Thursday, January 21, 2010

So I got to thinkin'...

..about sliding into base during a baseball game.

I know, probably not your normal Thursday-afternoon-at-work thinking..

But really..who would fling themselves on the ground and slide several feet per second in dust and sometimes grass or mud..headfirst? Or even foot-first..

who would do that??

OK, yeah, besides athletes.. ??

And how do they get their bodies to go in that forward/perpendicular motion?

I mean, if I was to suddenly to actually choose to slide into home plate..and if I were to actually propel my body toward the ground...

...wouldn't I just go.......... splat...and

It's kinda like parking a car just doesn't GO that way..

To go from a standing (or probably running ) vertical position to a self-propelling-human-horizontal-non-splatting-projectile..???

..well, that pretty much baffles me.

Much like ice skating backwards..

..or moon walking...

Ah..sweet mysteries of life..

What baffles you these days??


All My Yesterdays said...

Oh yes, all the sweet C2....(O:
I had to go back to the post to see why you said that...I'm still laughing! You'll have to go see it for real someday when you and Mr B have some *road trip* time. It's just in Fairview... not so far...
Stay warm!

All My Yesterdays said...

Forgot to answer your question..too busy laughing (O:

What baffles me?
How I'm going to find a 40 hour work week job!

Why did I see a fly sitting on snow yesterday...I'll blog about that one.

Why am I sitting here instead of sleeping? Been up since 4am.

Baffling stuff tonight...

diane said...

I think the same about our Rugby polayers. They grab the balland throw themselves at the line on their tummies and go sliding over the line for a "Try". Doesn't it hurt?

Karen said...

How does your mind come up with these baffling questions? What baffles me is why my 28 year old daughter continues to play full tackle football?

Sweet Repose said...

I just don't think in's in our genes(jeans)...and why do men drive around in circles for hours and hours at high rates of speed...(Nascar)(boring)!!!!

Oh...and when you have enough stuff, you become an antique dealer...solves everything, then you can realistically go buy more stuff...right!!!

Luv ya oh crazy one!!!

Coleen said...

as my hubby always says "If you have to ask, then you don't understand"......its a motocycle saying...i could never "get" why he'd wanna ride for 5 hours (Or more), I wish he could go...he may be selling his beloved motorcyle.....sniff!

Heart Hugs,

Vee said...

Nearly everything...oh you had me giggling from the gorilla on... You're so clever!

You should be writing a book instead of wasting time with DNA. Speaking of which...that would be my maternal grandmother's maternal grandfather's great-grandparents. Got that? ;D

Just Breathe said...

How google can keep all this stuff in their system, really! I hope they never go away.

Kimme@Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Everything is baffling to me these days!! LOL!


Melinda Cornish said...

that golrillas face is priceless!!!!

Acorn Cottage said...

Mean people...grumpy people....unhappy for no reason people....DOn't even want to know how their nogging operates, I just am thankful I'm not one of "them".

I love love your pictures with your narratives, cracks me up, make me smile :)


Julie said...

As I sit here watching the Vikings try to go to the Super Bowl, I am baffled why Bret Favre's name is spelled Farve. It has always bothered me. But Go, Vikes!