Saturday, January 30, 2010

How you don't want your fun book-party to end.. running your husband's great-big-white-love-of-a-pick-up-truck's back bumper into the front bumper of your neighbor's visitor's big-'ol-dusty-kinda-muddy-ugly Suburban front bumper..while you are innocently backing out of the driveway to go to Walgreen's..

..and having to hear"Well, good news! You are covered :-) They will have full coverage and it'll not cost to you, (read: we'll fix the 'ol Suburban bumper like..uh..when it was new..and when was that?)

{no, I don't have Gieco..I just like the Gecco-dude}
..however, You, being the one who had admitted 100 % fault ( kinda hard not to ..seeings how they were..uh..parked..and I was dri..driv..backing-up) YOU will need to pay the $500 deductible!....

 And aren't YOU glad you have purchased a gazillion dollars of insurance over the past 30+ years from us? Hey, that's what insurance is for..right?? :-) "

But, the party was fun..we had good eats (thank you Mr. B) Ham, laughing Cow Swiss cheese and onions, mild and Salt & pepper..Hmmm..creamy goodness...

Crunchy Asian Island salad (OK this was from a bagged mix)

Garlic infused crusty bread...

Colleen's Semi-Homemade (aka - Jello Decadent Chocolate Mousse with Coll-Whip ) parfaits..

..and of course...


Books...{and Brooks, our next store neighber..}

and laughter.

We discussed books, the over-use of the F-bomb in even sweet-looking books (seriously, is there not another less offensive way of expressing anger and frustration? Will 'golly-darn' no longer cut it??)

I read once that "profanity is the playground of the uneducated"..and it seems like there are a lot of word-smiths that have been at the playground lately..and on blogs..and on Facebook and in the music and film industry??

So anyway, a few of the books we discussed as being fun, good reads are Garden Spells, Julia's Chocolates, The Uglies, and of course, Twilight.

Mind you, I have not read them all..most are started and because of my ADHD are sitting at various spots around the house..

How was you very last January Saturday in 2010?

Have a great Sunday all of my Lovlies..


diane said...

Well I have had a nice Sunday, as ours is just finishing now, and you haven't even woken up yet. he he he I think that is funny. I had a lazy day. It was cooler and raining on and off. The family are visiting others and we had a quiet day.Bad news about the mishap and then getting slugged the excess.

Gaston Studio said...

Oh man, I woke up so hungry this morning and you're tempting me right into high crime with that mousse!

Good luck with your book club.

Lucy said...

Hey! I want the how-to to make that Laughing Cow cheese meltdown. Because I could eat LC all by myself every day.

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Bummer about the bumper!! I feel the same way......I've paid for years and years and YEARS and I know they've got my back if I need them right? Ha! Yeah, we'll see!

The book party sounds like it was fun! The food looks FABULOUS!!

I had a great last Saturday of January 2010 too! I'm having a great Sunday so far too even though it's early. I drew the winner of my giveaway this morning and drumroll...............IT'S YOU!!
Please email me with your address Colleen and I'll get her off to you this week :)

Thanks again for entering and thanks for having such a great and fun blog to visit! I enjoy it and YOU so much!

Karen said...

yesterday - working, errands, take-out chinese while we watched two episodes of "Lost in Space" from netflix.
Today - a long lovely day with nothing planned. Maybe I'll sew.

Heather said...

sounds like a great time. well, except for the fender bender. ouch to the wallet. happy you're not hurt though!

All My Yesterdays said...

First of all...YOU WON MY HOPE! (O:
That was so cool to see someone I know won it...would have been better to see ME won it... But still, WOOT WOOT! Kinda makes up for the fender funk? Sorry about that and shame on the deductible stuff they do to us. That is the kind of thing some would use the F-bomb on...but I'm like you...not a needed word in my world either..shame on THEM!
But your post had something I DO have..the PC Roaster...I LOVE it! The rest of the food looks yummy too. And so glad you tasted it first, gotta do that so you know everyone else will be safe eating it (O:
Glad you had a fun day with friends. We still need to 'DO' lunch someday..
Have a comfy Sunday.

Vee said...

You have more adventures! Glad that it all worked out and the book discussion looks like a lot of fun and what good treats you made! The quote you used about "the bomb" is excellent.

Anonymous said...

Hi Colleen,

The great-big-white-love-of-a-pick-up-truck's bumper? Uh-oh. When we traded our fancy-pants Jeep in for an old Ford pick-up, it came complete with an nasty dent in the driver's side back fender. So, it's alreay broken in - no worries. Turns out it has been the best vehicle we've ever owned.

The food looks scrumptious - and hey, isn't that you sipping water from a baby spoon? Yeah, I'd be test tasting the dessert as well. :) Glad you had fun with your buddies - nice way to end January!


Life is good! said...

sorry about the fender bender. i think we need to use the f word, fiddlesticks!

Just Breathe said...

Oh no! :( Looks like great food and excellent company. I don't think I could start several books at one time. I am lucky to read just one. Good luck with that! Our kids came over for dinner Saturday and it was fun. (my tree was able to be put away)

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