Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Have you ever met....

...a billionaire? A real billionaire? A female billionaire? No?

I did. Today. At work. And know what? She was nice. And kind. And looked into our eyes when she was introduced. And she

And she smiled and asked about our work..and she listened.

Imagine. And I wanna be just like her...when I grow up.

OK, so how was your day? Mine started out that a word?

I showered, shampooed and put "product" in my hair..and decided to look at the back of my hair with the hand mirror..something I should probably do all the time..

...or not.

Because what I saw confused me...I have while hair..short and rather straight. But what I saw

What the heck?

Yeah, it was my Really. PINK for goodness sakes.

I knew my hair was getting this, but this was ..weird.

So much for the old wives tales about cutting off your hair so it grows thicker. After all, I was bald..and it didn't come back thicker..

But this is ridiculous..

I need to go get some Preparation H...

No, it won't grow hair....

but it will shrink my scalp... so what I got fits better.....hahahahahahaa!

Ah, I crack me up.

{speaking about beautiful bald...hubba hubba)



空氣 said...
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All My Yesterdays said...

And Pink is Perfect!
I think you should post about wigs next....That would be a fun one (O:
But really Colleen, Beauty is as beauty does. Him? Ya, he's a HUNK but you're Beautiful!
Have a good *almost Friday*

Karen said...

Bald is beautiful baby!

Lori R. said...

Okay, I think I have gotten caught up! Love the cats, ty and tiki, love Michelle Pfeiffer (haven't seen that show), hubba, hubba is right! Hi Mr. B, and preparation H is also good under your eyes for wrinkles (just hopefully you aren't allergic to it because you will look like a racoon!)

Lucy said...

Hey...everytime I go to my hair guy I ask for a pink strip every time he weaves it. He won't do it. :(

Life is good! said...

me like bald!!!!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Pretty new blog look here!!!!!! Sooooooo nice!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, we do have to peek at our heads a lot! That ding-dang pink has a way of showing through. LOL.

I have a couple of "balding" spots. One right on the crown where the hair 'circle' starts. And one right smack dab in the middle of my head, just above my front hair line. Yishhhhhhh...

And it's no fair. Men can look hot, when bald. Women just look like they're in chemo. -sigh-

Well, there's only one way to change that! Lots of balding women go bald and say "Suck it up, World!" You tell me, when you decide to get brave and do it. >,-)

But I am toying with a form of mis-direction. If I dye one of my pixie-longer-side-strands a pink, then all attention will be on that. And all thoughts will be along the line of; "What the Hell did she do that for?"

And they won't bother with the balding spots! LOL.

Hey, I think I may put this on my 'Gals With Grandmother Faces' blog!

Kimme@Irish Cottage Dreams said...

A billionaire!! Wow, I didn't think they really existed. A urban legend or something :)

Pink is beautiful!
I have a spot too.Hormonal changes have caused the front of my hair to thin. I am taking 5000 MCGs of biotin. It is really helping... I can see the difference after 60 days. :) I also have a little spot in the back of my head that I am choosing to ignore! LOL!

Is that John Travolta? Hubba hubba is right! LOL!!


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Well, I did it! I ran with the idea of Pink Scalp Showing Through. And my idea to mis-direct, from it! -grin-

Vee said...

I have that condition from time to time, too. My mother did as well, but her hair truly has grown back thick and curly. Lucky gal!

Noooo, I've never met a lady billionaire nor a gentleman one either. I think I have met a millionaire. He was nice, too.

So you want to be good and kind or rich when you grow up or all of the above? I'd take good and kind with enough to spare.

Charmingdesigns said...

Some time "pink" isn't a "good thing" lol.

Janean said...

okay, if that's you, you may want to throw in a pair of tweezers for those...uh...straggling chinny-chin-chin hairs. *big wink* LOL. I crack me up....oh wait, that's been said.

cute, cute post!!! had fun!!!

Just Breathe said...

My very very favorite person in the world is John. Oh yes I call him John. (don't tell him that)
I think that maybe you should end each post with the picture!
So was the billionaire for real?
That is so awesome. Sorry about the pink....

Breezy said...

Pink is a good color... but frankly I prefer the photo of John!

La Dolce Vita with LeAnn said...

Oh the joy of growing into the "Pink" years....isn't it suppose to be Golden? Love the new blog look, been having lots of senior moments.......thanks for the laughs again!