Monday, January 18, 2010

When you try to fool yourself.. very careful.

I have tried tricks all my life to fool myself..and I'm usually pretty good at fooling myself. I can be pretty darn tricky as a matter of fact.

However, sometimes I'm pretty darn hard to trick. I mean, I wasn't born yesterday..didn't just fall off of the 'ol turnip truck..where exactly did that expression come from? Do they really truck turnips? Loose?

Shouldn't they be in crates?

hmm - let's go with the "Not born yesterday" thing:

Idiom Definitions for 'Not born yesterday'

When someone says that they weren't born yesterday, they mean that they are not naive or easily fooled.

OK, so the 'tricking myself' subject. My sister, Sister Kathleen Mary, the non-nun, remember her?

Yeah..that one. Well, so told me once before to try using a baby spoon to eat, especially really really good things that you want to last. {That was the tricking think I'm having lots more..yeeeeah..}

Do you have any idea how long it takes to eat a peanut butter, mayonnaise and bologna sandwich with a baby spoon? Forget the half-hour lunches for me, KnoWhutImean,Vern? {remember him?}

What I could never figure out was he Vern... or Ernest? And who was he talking to?

So, after about an hour eating 1/4 cup of some really great ice cream with the baby pink spoon - I decide to hand wash it.

Not something I usually do.

If it can't go in the dishwasher, the microwave or it has to be ironed, fed or shod, I don't buy it. But this was different.

It was for my eating plan...

So, I fill my deep sink with hot, hot water and lots of suds..scrub the spoon...rinse in hot, hot water..

The pink tip is gone..the soft pink cover-tip thingy on the spoon? To protect little gums? Only the white spoon is there..

Where's the pink top? I rummage through the hot water {Yikes! That's h.o.t.} and nothing.

No pink soft plastic spoon-tip thingy.

Crap - don't want it to go down the disposal, so I veeeery carefully let out the water...slowly, slowly..



So now I've put my glasses on and am looking all around the floor..the the disposal {!}...the drain pink soft spoon-tip thingy ..anywhere.

But just about then, I look at the baby spoon on the table...and the pink soft spoon-tip thingy is...

DA DUH DA DUH {que Jaws theme song}

on. the. spoon.

OK, seems it's one of those 'temperature-controlled-safety-coated-heat-activated-turns-white-when-too-hot-for-baby..spoons.

Coulda told me that in the first place, donchathink??


Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Weird...did those spoons always do that?

Laurie said...

Thanks for the laugh before I go to bed! I didn't know that either, I hope I never scalded any kids!

diane said...

Thats soo funny. I thought you were going to tell me that it had melted. What will they think of next? Hope the theory works...eating with a baby spoon. I can't imagine eating a sandwich with a spoon. Drink a glass of water before you eat and that fills part of your tummy.

All My Yesterdays said...

AHHH, the mysteries of the 'For Your Safety' stuff in our lives! That would have drove me (O:
I'd have thought it was the 'ghostie' thing I posted about once..
Ha ha..have a great Tuesday Colleen!

Vee said...

Hahahaha...thought you were going to say that you had swallowed it. So tell me, does it work?

Coleen said...

oh, you are gooooooood..very good! Had me goin there...I thought it had melted, too.....what will they think of next? about a cure for cancer?

Heart Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Be kind to yourself, Colleen. This newfangled technology hurts the brain. I'm sure a 9 month old baby could tell us it's supposed to change color.

I've got a new diet plan. Tuck in the shirt. Yep. I look down or walk past a mirror, see the Christmas goodies showing, and I'm motivated to cut back. I'll let you know when the book comes out. :)

Oh, and I do know the answer to one of your questions. He's Ernest, talking to Vern. I watched the show w/ my kids and Hubby says that line all the time, "KnoWhutImean, Vern?" so I guess that makes me Vern.

Have a great day,
Vern (aka Zuzu)

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

*Evil*! Totally *Evil*! To put such a disappearing thing on something.

*Evil* I say!



Charmingdesigns said...

I enjoyed much time does one want to spend eating...with that tiny spoon

Kimme@Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Ha!Ha! I thought you had swallowed it!!
So glad you didn't! Put that spoon down
and get yer'self a big one!


Just Breathe said...

The spoon won! I guess that's a good idea when you have little ones. Sounds like a good idea for eating less.

Julie said...

Hi, Colleen,

I can tell you that having lived in Eastern North Dakota, I know very well that sugar beets are transported in trucks - loose. So any sugar beet could easily fall off the sugar beet truck. And sugar beets are quite like turnips. As for the origin of the phrase, no idea.

And I'll tell you something else - the smell of sugar beets unfreezing (word?) in the spring is the WORST smell you could ever imagine. Thank God the wind hardly ever came out of the East. Apparently a rotten sugar beet is no different from a non-rotten sugar beet in its ability to produce fine sugar. So if you ever see the brand name American Crystal Sugar, think of Eastern North Dakota/Western Minnesota and its stinky sugar beets.