Saturday, January 31, 2009

The solitary work

Seems the older I get..and the jobs that I've held...I am working less and less in a "Buddy" environment.

I've gone from waitressing, to managing, to training, to product development to customer service in a large call center....and now to customer service again, but this time..due to recent cutbacks, a department of....{me}

OK, well to be fair, we do have a new Mom who works about 8 hours a week - when both she and the baby are well..Hi Maryam!

But, since the cutbacks, they have moved my cubicle to another suite. And this is a good a way...

I mean, I have one of the all-too-few-in-the-mouse-maze-of-cubicles window..

This is where my Irish teddy bear Mr. B bought me sits and watches over me..on the window ledge..

(always did love his tattoos.............the bears, not Mr. B's..silly..)

A photo of Braxton looks out lovingly as well...

And my new "oinking" piggy-puppet it there too. ( she's helping me with my new eating..)

I get to look down on the little creek and see the ducks..and hopefully, baby ducklings in the spring..

Yep, I have rocks around that remind me I'm....brilliant..

...and Mr. B to remind me I am loved...oh yeah, and an apple (a day) to keep my doctor away..(sorry, Dr. Liu)
All the comforts of clock (yes,I know there's one on the computer AND the phone, but I want a pretty one..) some tea and a hot pad that smells great when a hot cup is placed on it..and my "Dog a Day" calender..

The quilt my sister gave me keeps my lap warm on those chilly mornings drapes over my chair...

..and doesn't everyone have a frog on their phone?? I do..{ do you know what "frog" stands for? Fully Rely On God..}

My plant will now get real light as opposed to artificial light..and I will too. I almost never turn on any lights now :-)

Yes, there are times I miss the interaction with other employees..but truth be told..I'm as happy as a clam just to do what I love, have the sunshine on my face, work by natural light, being able to "see" the weather, and listen to the thoughts and the silence in my head...

I think I like this "solitary" life!

Do you like your time alone? Do you have a chance to get enough? Try can be wonderful...

Have a wonderful, sunny, well loved and relying on God Sunday :-)



Betty said...

Know that saying about 'into each life some rain must fall'? Well, I much prefer MY version...'Into each life much sun must shine!' Glad to see you are getting your daily dose of golden rays! Love your decorated space...all the comforting things around you...except people. Hope your 'job security' really is!

Lucy said...

Yeah...know the feeling. I'm better off working alone. Or used to be. Now I do nothing. And the window? If I have windows in my life, I'm a happier person. Hate being closed in. Yuck!

Laurie and Chris said...

Since I work at Wal*Mart I am never alone. I do run my own department with no help so it is very hard for me when I do get help because I'm not used to it and I hate to say it but I like things done my way!!

I love that you decorate your little office your way!!

Sherry said...

I am never alone at work considering I teach school so it is lookin really good to me! LOL

Such a cute cube! You are such a fun person!

Margaret Cloud said...

I like this post and the pictures of the bear. I wouldn't mind working alone, but I would have to be able to look out a window.

diane said...

Its great to hear someone is happy at work. You have created a pleasant workspace for yourself. I'm glad you have a window. I love looking out my study window. (Where I spend my time in front of the computer if I want) It is great being semi-retired.
I love to have ME times. I often go for walks by myself and love it.