Saturday, January 23, 2010

Things you probably don't want to hear on a Friday night...

1. Looks like it's going to snow all weekend.

2. Colleen, get over behind this truck for cover.

3. Do you realize we have no more work holidays until, like May?

4. We have guns drawn.

5. Ha, looked at this one...she's managed to take up 4 parking spaces.

6. Go back inside the building.

7. Exit the vehicle now.

8. Don't forget we still have to go across the street to the missionary farewell party.

9. Put your hands on you head and walk backwards towards us.

Yeppers, true story.

Numbers 1,3,5 and 8..not too bad.

The others, hmm, not so much.

OK, guess I need to explain.

While going to try Applebee's new "just 550 calories meals", which by the way, the Peppercorn Asiago Steak with steamed potatoes and veggies?? Yum-OH!....

We were finishing up our dinner and saw a car being pulled over by a police unit..

"Uh oh..some one's getting a ticket" says I

"Whoa..looks like he called for back-up" says Mr. B..."ready to go?"

"Wow, look at all those police cars..those lights sure are bright.."

"Yeah, don't forget we have the farewell party to go to..hope they don't have food..I'm stuffed"

So we push through the usual Friday night dinner crowd toward the exit..

"Boy, we made it in just in time ..look how busy they are now..hahahaha" {insert triumphant laughter}

This is where it get interesting...

As we walk out, the lights are really bright and I am squinting to now there are about 6 police cars, they've blocked off the street and I sort of see a person being handcuffed...Oh..and another policeman in front of them.... with his gun my direction..

Yep, that's when I heard #4..." we have guns drawn.."

My first thought was to get closer 'cause I sometimes have a little trouble hearing..especially when I'm not paying attention to Mr. B..and say "excuse me??"

But I didn't, because then I heard Mr. B clearly say...#2

"Wha?? I just was going to see what's going on.."

He repeated #2 ..a little louder now...just in case..

Which was followed by #6...

By now my eyes were adjusting to the bright spotlights, the blue and red flashing lights, the dark night sky,,,

..and the image of several police officers with their "guns drawn"..

This if course, was followed by #'s 7 and 9..

Which was followed by Mr. B explaining they were talking to us to get back inside the building so as not to have us in harm...

...and that my seemingly not paying attention could have cause them to get so frustrated with me that they'd think..."just shoot her already.."

So, while the arrests were bring made and we were in our vehicle,

..we made our way home and to the farewell party..where they did have tons of food from Guatemala ..

And we'll probably never know what happened that night...when I drove home singing ..

"bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gunna do , whatcha gunna do when they come for you??... bad boys bad boys.."

It was sort of exciting, a "Wow this would make a good post..gee, I wish I had my camera...."

So, that's how our Friday night was yours?

Think I'll get one of these?? Probably not, huh?


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Mine was no where near as exciting as yours!

Thankfully! ,-)

And I'm kind of glad you didn't have your camera. You know how we always have to wander around, to get just the 'right pic'...

Mmmm, I'm very sure the police would not have liked you to be wandering around to get the purrrrfect pic, for your blog.

Just sayin'.


Just Breathe said...

Wow, that was exciting. Mine Friday was a movie at home. You had me laughing....

Charmingdesigns said...

How does this kind of excitement find you??? lol.

Laurie said...

Of course this would happen to you Colleen! Great posts just seem to follow you wherever you go!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

I love you Lucy!! :) Great story, loved it!
Thanks for the review on the Asiago steak too. Will definitely try that one!

All My Yesterdays said...


I'm laughing at this one..
not because you were in that situation..scary..
and not because of how you reacted...which doesn't surprise me...
but...because I had to scroll UP EVERY TIME to see what the #'s were!!

You knew this was gonna happen (O:

Glad you are alright. On to another adventure!

Sheryl Parsons said...

How funny! Your Friday night was definitely more exciting than my cleaning my studio! Love the way you put this together.

Karen said...

How Exciting! I'm sure there must be something in the newspaper today to explain the situation. Let us know!

Vee said...

Colleen! Sometimes you scare me. Bet Mr. B. says the very same thing. Yes, if you ever find out what happened...

Pen Pen said...

Only YOU, Colleen.... glad you guys were safe, in spite of yourself! hee hee

Acorn Cottage said...

I'm gonna guess you are kind of a magnent for these kinds of situations. I have a freind similar to you. He always has bad luck on bike rides, and I get play-by-play details of him hitting potholes, etc. and am usual in tears by the end of his e.mails much to my delight and his pain.
Keep up the good work. Great reporting!

Colleen's Fan Club President,

Heather said...

wow! how exciting! a little scary, but super thrilling! LOL.

Life is good! said...

exciting night in good ole utah! glad you didn't get caught in cross fire! have a great sunday!

Julie said...

Friday night was a quiet night at home. Saturday my sis and I went to Applebees, armed with a gift card. We had the two for $20. I had the Fiesta Lime Chicken (I never have anything different) and she had the shrimp. We went outside and ran into ... no drama whatsoever! Except maybe the possibility of slipping on their sidewalk, which they had not shoveled.

I hope this is the most drama you have for quite a while!