Friday, January 15, 2010

So, a waist is a terrible thing to mind..

..and a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

And lately, I've done both.


Hey, I just realized if you hold your wireless mouse upside down, like with it's tail where it's nose should be, it goes all wacky. You think it's gone berserk..until you realize it's upside down..then it's OK..

So there I am in Arizona with my sisters and my niece comes to see her Mom. She's a great niece. I have quite a few great nieces..not that they are my GREAT nieces..although I do have several of those as well..

..great in daughters of my nieces..I should form a the D.A.R. - Daughters of the American Revolution. .

But mine would be the D.O.M.N. - Daughters of My Nieces..

And as my niece, she is younger than I. Although my Dad was an Uncle before he was born. Long story..big Irish-Catholic family's always a joy to hear her thoughts..and to realize she's sooo much smarter than I..

Soooo smart. And funny. Deadly combination. Quick. And a great story-teller. Another Irish trait.

Anyway, she was saying people tend to put you into a box of sorts when they first meet you. And no matter how old you get, unless something big or serious happens, you are what they remember in the box. It's their reality.

So, to some, my sisters and I are the debutant, the cowgirl and the 10 year old. Not hard to figure out who's who, huh..

And they'd be pretty spot-on. But truth be known, the debutant has seen her share of pain, the cowgirl can cry and the 10 year old ...well, she's pretty much still a brat.

But, my niece went on to say, the box can change..or maybe expand, and sometimes much to the delight, if not surprise, of those who've seen us in 'the box' all our lives. Or all of their lives, whichever is longer..

So, what box are you seen in? And, do you agree? And if so, is it a bad box? Do you want to change boxes? maybe..

Boy, my mind is sore. Too much thinking.

Must have started today when I told my friends at work my Mother-in-Law visited her son, Mr. B {v 2.0} in Bangladesh.

No, she didn't. It was Budapest.

Waaaay different.

Well, could be an easy mistake -

3 syllables Bang-la-desh and Bu-da-pest.

Both begin with the letter B..

And both require air travel to get to. And a passport.

Oh, and I gained 3 pounds in one month. Bad choices. Good cookies. By-gones.

So, think some deep thoughts..then get a really good cookie and have a fun week-end..10 year old style.


Acorn Cottage said...

Hi Sandy,
Saw the picture of the mouse and the cheese and needed to come over and visit your blog for the first time. You are a hoot! Love the box store and your description about you. I was one of those weird adults who couldn't wait to get into my 40's because I knew then I wouldn't be afraid to wear comfortable shoes regardless of what they looked like and would really feel comfortable just being me. Sounds like I've found another adventurer!


diane said...

Your niece sounds like a deep thinker. She probably thinks outside the box.....too. Hope things are going OK for you over there. Take care

Karen said...

We definitely are all in boxes in our family. And yes, I do kick and scream and cry to get out.

Vee said...

Tell that niece of yours that I've already got her in a box. ;>

I'll have to think about my box. Are you the ten-year old? Oh gee, what a fun box to be in.

Good to know that the box can expand or change or what was that you said?

Anonymous said...

I won't even get on the scale to see how much I gained over Christmas. :)

"So, what box are you seen in?: 10 year old brat sums me up. My Dad says I have courage and grit (maybe cause I made a lot of mud pies in my day or maybe because of all the stuff I've survived)? They called me "The Glue" at work cause I could get people together talking, laughing and sharing.

And, do you agree? Um, sure.

And if so, is it a bad box? No.

Do you want to change boxes? No - it seems to be the box that God wants me to be in - I'd change boxes in an instant if He wanted me to.

I'm grabbing a cookie and joining you in having a great weekend, Colleen!


Just Breathe said...

I'm glad your back. I have so much fun reading your posts. I think the box can change. I'm not sure what box I am in but I think I would pick a "Smile" box. I was always told that I smile all the time. Okay maybe my box has changed, I don't think I smile all the time anymore!

All My Yesterdays said...

AHH!! I SOOO needed this post from you today! Cause the BOX I been in the last 2 days sucks! So, on to life as it is and back to the silliness and smiles! I'm ready..

And I love your nieces thinking and I KNOW which one you are :D

And I'm going to blog tomorrow...

Love ya Colleen, we really need to make a lunch day..really.

Breezy said...

I just happened on your blog and enjoyed this post.
I'm not sure what box I would choose.. I am usually trying to think outside the box.

Pen Pen said...

cute post... and your niece is right... we do tend to put people in a box like that... I wonder what kind of box I'm in??? interesting!