week...he DESERVES two women telling him where to go(O:
HaHa, have a fun weekend figuring it all out...and don't get lost!

Heather said...

LOL, too funny!

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

I needed a pick me up this morning and you sure did. I can always count on you to make me laugh and feel good. Thank you sweetie. Hope you have a lovely day!
Hugs, Pat

Charmingdesigns said...

Would love to know which one you got. Stacey is looking into getting one. I still have to program my bluetooth earpiece to my cell phone...$143 fine if caught talking on cell phone while driving a car.

madrekarin said...

Well, guiding you to the WalMart seems friendly enough. Just don't make her mad or she'll send you down some remote forestry road. ;)

Vee said...

Some things make me laugh out loud and this was one. Hope that it all works out for the best without any further fighting. And if there is another fight, may the best gal win...why YOU, of course.

Life is good! said...

everyman needs 2 women telling him where to go! have fun using the garmin, they are great on vacations where you have never been!

Lovey said...

Hi Colleen! I got a Garmin for Christmas too..although I forgot to read the directions (that's what that little book was..oh). Anywho, I kept trying to plug in my address and it kept saying "not found." After about 20 attempts and telling my 10 year old it's going back...I looked at the location again...and for Washington, DC I put Washington wonder it could find my "local" street. I guess now would be a good time to pull out that little book and read it! I didn't even know I had to update the maps! Hugs and Smiles..Lovey

Just Breathe said...

Glad you got it working. I always do google maps before I go anywhere. Love the jokes and the back seat drivers license! You never cease to amaze me with your photos.

Julie said...

Haaa!! I love the illustrations you find on the web. It must take you a really long time to find them all.